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A brief background for
Bennet “Ben” Duvon

Bennet was born to the noble Tressault family from the citystate of Penyak (Penyak sits on a deadlands of sorts, mostly
barren land with shitty soil). The first son of lady Lyra Corbel
Tressault and lord Percival Duvon Tressault, though he has a
younger sister named Delilah Corbel Tressault. The Tressault
is, first and foremost, a family of inventors, being responsible
for creations such as the Crossbow, the Ballista, the
Compass, the steam engine (mostly just a concept with some
working examples) and, most recently, the Clock. From a very
young age Bennet always had a lot of interest in the arcane,
so at his tenth birthday lord Percival decided to employ a
Wizard named Eldwyn Walter to serve as a tutor for Bennet,
introducing him in the ways of magic. During the following
year of study, Ben showed himself to be a natural on the
arcane ways, though that spark was soon extinguished when
an accident with a harder incantation caused him to lose his
right hand.
After that fateful accident, Bennet gave up on magic since
he wouldn’t be able to execute most somatic components
needed for spell casting, and decide to focus more on the
family trade and establish himself as a master artificer. At the
age of twelve, Ben began work on designing a mechanical
replacement for his lost limb, with the help of his teacher
Eldwyn and with countless years of projects and prototypes
from every Tressault that came before him. The duo soon
learned of a way to use the Thunderstone (a mineral common
to Penyak wich is mostly used as a focus to power gadgets
and trinkets such as the clock trough it’s innate ability to
store arcane force and exhale it) in order to impose the
wielder’s will over a mechanical hand trough the user’s
arcane energy, using the stone as a conductor. Early
prototypes failed for countless different reason, from having a
stone that wasn’t quite the right size, meaning it wouldn’t be
able to utilize the necessary energy, to Ben not being able to
control the flow or arcane force, causing the stone to explode
or making the hand behave in an erratic fashion. It was only
after three long years (Ben was fifteen at this point) that they
managed to get a working prototype, made almost entirely
out of brass and copper with a single thunderstone the size of
a coin slotted in the back side of the hand.
After finishing work on the mechanical substitute for his
lost hand, Bennet decide to work on more ambitious projects,
which was when he found his great-great-grandfather Bennet
Duvon Tressault I’s prototypes on thunderstone powered
automatons and a specific design called “The Thunderstick”,
that seemed to be some kind of weapon design able to fire
projectiles powered by the arcane energy of the
thunderstones. Eldwyn was specially fascinated with the
Thunderstick concept when Ben showed it to him, so they
started spending their time focused on that instead of
Bennet’s favorite, the automatons.
As it turns out, Bennet’s ancestor’s project was a lot more
ambitious than it was possible, attempting to use some sort
of trigger mechanism that would release the stone’s energy as
a shock wave,causing a round steel projectile to be launch
from the weapon’s barrel at incredible speed, much like the

crossbow does with its spring trigger and string
The thunderstone has been a subject a study since the
dawn of the Tressault family, and although they were able to
store arcane energy into it, no one ever learned of a way to
cast it out of the stone, only being able to use it as a focus for
spellcasting and as a power source of sorts, though that did
not stop Ben from trying, and, ultimately failing. Maybe it was
truly impossible.
The duo decided to push forward still, for they had already
accomplished something most would deem impossible with
the mechanical hand. In the end, their previous success
turned out to be the key that they were missing. The original
trigger mechanism was completely erased, instead giving
space to a set of thunderstones slotted directly into the
weapon’s stock, so that it would serve as a conductor
extension when in touch with the stone slotted in Ben’s hand
(they had to remake the original so that the stone would be
set on the palm side of the hand). The plan was for it to
respond to a burst of energy coming from Ben trough the
hand’s stone, which would in turn send a wave of force
coursing trough a set of copper pipes that connected the
stones in either side of the stock to the barrel, sending the
projectile flying away. And it did.
Of course the project still needed to be refined and later
remade as a more polished up version, but it was working,
and at this point it wasn’t even comparable to a crossbow
anymore, not only was it stronger in nature but was also a lot
lighter and easier to use, though, since it required the
mechanical hand, Bennet was the only one able to use it,
which as something that Eldwyn didn’t seem so happy about,
having pushed the trigger concept as far as they could
initially. In fact, ever since Ben decided to ditch the trigger
idea, Eldwyin seemed to be extremely unsatisfied and
resentful, though Ben didn’t seem to be aware of that, too
focused on the project at hand that he didn’t even notice it.
Eldwyin ran away with Ben’s project and the original
blueprint for the Thunderstick by Ben’s ancestor. Bennet,
now at the age of eighteen, was left desolated, having
considered Eldwyn his truest friend, having worked most of
his life with the man he once called his master. After that
sudden betrayal Ben decided to focus more on the family
trade, leaving his dream of reaching grandiosity behind him,
but he soon found that the life of a bound artificer was not
one he could willingly live, it just didn’t satisfy him in the
least. So Ben once again began working on an amazing
project, now trying to bring to life the automaton concepts, as
well as refining his Thundercannon, as it was now called. But
it just wasn’t the same to sit in his workshop alone, working
in isolation without the company of his lost friend. Bennet
decided he needed some fresh air, fresh scenarios, in order to
once again spike his creativity and will to create. At the age of
twenty Ben packed his tools, his prototypes, and all he
deemed important, said goobye to his dear family, and left.
Ben has been on the road ever since, selling his trinkets to
travelers, repairing their equipment for a fee, and killing the
occasional rabid goblin with a single shot from his great

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