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2017 November GCTC Newsletter.pdf

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The Tinfoil Times

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Minutes of the General October Meeting
Pledge of Allegiance and the October 12 th meeting was underway with several pirates in attendance! April Sovich, Suzette (Lee LeClair’s daughter),
and Frank Nash were entertaining in their garb! It was decided that considering the detail and the interest in dressing for the contest that the
three would be awarded the same prizes! They received their booty in black bags with the skull and crossbones on it!
Unfortunately, maybe fortunately for him, our guest speaker was a no show! He most likely was working a wreck and unable to swim ashore for
the meeting. Hopefully, he will be able to regale us with his stories in the near future!
Vice President, Sue Chonoles, presented several new tips for the month, of which these are just a couple. Carry a plastic bag and rubber band to
place over your metal detector head in the event you encounter rain, spray your digging shovel for parks with silicone spray for easier digging,
and last but not least use good judgement when caught out in the open in a thunder storm. Play it safe and take cover!
Sue then asked for input from the members regarding any success in hunting after Irma.
Most replied that they could not get onto the beaches until after a week later. Trip Cioci indicated that there appeared to be nothing in the wet
sand but higher up on the beach where the high tide hit, he did find coins. April Sovich agreed with what Tripp said and that she had found some
really cruddy coins dating back to the 80’s.
President Nash welcomed Mike Manzo and family of Manzo’s Deli on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd in West Palm Beach, Suzette LeClair Babcook, and
Kathleen Franklin.
A big welcome to Kathleen who joined our membership. Kathleen’s ambition is to find that 1715 gold. After hurricane Irma, she visited the beaches
of Vero and Sebastian without success, but she learned a lot and got to meet other detectorists.
Of all the members having birthdays in September and October (yes, we did both months) only six members were in attendance to collect their
birthday dollar.
It was decided to reintroduce the hidden capsule hunt to the membership. Look for details in this newsletter.
Member Jennifer Cioci has asked the membership to bring in matchbox cars (in good condition) that they find to be sent to the children in Haiti.
Guidance Counselor Velouse Jean-Jacques of the Barton Elementary School in Lake Worth has organized a charity. Their website is
www.pwojemike.org. She collects items and then delivers them to the people of Haiti. The club decided to support this charity; clothing, food,
anything will be greatly appreciated. Please just bring it to each meeting. As we all know the people of the Caribbean are suffering. You can also
help by donating money on their website.
Thanks go to April Sovich and Tripp Cioci for doing the Best Finds Table results!
Sign-up sheets for the Nominating Committee, Holiday Party Covered Dish, Holiday Party Committee, and the November 4 th hunt at Juno Beach
were made available to the membership.
I presented two Award Certificates – Frank Nash for finding and returning a stolen Minelab CTX-3030, and Pauline Nash for finding and returning a
platinum wedding band to its rightful owners.
I also, reported on my experience with Duracell batteries and my recently repaired White’s DFX. Look for the article later in this newsletter.
Refreshments were delicious – provided by Frank Nash – chocolate truffles key lime pie, apple pie goodies from Publix and Panera! Thanks Frank!
Meeting was adjourned by President Nash with a see you in November!
Submitted by Jan Smirnow, Secretary