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Sun Media Marketing

www.sunmediamarketing.com | Call us+1-917-267-8626 | info@sunmediamarketing.com
©Copyright Sun Media Marketing 2017

INTRODUCTION .......................................................................................................................................................... 3
SEO IN 20 STEPS ....................................................................................................................................................................... 4
ABOUT SUN MEDIA MARKETING.......................................................................................................................... 8

www.sunmediamarketing.com | Call us+1-917-267-8626 | info@sunmediamarketing.com
©Copyright Sun Media Marketing 2017

We are in an age where computers and mobile phones have become the norm, and everything is
done over the internet. Be it paying bills, finding a restaurant, booking flights or hotels, buying
electronics or just about anything. Everything is available and sold on the internet. As more and
more people buy and business sell online, it becomes more challenging for businesses to stand
out, get noticed and grab their customer’s attention.
Given the current market scenario there are a couple of basic things a business has to get wright
in order to be successful in the online race. They need to have a proper website and learn how to
do utilize digital marketing for their business. Growing number of business are adopting a Search
Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and almost of them are familiarizing themselves with at least
the basic knowledge of what is SEO and how to utilize it.

www.sunmediamarketing.com | Call us+1-917-267-8626 | info@sunmediamarketing.com
©Copyright Sun Media Marketing 2017

Below are the basic that everyone should know and implement in order to design and run a good

1. SEO is a process and it needs long term commitment:
The first thing you should know before starting is that SEO is not a quick fix, it is a long-term
process. Google and other search engines run on algorithms and they change those
algorithms regularly. So, a strategy that worked last year may no longer work now, so you
need to adapt and change accordingly.

2. Patience is key:
SEO is not a one click fix, it takes time and enduring commitment. It generally takes months
to see results, so be patient. Especially true if you are a smaller or a new kid on the block.

3. If outsourcing, ask a lot of questions:
To be honest a lot of you just won’t have the time or resources needed to run the campaign,
and may want to look outwards. But if you are, it your job to make sure that the company you
are hiring know what they are doing. You will need to ask a lot of questions, and make sure
they are being specific in their answers. Do your own research and compare that to their

4. Study SEO:
If you chose to do it yourself rather than outsourcing, you will need to learn SEO and become
a lifelong student. There are a lot of online resources and various books written on the topic
which can be very useful. Some of the places you can look at are Search Engine Land, Moz,
and of course Google.

5. Set up web analytics from the start:
A web analytic platform such as google analytics is a great place to start setting up. This will
help you track your web assets and also let you know what’s working and what’s not, so you
can adjust your goals accordingly.

www.sunmediamarketing.com | Call us+1-917-267-8626 | info@sunmediamarketing.com
©Copyright Sun Media Marketing 2017

6. Make an SEO friendly website:
This is SEO 101, everyone wants to be on the first page. The first step towards that goal is to
create a SEO friendly website. Your site should follow standard Google guidelines and also it
has look great. Ask yourself, is this site best 10 ten site in the world on the topic?

7. A site map is a must:
A site map will let search engines know what pages are important to your site and help
structure the site like you want to. Search engines cannot index pages that cannot be crawled.
Especially true if you have a large site, it will help search engines better navigate through your
site. If a site has pages in the multiples of hundreds, then it is better to break down your site
map and try to keep each one below hundred.

8. URL Structure is important:
How you structure your URLs is very important for SEO. Try and use targeted keywords in your
URLs, for example: searchengineoptimzation.com/SEO-Friendly-URLs.html. Try to keep your
URLs short so that they don’t look too spammy.

9. Research your keywords:
Keywords are the most import part of your strategy, so make sure you choose then wisely. A
good keyword list should include your primary target keywords, your secondary keywords
and support keywords. As always, Google provides you a free tool for your research with their
Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

10. Money buys visibility:
If you have the budget for it, paying for visibility is a great investment. It also takes away one
of the biggest pain areas in SEO “Being Patient”, and provides almost instantaneous results.
All you need would be to setup a Pay per Click or PPC account with the search engine provider
of your choice. I.e. Google.

11. Title and Meta:
Alright, now we are down to the smaller details but yet very important details of SEO. Every
single page on your website must have a relevant and unique title, as this is one of the most
important factors of on page SEO and is the one that will help you to rank. Meta tags are not
used for rankings, but to get a user to click on your website by reading the little snippet of
description below your website listing.

www.sunmediamarketing.com | Call us+1-917-267-8626 | info@sunmediamarketing.com
©Copyright Sun Media Marketing 2017

12. Audience first:
Remember that you are doing all the work for your target audience. Yes, we are doing most
of the things keeping in mind search engines and their algorithms. Keep in mind that they can
only take you so far, at the end it is your audience who will make the purchase. So structure
your website accordingly, make sure the writing is human and always remember who your
target audience is.

13. Content is your asset:
In SEO, content is the single most important thing that would be on your page, so make sure
it is fresh and unique. Creating fresh and unique content is a challenge for everyone, especially
for the ecommerce industry. You need to write a description, set it apart from the rest
(especially if you are selling a product that 100 others are selling online) and all the while keep
the description brief or under a certain word limit. If you know your product and are good at
writing, this is also a great opportunity, as you can be creative and set yourself apart from the

14. Internal linking:
Where ever possible try and use your keywords as anchor text and link them internally. This
way of anchoring text will help search engines know what your link is all about and how it is
relevant to the keyword. Try and avoid generic links such as “click here” when possible, as
they do not add to your search engine visibility.

15. Intelligent link building:
Start with building links with trusted sources like Google and Yahoo. As a general thumb rule,
there is always an industry authority, try and search for those in your industry. If possible, see
if you can get your link on their site. If you are targeting local searches, area specific then you
should get yourself listed in your local directories. Also, set up a Google local account and get
your listing added there, this will do wonders for your visibility and trust. If you don’t know
where to start, see what your competitor is doing and try to get your business listed in same

16. Media coverage:
Media coverage has always been a great source for getting exposure and gaining public
attention. In the digital age, this goes will take you even further as a story in the media will
provide you with great back links, relevant traffic and help you get found in more searches.
So, find a good local or industry specific media outlet and see if they will run your article, or
press release.

www.sunmediamarketing.com | Call us+1-917-267-8626 | info@sunmediamarketing.com
©Copyright Sun Media Marketing 2017

17. Blogging and commenting:
Google has always been an avid advocate for blogging, and this is reflected in their algorithms
and search results. Google loves blogs with fresh content and structured data and will reward
you with good results if you implement a good blog. Blogging is also a great way to start a
conversation or join an ongoing one by commenting on others blogs.
It might not seem much, but commenting on others blog is a great way to increase your
visibility and acquire new links. Make sure you are provisioning for your blog when designing
your website. For best results, you should follow either one of the following URL structures:
yourdomain.com/blog is the best way to go or you can also use blog.yourdoiman.com.

18. Social media marketing:
There are people out there who have made millions by just using social media alone. A good
social media strategy is very crucial in getting customers and keeping them loyal to your
brand. There are also various social media groups per industry that you can be a part of and
participate in. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have become essential parts
of any brands identity. Quora and yahoo answers are just some of the sites where you can
participate in an active community, provide feedback and answers related to your industry.
With any social media activity, you need to keep a few things in mind: be active, be organic,
don’t spam, remember it is a public domain, be polite as everyone is a potential customer and
anything you say will be public & forever with your band.

19. Tools of the trade:
As with any business, you need to familiarize yourself with the tools you would need to be
successful in the SEO game. There are some basic tools like the Google Webmaster, Bing
Webmaster and Yahoo Site Explorer where you will be able to learn and do a lot of basic
search engine and link building stuff. The tools available are almost endless, there is a tool for
mostly anything you may need. Some of the more advance and popular tool are, spyfu, moz,
SEMrush. It is essential you familiarize and learn as many as you can, and start using them to
your benefit, and a lot of them are free.

20. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket:
This is true in SEO as well, yes Google is going to bring you the majority of your traffic, but it
is also the one that most frequently updates its algorithms. The next major update may
happen anytime and what happens if it hits you hard, you may lose your visibility coming from
Google. Keep this in mind when planning your traffic sources, try and diversify your traffic
sources as much as you can. Target other search engines like Yahoo and Bing, push out
newsletters, press release, blog posts, guest commenting, social media, etc.. And hit as many
and as frequently as you can. You never know where that customer is going to come from.

www.sunmediamarketing.com | Call us+1-917-267-8626 | info@sunmediamarketing.com
©Copyright Sun Media Marketing 2017

“We are an End-to End Digital Marketing Company
With Expertise in Web Development”
Sun Media Marketing is a full service digital marketing company with core expertise in a
wide array of web design and development technologies. Founded in 2014, the company
helps businesses grow their reach and visibility through advance digital marketing
techniques. It also helps businesses create an enduring online identity with its proven web
development services.




At Sun Media Marketing, we are well aware
that branding and that too digital branding
needs to be taken to the next level. You
cannot make an impression on your target
audiences with regular run of the mill digital
development solutions. We constantly
challenge ourselves to think out-of-the-box
and come up with strategies that break
through the clutter and help businesses
beat their competition.

Our Mission is Delivering Honest and
Successful Solutions

www.sunmediamarketing.com | Call us+1-917-267-8626 | info@sunmediamarketing.com
©Copyright Sun Media Marketing 2017

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