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The Sonarpur OC/IC,
Kolkata – 700150,
West Bengal

Honorable Home Minister,
New Delhi

27th December 2017

Subject: - Psychological Chess Game using Syndicate, Political resources keeping the Juridicary
to Local area PS Neutral to Silence timely and Kill time and Cement the Ground / Ground reality
, the then and twist to turn and motivate groupism Moral Support with Alerts Updates…and
increase the human shield as society opportunistic and educated??- Investigator harasses
Mentally in Puzzle’s?? A Griever !!

With reference to several emails etc complain from ….2014 to 2015… from emailid,,,Shampade,,, to
Sonarpur IC/OC to SP ‘s to SDPO [ even via what’s app to facebook ] to DGP etc local
administration it had been seen no care and timely any undercover investigation the then taken
care of as on thought Individual Commoner family but the emails via what what grievances’
were brought it was cemented and rectified with that mass too taken into confidence and
being opportunistic the society as selfish or for the sons daughter to husband wellbeing as on
thoughts / lessons ; other fire own achievement in easy means via the thoughts – old policies* to
strategies* .

It has been seen if a guard [ if guard oil 1 Mrs 1F then in duty time full relaxation ; 2006 till
2013* Night guard drinks and slept in guard room locking the guard room doors at 10:30 – 10:45

PM even at 09:30 PM via / even single guard worked 24 hours till 3*yrs / even day guard lived*
with Night guard ….2017 till dt but be diplomatic etc towards us or maid/renters if uses
unparliamentarily comment i.e. fact for 1F Mrs immediately within the day they are removed [
no one objects or even “ ? “ on guard duty or in duty time leaving the site and roaming for
hours / Minutes or doing others duty or other duty , same in others areas too ] and if that
maid works in other flats within same apartment that flat owner in groupism is threatened and is
pressurized to remove that maid / renters from the apartment and is rumor in as that Maid
Prostitutes’ * and as a group 4 - 5 strategies says and rest silent and gains in it ; in various ways
saying / supporting “ Yes Yes “ as knows on the concern Political connections to syndicate to
local lanes rowdy etc team hand on her forehead and those who oil or support him / her there
family benefitted with activity ignorance but gets moral etc support.

It’s too be brought into administration attention everyone supported 1F Mrs [ Same after 2006
incident due to her using an scapegoat and her way of influence and no other work and
investment flow to get her Balmiki tag of past in white washing and erasing the G3 etc
conspiracies masses till 2010 / 2011 continuations but strategies changes now using renters /
present politicians in power to middlemen’s in encouragements etc ] after we saw 1D Mr
transfer to Assam [ Mr Mrs fear other each other and son from 1F Mrs as if oil her many
gains….] or right to say the evacuation Notice to renter 2D via March 2015 were there Son
Daughter were not allowed or right to say other flats within smaller children to nearby apartment
children parents didn’t allowed their children’s to play with them and the day 2D Mrs started
Oiling 1F Mrs everything there Okay and even its too surprise there driver 3 bicycle got stolen
from our apartment within open garage but they never did any GDE to FIR to local PS as many
prior towards them done previous too as cause known to all but it’s now too be 1 – 2 years with
the team [ groupism]now there nothing broken , stolen… .

Now I like to bring the administration attention towards these points that we are seeing from last
…2 – 3 years now open , a drinker and frequent jail tagger –it’s our assumption [ Mr Bishu ]
in a year at least 6 – 3 months or he himself said had been in jail for 2- 3 years and he doesn’t
fear of Police and Jails or as it’s his next home – is used in various conspiracies in providing him
drinks and brainwashing regularly . Its mine question is how such person is allowed entry to
apartment and is taken odd works like Terrace cleaning , Toilet cleaning even common to Flat
owners to other works – then no objection from any as they are given entry via 1F Mrs and Mr
4F [ but understood there motive is different to get implement ; latter in ground differently
, which once they tried using him and its video too send to OC/IC… and is uploaded in
facebook which when we immediately telephonic updated 4F Mr he too supported us that
its wrong done via him* and the plumber [ BIMAN ] using BISHU and he is unaware and
is not within range of the apartment – we understood it’s an game plan as several time we

seen after 2015 October when ever anything happens he is not in flat unless in 2017 two
incident of supporting the Night Guard and renter 3E Mrs activities is well understood – a
support diplomacy activity ignorance ] and if anything’s happens to us [ Must Grill Mr / Mrs
1B / 1C / 1D present 1A Mr / Mrs and renters Drs of 3D and 2E renter dated 2009 an Hotel
Lady Executive to all guards day/night from 2003/2004 till dated along with Tutoon Friends and
his Stationary shop attendant/helper guy with Counselor 28 / 29 and MLA Husbands* ] for
that all living presently in G3 + G4 along in Past till March 2008 to 2010/2011 would be held
responsible as they kept their EYE MOUTH EAR Closed / Shut [ even there wards] but open
only towards us when its proven one family alone can’t fight or instigate or Stalk …show many.

Its seen and when its open to all that local area PS etc Intel is silent towards influence to
groupism shield and if investigation done it’s a SHOW OFF done on grievances of an individual
as its like 21st November 2017 “ Me -Said Night guard 08:00 PM to 08:00 AM does Sweeper
working leaving gate in apartment floors from 5 / 6 – 8 AM , the SI asked the day Guard
i.e. 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM ; ‘do he does show ‘ reply was – No ‘ ; after going the same
guard makes diplomatic answer to our questions that why I will say ADON; what question
SI asked I answered as I know it’s all SHOW OFF and why I will not take benefit from all
these “ as same done on 11th Night 2006 when on March 2008 the IC/OC asked the investigating
SI dated ; do you inquire the Night guard the - SI answered YES after 11* days he inquire the
guard his answer was he was on that dated Night in his Village ; yes its True because that dated
Night guard was Removed within next 3 days of the Conspiracy implementation – these is way
of investigation going on from 2006 towards us Motivating , Encouraging and increasing shield
of the wrecked mass to create as 7th October 2015 like scenario with now an Open Platforms to
show Strengths from 2009 / 2010 – Garia Bortholla Jagdharthi Puja “ request to go through
the Pictures / Video recording of the program me 4 -5 days functions – have them from
resources – it will prove many things [ Same tried in Sep / Oct 2014 and from June to October
2015 – emails etc the proofs send to PS etc as after 2014 / 2015 ill behaviors’ of the IC/OC to
Filling/Receiving GDE/FIR officers we stopped visiting the PS , when even such atrocities etc
occurs on us unless much needed ] .

It’s too brought into attention of the Honorable PM , PMO , Home Ministry to Pgportal to CMO
to CM West Bengal etc i.e. all complain / grievances brought via these Digital Medium is why
brought into limelight to local PS and delayed as matter brought from 2012 – 2015 – 2017??
Is investigated of 21st November 2017 etc prior too is “ ?? “ On ground reality of the system and
investigation way too “ ?? “ as with Time delay - Alertness every Open activity etc is Sand Dune
with an Motive strategies changing a Chess Move .


“ Present is group support Diplomatic Eye WASH “ along with some other renters etc but is
only protected due to Diplomatic Middlemen to Politicians and same do Silence of Local Intel of
in and
E-4ys1C7VI .. … many more…always local Police to Press failures as CORRUPTION OWNSELF OPPORTUNISTIC " LUXURY CARS , 24 HOURS IN OFFICE HOUSE HOTELS

A Corrupt system joint effort with CORRUPT TO MONEY-MINDED lawyers Makes
the Juridical system failuresNESS with TIME Elasticity and Makes a group Balmiki and REAL
Balmiki an Dacoit to Rowdy …Role of PRESS , POLICE , PUBLIC , POSTAL ,
SYNDICATE , LANDMAFIAS , SOCIETY ....even a 2 Year child knows .

Above is Just an GIST…a remark….a reference encryption ….use your IQ ….to get what I mean
to say indirectly as every government DEPARTMENT ENTRANCE exam one had to face the
question as like Mental Ability to IQ to Presences of Mind …and an UPSC to WBSC IAS IPS
….why after selection there local area Intelligence gathering etc gets under lackness ….

Please Request Departments’* to go through there Inbox of Prior emails,’s an
GIST!!why media etc doesn’t highlight what’s the result the system to society does towards
male wards if they defends their parents , self made – none oiler…. from the Opportunistic
system to societies when they highlights regularly for properties SONS etc kills their
parents or……

Hear to 0110 Min conversion Police takes Bribe ...

With Regards

Yours Sincerely

Subhojeet Dey


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