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Title: There are no keys to Success - AeroLeads

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Dec 2017

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There are no keys to Success

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Ankit Sharma ⋅ 0 Comments


Success isn’t something that can be bought or taken a shortcut to. It is as simple as that. But
then, why are there so many articles and people that claim otherwise. The answer is a quite
simple one. Simplifying everything after you’ve achieved something is much more simple
than having to do it and take the so-called shortcut way.

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These so-called shortcuts and keys to success shouldn’t be taken as some kind of magic key
that will open your portal to one of success. People look for such tips and “life hacks” in
times of distress. The mistake is to follow them blindly and thinking it is a shortcut.

The Revelation
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Depending or falling back on such things after a failure or some desperate attempt to rise to
the top is only going to lead to further disappointment. By searching for success in such
wrong places, the only thing you’re going to end up doing is to delay it and waste your

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Why Should I care about

precious years. The reason- there are no metaphorical or physical keys to success in life.
These keys and shortcuts are nothing more than tips that you could try and might stick to in
addition to your own plans. What works for someone doesn’t necessarily work for others.

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Moreover, success isn’t a common or universally defined limit to reach. Everyone has
different agendas and hopes to be considered successful. Sticking to other people’s success
‘shortcuts’ and ideologies means you’re destroying your own best self.

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Work harder and smarter
The slogans and quotes and inspiring stories of successful people sure seem like just by
putting extra hard work or taking their mentioned “shortcuts” would work. If there were
definite shortcuts to success and it was proven that such tips would work, wouldn’t it be
natural for everyone to follow exactly what the author or businessman say? They would be
more successful about sharing their shortcut to success rather than actually telling how they
got to where they wanted to be. The single best and hardest tip you’ll get to be successful is:
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“You’ve got to put the work in because it’s the only thing that pays off. It’s the only way to get what
you want.” All of us know about this saying/rule/tip but how many of us do follow it? Just
because it is a genuine way and harder than any of the supposed shortcuts people come
across doesn’t mean it’s not true. No one wants to put in the actual hard world if there are
shortcuts around. Moreover, if it was possible we would be taking shortcuts all our lives only
and that would get the business or us nowhere. They key to success by all the different blogs,
books, and other sources is true but with the highlighted rule in mind to follow. These people
accomplished what they did using the same smart hard work that is required in different
forms in different fields of work.

Clearing the myths
By only looking for ‘keys’ and shortcuts in all the wrong places, you’re only fooling yourself
by procrastinating and wasting valuable time. Whether you get success by putting in work or
not, is not definite, but not doing so means bound failure. Overworking or working really long
hours is also not the way to success necessarily. Working yourself to saturation is not a trick
that would work either. Yes, all the greats and successful people have put in work and done
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so at some stage of their lives or another but that doesn’t mean it’s their adopted lifestyle

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Jogging and other activities that your inspirational hero or businessman or person is also
not some case of the success story. Avoiding work or metaphorically jogging away from it
means you’re also running and jogging away from success one misstep at a time.
Jogging, working out are productivity hacks to incorporate into your lifestyle to be the best
you can be with a healthy body and mind. But doing so and not the work is counterproductive
and just not done. Having your own success story takes much more than productivity hacks
to boost your work output but sometimes it takes a right mixture of all the right things.

The best way to get a successful life is never to let your energy down. Whether its
disappointments, failures, success, do not lose heart or be overconfident and stop working
altogether. I the end great things come to those who work smart and harder. Not just harder.
Even a labourer works hard but what is the difference between a physical labourer and the
millionaire marketing professional? They’re both good at their work but one is underpaid. It
is how difficult to get to the position to earn as much as the marketing professional or a
businessman or anyone successful. They didn’t take shortcuts to reach where they are today.
If it is honest and smart hard work success will come to you one way or the other. Despite
having a thousand hardships, hurdles, it is only up to the striving person to make it work in
the end for himself. In the long run, it is only natural you want financial and lifestyle security
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after working so hard. Lead the life you want to lead from the beginning itself. Complaining
and taking shortcuts are a loser’s whining and it is better to avoid it. Negative habits like this
will take you to negative places only, whereas the positive habits like working out your brain,
body, working hard and smart will take you the same places as your idol or the person who
justifies the definition of success in your field of work. A cheat code won’t work in this life
despite the saying of ‘life is a game’. Well, it is but it’s not a video game you can hack and
change things around as act God at the moment at least.

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Posted in: Growth Hacking

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