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24/7 home monitoring and
control from your favorite
mobile device. Your Control4
system keeps you in-the-know
with email or text alerts based
on actions at home.



If you want to know what’s happening at home when you’re away on business or just see
who’s at the front door, no problem. The Control4 system incorporates your lights, locks,
and more to automatically make your home more secure. And with the Control4® 4Sight™
Service, “being home” is as easy as picking up your phone or hopping on your computer.
• Lock every door and arm the alarm, all with a single touch
• Check on the kids, whether you’re downstairs or downtown
• View the video feeds from your security webcams—any time, anywhere
• Receive a text alert when the Control4 system senses trouble at home, including water leaks
• Assign temporary security codes for deliveries and service workers
• Let yourself in when you forget your keys
• Randomize lights and AV equipment to make it look like you’re home even when you’re not