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Work with your Control4 dealer to design a home theater
masterpiece, a killer multi-room music solution or just
get rid of all the remotes on your coffee table.

Control4® 100 Series 4 & 8-Zone
Non-Matrix Amplifiers
Powerful audio performance
in multiple audio zones.

Control4® Audio Matrix Switch

• 4-Zone model delivers 55W per

Bring audio sources together for

channel* of high-quality sound to

distribution throughout your home.

four stereo speaker outputs and

• Enable up to 16 audio sources in 16 zones
• Full matrix-switching capability and
independent gain control in each zone
• Ideal for use with Control4® amplifiers
when more than eight audio sources
and/or zones are required

includes four analog zone inputs
• 8-Zone model provides 55W per channel
of power to eight stereo speaker outputs
and includes eight analog zone inputs
• Automatic signal-sensing feature
saves energy by putting the amplifier
into standby when not in use

Control4® 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch

Control4® 4 & 8-Zone Matrix Amplifiers

Enjoy all your favorite HD video

Full matrix switching, amplification

content on every TV in the home.

and volume control in one product.

• View up to 8 HDMI video

• 4-Zone model delivers 60W per channel

sources at 8 TV locations
• Delivers full HD video (up to 1080p),
multi-channel audio, control and
Ethernet to every TV location
• Eliminates equipment and clutter in each
room by tucking away all video sources
and wiring into a central location

of high-quality sound to four stereo
speaker output zones and includes four
analog and two digital source inputs
• 8-Zone model provides 120W per
channel of power to eight stereo
speaker output zones and includes
eight analog source inputs
• Advanced parametric equalizer
capability and the Control4 Equalizer
app drive professional-quality sound