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Introducing the stunning new
15 Series components

“Long before others, Rotel
demonstrated that highend sound need not come
at a high-end price.”
The Absolute Sound
April 2014, Alan Taffel

15 Series – built on a performance heritage
Rotel’s story began more than 50 years ago, yet our ownership and
mission have never changed. Rotel is an independent, high-end audio/
video company with an unwavering ambition to deliver exceptional
value. From the first product we ever made to the new 15 Series, every
one of our components is manufactured in our own factory, to assure
absolutely consistent quality.
Our new 15 Series range represents the culmination of five decades
of commitment to the art and science of electronics design. We’ve
wrapped cutting-edge technologies, that will bring out the best in
wireless streaming and digital audio, in stunning brushed metal cabinets;
available in silver and black finishes to complement any setting. And
we’ve provided elegantly simple user interfaces and custom installation
control features, because we understand that technology should serve
you, not the other way around. We believe these components inspire
pride of ownership only associated with the absolute finest products.
As ever, the approach that has guided the development of the 15

Series is our famous Balanced Design Concept: a disciplined synthesis
of physics, electronics and mechanical engineering, guided by the belief
that the whole should be greater than the sum of its parts. Over the
decades, we have received hundreds of rave reviews and awards from
publications around the world that prove our Balanced Design Concept
works. And most importantly, we’ve satisfied hundreds of thousands of
people who take their entertainment seriously – like you!
Because we’re dedicated to ensuring our users are always happy
with us, Rotel is sold only through the most qualified audio/video retailers
and custom installers who have proven track records for superior
knowledge and customer service. We invite you to visit Rotel online and
view or download a wealth of product information and general audio/
video educational materials in our members’ area at Or
better yet, visit your nearest Rotel dealer for a hands-on demonstration.