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Fiji in a
coconut shell
Fiji is located in the heart of the South
Pacific, 10 h flying time from Singapore5GQWN
and Hong Kong, 3 h from New Zealand 
Fiji is an archipelago of volcanic islands
east of Vanuatu and west of Tonga.

Once known as the Cannibal Isles, because
of its ferocious natives, the Fiji islands
were discovered in 1643 by Abel Tasman, a
Dutch explorer. In 1774 Captain Cook
anchored here and in 1874 Fiji became a
British Colony. It gained its independence in
1970, after nearly a century of British control.

The weather
Anytime is a good time to visit Fiji. The islands
enjoy an ideal South Seas tropical climate with
warm temperatures all year round.

(days are fine and warm). Wetter summer season:
December – April: 19Ĺ-29ĹC (humidity is higher and
nights and days are warmer)

Luxury Accommodation
Fiji has a wide range of luxury accommodation ranging from experiential barefoot luxury
resorts to high-end, carefully manicured resorts
with not a whim left unattended. All combine
absolute authenticity
with luxury and are
perfect hide-aways to disappear form life’s
stresses for a few days. The delicious meals area
often locally grown and caught and the SPACulture in Fiji is world-class.

Local Fijians
Fiji Islanders are considered to be some of
the friendliest people in the world and their
nature reflects hospitality and kindness.
Demonstrating respect to their customs will in
turn create the warmest of welcomes.



Dress is casual and informal. Visitors should
bring a light tropical wardrobe when visiting
Fiji. Visitors are recommended to dress
respectfully in towns, at churches and visiting
villages. It is considered offensive to wear a hat
or sunglasses in the villages and no sleeveless
tops should be worn in public areas.

All commerce is in Fiji Dollars and the daily
exchange rates are listed in the major banks,
newspapers and at hotels and resorts. Credit
cards are widely accepted. ATM machines are
located around the country and larger Resorts
and Hotels for convenience.


Visit our online training programme and
become a Fiji specialist:

English is the official language
and widely spoken throughout Fiji.

The main gateway/international airport is
located in Nadi (NAN)

Time Zone
Fiji is 12 hours ahead of GMT (one
of the first places in the world to
see the sunrise)

Fiji Matai Specialist