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2017 November GCTC Newsletter.pdf

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Beware Duracell Batteries
I had purchased a brand-new pack of Duracell batteries at BJ’s, inserted them carefully into my White’s DFX, and went off to hunt. The
machine was acting weirdly but I continued hunting! Finally, after about an hour and a half, I sort of gave up! I turned the machine off,
went back to the car, turned it on again for the last hurrah. It was still not working properly! I took the battery case out and OMG BATTERY
ACID JUST DRIPPING! Unreal! I have never seen anything like that! I called White’s first thinking maybe they used a different diode or
capacitor or something. I was assured there was nothing unusual about my machine, and was advised to call Duracell. Which I did!
The Duracell tech asked me to try the machine again with different batteries. I did so and luckily the machine still worked. They sent me a
Check for $30 for the battery case and a $10 certificate for new batteries. It came to light at the meeting that Duracell batteries are
leaking quite frequently and ruining a lot of electronic equipment. The moral of this story is that if the machine is not working properly –
check the battery case – or just do not use Duracell batteries! I had also used their D cell batteries in a hurricane lantern during Irma. It
worked fine, however I left the batteries in the lantern for a week. When I removed the batteries, I noticed a funny circular mark on the
bottom of the case. Upon opening the case – guess what – you got it – battery acid (they were new too)!
(A quick Internet search found a number of complaints about Duracell batteries, a class action lawsuit against the makers of Duracell in
2012, and a link on Duracell’s own website on how to clean up after their batteries leak. – ed.)
Submitted by Jan Smirnow,, Secretary

Find This Capsule, Win a Prize!
The Hidden Capsule Hunt is coming back. Somewhere in a local park, this capsule will be hidden. Each month, a clue will be given as to its whereabouts. Our
mission is to find it. The hunt will continue until the capsule is found.
Whoever finds the capsule will be rewarded.
More details will be given at the meeting.

April, Frank, and Suzette were the only ones
to wear pirate garb. They were rewarded
with bags of booty for their efforts.