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Social Media: a Love-Hate Story
Hello everyone. Please ll out this form about your relationship with social media.

What is you age?
16 - 30
31 - 40
+ 40

Are you... ?
Prefer Not To Say

What kind of place do you live in?
Big city
Not so big city
Small town but well connected to other places/big cities
Small town, very isolated

Do you feel like there are enough events/attractions where you live?
Yes, there is plenty to do
Yes, but I have trouble nding out what's happening around me
No, I wish there was more to do

Which social media platforms do you usually use during your week?
Facebook Events

Which social media platforms you feel affect your decisions the most
(what to do, buy, read etc.)?
Facebook Events

On a scale from 1 to 5 how much do you consider yourself an active
social media user? Being 1 "I'm more of a quiet observer" and 5 "I post,
share information, comment and participate actively on social media"
Not So Active




Very Active

Which of these 10 uses of social media re ect your social media
experience the most?
Social Interaction
Information Seeking
Pass Time
Communicatory Utility
Convenience Utility
Expression of Opinion
Information Sharing
Surveillance/Knowledge About Others

What are the things you love about social media?
Being connected to friends and family
Lifestyle Inspiration
Finding events
Finding information about cool things to do
Being able to share parts of my day
Meeting new people
Learning more about people
Getting likes (let's be honest, we all like likes)
Memes & other fun content
Features such as "Trending" and "On This Day"

Do you think social media only has positive aspects?

Please select what you don't love about social media.
It does not allow me to simply enjoy a moment: I feel that I need to be active during
important moments of life
I don't think that the number of likes/followers one has should be as important as they
are in our society
I don't enjoy sharing information about me/what I am doing on social media platforms
I don't like that social media platforms collect and sell my data
I think social media ruins friendships and relationships
I am not interested in other people/in uencers
I feel controlled
I think social media is addicting
I think social media platforms take away from traditional interaction
I suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out)
Social media platforms make me feel like I need the approval of my social media
Social media platforms are anti social
Social media make me procrastinate
I do not read/watch lms/practice hobbies as much as I would if social media wasn't

Overall, do you think the world would be better without social media?
I don't think it would make a difference

How do you nd out about events going on in your area?
Word of mouth
Facebook Events
Videos or other content on social media
Event discovery apps/websites
Walking around in my area

Do you wish your social life was less dependant on social media?

Do you feel that you go out, see the world and meet new people enough?
Yes, even too much
Yes, I am happy with my social life
No, I wish I participated more in social interactions
No, I wish my friends were more active
No, there aren't many events/opportunities where I live

Would you use a social media platform that is more inclined towards
spending time with other people instead of having online-only

Do you feel that likes and follows are a currency nowadays? (Meaning
that number of likes, follows and shares help people get jobs/be
successful in life)

What are the factors you believe help getting more likes/follows/shares
on social media?
Funny Content
High Quality Emotional Content
Intelligent Statements
Nudity or Sexual Images
Luxurious Lifestyle
Educational Content (Including information about events, attractions, pop up stores,
etc. )

What Our Plan Is
We plan on creating a social media platform that modi es behaviour: we want people to hang out more
together and spend more time getting to know each other o ine. Moreover, we want the currency to be
"good deeds", favours you are willing to do for your friends, organisations and charitable causes.
We want our platform to be event based, so that people can create more occasions to be together and to
facilitate social gatherings, making them easier to organise and cheaper for everyone.

In case such a platform was created would you be willing to download
the app and try it for the rst time?
Yes, I would create an account and check out the platform
Yes, if my friends were already on the platform
Yes, I would create an account if I really needed an account to participate to some
No, I don't think we need more social media
No, I usually don't create accounts for stuff I don't necessarily need

If you are comfortable with it, please write your name in the section
below. If you wish for this survey to remain anonymous, please leave this
section blank.

This content is neither created nor endorsed by Google.


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