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Guide to Portal Bombing
Note: There are different types Portals. For the sake of this guide, I'll be discussing mid-fight Portal Bombs.

Regardless of your mechanical ability to maneuver your character to get the portal into position, you
need the ability to communicate with the commander quickly and clearly. Speak up and don't make your
communications complicated. Use simple phrases, i.e., "Portal on Triangle," "Portal Bomb available,"
"Not on tag. Can't do it."
These are the steps to portal bombing:
1) Respond to commander's request for a Portal Bomb with a simple "yes, I can do that" or a "no, I
can't do it." That's all. You don't need to be on comms in the middle of a fight explaining why you can't
do it. That doesn't matter at the moment. Whether you're waiting on cooldowns or not on tag yet, a
simple, "I can do it in 5 seconds," will suffice.
2) Pick a spot behind your group and place your ground marker. Try not to place the marker in a place
too far away from the group. Also try not to place the marker too close to the ground. The battlefield is
dynamic. If the commander is asking for portal bomb, you can at least be sure that your group isn't
going to move forward, but they might get pushed back a little to avoid an enemy's caster bomb.
3) Place your portal entre on that ground marker. No one is looking for your portal entry, they're
looking for your ground marker. Pick one and always use the same one.
4) Describe to the commander where your portal is in relation to him/her. It's important that after you
place the portal that you get confirmation from the commander that they see it. I normally say to the
commander , "Portal on the Triangle behind you," and then ask the commander immediately after, "Do
you see it?"
5) Stealth. This is crucial. While you're doing the portal bomb you should never be seen. Torch 4 and
Mass Invisibility are the best sources for stealth since they don't take up your utility slots, as opposed to
Signet of Midnight or Decoy. You might want to turn off your auto attack on your #1 skill of your
weapons so you don't accidentally hit someone and become revealed.
6) Movement and Positioning. To get to this step from step 1 should've taken only 2-3 seconds. At this
point you've told your commander you can portal bomb, you've placed your portal in the spot where
your land marker is, you've told the commander where your land marker is and asked that they see it,
and you've gone stealth. Now all you have to do is get behind the enemy. You can do this many ways. I
normally use blink three times, as it seems to be fastest way to move. Place the portal at least 400 units
behind the enemy. This is so that the portal exit is outside their camera vision. The only way they'll see it
before you come out of it is if they turn around and look at it. This is why I don't recommend placing
portal exits directly on top of the enemy- it gives them time to react before you come out of the portal.
Don't forget that portals exit has to be within 5000 units of the portal entry. You'll be able to see the
land marker that you've placed on the minimap to help gauge distance.

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