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The Ultimate DIY
Instruction Manual

For EnviroBond Installation

Envirobond is proud to offer your complete instruction manual for installation of Envirobond
products. Your decision to use Envirobond offers a quality pathway landscape material for
years to come. Envirobond products include:

100% Organic Material
Weed Resistant Materials
Natural Insect Repellent
Water Permeability

Envirobond began product development through intensive research in agricultural sciences to
find a balance between technology and the environment. Founder and CEO, Mike Riehm,
discovered that unique agricultural products could be applied to architecture, allowing green
materials to compliment function and form.
The Envirobond Solution
Since 2001, Envirobond has provided landscape architects with a complete solution for
organic binders. Now, we are proud to offer our professional materials to DIYers

With our DIY guide, you will find the best Envirobond product for your landscape design
while enjoying the proven solution for a high quality pathway.

Choose Your Path
Envirobond offers three solutions for DIYers to add into their home. You can enjoy a
product line designed for different needs and easy to apply materials. Begin your DIY
project by deciding on the best materials for your landscape design.
The differences in Envirobond products is based on the type of landscaping design you are
focused on. Plan your design first, then add in your materials. If you are using a paving
stone with joints, then you will want to use EnviroSAND or EnviroSTONE. If you have
decided to create a smooth pathway or want to fix your driveway, than EnviroPATH offers a
clear solution.
EnviroPATH: For Pathways and Borders

EnviroPATH is a crushed stone blended with
Envirobond’s Organic binder, designed for pathways
and borders. It’s designed to create stability in the
aggregate you use for pathways and borders. The
binder locks the aggregate together preventing
washouts from rain, but remaining permeable to
allow water through.

EnviroSAND: For Paving Stone Joints
EnviroSAND is a sand mixed with a plant glue, designed for
the joints of paving stones. It's designed to simply stay in
place. It keeps the sand from washing out and keeps the
weeds out
EnviroSTONE: For Larger Paving Stone Joints
EnviroSTONE is specifically designed for paving systems
with joint widths greater than 3/8 inch, or 0-10mm and less
than 2 inches, 50 mm.

Deciding on your final look and the type of pathway you
want first will guide you to the right Envirobond product.
Follow our simple instruction guide for details on how to use each of the materials.

Materials You Need for EnviroPath

Wheelbarrow or large mixing structure
Lawn Roller (150 lbs).
Water Hose

Time to Complete: 48 hours
Step 1: Prepare
Start with a solid base and prepare your new design. The
preparation process is a simple beginning to your new home
1. Measure. Plan your area for your pathway and spray
the outline with marking paint.
2. Dig. After finalizing your marking paint, use a
shovel to dig the ground you will use for your pathway. You
will need to dig 4 inches into the ground for best results.
This will create the framework for your pathway.


Install gravel base. ½ “ to ¾ “ crushed stone is
recommended. The gravel base creates a foundation for your


Tamper the crushed stone and even the surface.

Step 2: Preparing EnviroPATH

Pour the entire contents of a 20 kg bag of EnviroPATH into a clean
wheelbarrow or other mixing structure.
Mix 1.4 Liters of water with the bag in the wheelbarrow.
Mix the material with a shovel for 2 – 4 minutes.

You will notice that the EnviroPATH is ready to pour when it is dark in
color. You will also be able to make a snowball with the material and it
will stay intact.

Step 3: Place EnviroPATH on the gravel

Dump the material onto the prepared base.

Spread the EnviroPATH material onto prepared base

Step 4: Compact and Finish Your Design

Compact with lawn roller (minimum 150lbs)

Compact tight areas and corners with a hand tamper.

After compaction, spray the entire surface with a fine mist and wait 6-24
hours to cure.

EnviroSAND and EnviroSTONE
Materials Needed:

Vibrating Plate Tamper or Rubber Mallet Tamper

Time to Complete: 24 – 48 hours
Step 1: Sweep
On a properly prepared dry surface (ensure no moisture on the
stone surface as this will prematurely begin the activation
process) sweep Envirobond into the joints.
The joints should be filled to the bottom of the chamber of the
paver, or 1/8” below the top of the surface of the stone.

Step 2: Compact
For pavers, compact entire application with a vibrating plate
tamper. However if using EnviroSTONE on a flagstone
surface, use can use a rubber mallet to tamper the sand to the
bottom of the joints.

Step 3: Top Up
It is common after compacting that the aggregate level between
the joins drops below an optimal level. Pour and sweep
additional product into the joints to bring the levels back up to
the desired height.

Step 4: Blow
Sweep surface clean. Blow off surface dust with leaf blower or
equivalent. Hold leaf blower horizontally approximately 2 feet

above the surface on an idle setting to ensure that sand in joints stays in place

Step 5: Light Mist
With a fine mist spray, saturate the top quarter inch of the
joint evenly. This activates the plant glue into a gel which
coats the sand particles making it immediately able to resist
erosion. Once the surface is activated, let it sit for 5-10
minutes before moving on to stage 6.

Step 6: Heavy Spray
With the surface sand locked into place, use a heavier spray in a
side to side motion to clean the paver surface of any remaining
residue. This residue wash away in a milk coloured runoff. Its
important to continue to apply this heavier spray, cleaning the
paver surface until the runoff water is evenly clear

Where To Find Our Products
All three of our DIY Envirobond products are located at the Home
Depot in Canada.
Visit www.homedepot.ca to find the location nearest to you.

Have Questions? Contact Us


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