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OBED.S.SUGRE-Coordinator (Ghana)
EMMY.O.SMITH– Graphics (Ghana)
CHINYERE OKPALA-Editor (Nigeria)

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● Do you want to live for-

Then say this words:
Lord Jesus come into my
life. Be my Lord and personal savior.
Today I accept your death
on the cross and say that
you died for me. And now,
I receive all the benefits
according to Isaiah 53.You
carried my sicknesses,
pains, transgressions, iniquities and you have
given me peace and health
and has cancelled my
ticket to hell. Devil I reject
you forever! I belong to
Jesus, I now have the
heart of flesh in Jesus
name, AMEN.
are now a born again.
Read your Bible and pray
everyday. Ask the Holy
Spirit to help you in all
things. He is your present
help in times of needs, because you are now a child
of GOD.


Come To Me And I Will Give You Rest !!!



he God of justice? Where is he? Where can I find him? Don't look too far! The God of
justice is right where you are? Justice is not only in the sweet by and by, you can get it
now if only you know how to navigate to God. The God of the Bible is the God of the
whole earth and the God of justice. He is the first to practice law before it came into the
minds of men to have their own chambers or law court-whatever the type. He originated law
and order, justice and judgment right from the day he created the world. When Adam came
he gave him his law, when he fell he executed justice by driving him out of the garden. He
also gave him relief. It was God who judge Adam, Eve and the serpent not man. Law and order are his. His is the police of the world not America. What is the meaning of “vengeance
belong to the Lord?”
Followers of Jesus are bold to appeal to God only when they are seeking relief from the torment of the devil but when the devil oppresses them through a human they get stocked !!!
They cry and wail and weep and wear long face and feel helpless, when their father is the
judge of the whole world. Help! Lord your people are sick! They are perishing for lack of
The word of God is true. God is the just God and he expects that the afflicted should come to
him for justices. Vengeance belongs to God! We are not expected to avenge. Go to God and
tell him to avenge you. See, the book of Psalms five verse four says that God does not delight in wickedness, evil cannot lodge with Him. The boastful cannot stand in His presence;
He hate evildoers. He destroy those who tell lies; the Lord abhors a man of bloodshed and
treachery. Again he said in the book of psalms nine verse five,” For you have rebuked the
nations; you have destroyed the wicked; you have erased their memory forever and ever.

The enemy has come to eternal ruin; you have uprooted the cities and the very memory of
them has perished”. These are what the Lord has done to them. You must start hearing your
Bible. Yes, they walk about and do all that they do but God says they are dead! What is
frightening you is dead! This calls for thanks giving! The Lord is good to his people. Hallelujah !
God is a righteous judge says Palms seven verse eleven. Lets read from verse nine it says,”
Let the evil of the wicked come to an end but establish the righteous. The one who examines
the thoughts and emotions is a righteous God. My shield is with God, who saves the upright
in heart. God is a righteous judge and a God who executes justice everyday” .
Now, what are you doing with your case? Come to me all of you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. All of you take up my yoke and learn from me because I am
gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for yourselves. For my yoke is easy and my
burden is light. Jesus is calling!
What does God say concerning the righteous? This is what the Lord says: the wise must not
boast in his wisdom; the mighty must not boast in his might; the rich must not boast in his
riches. But the one who boasts should boast in this, that he understands and knows me–
that I am the Lord, showing faithful love, justice and righteousness on the earth, for I delight
in these things. This is the Lord’s declaration. Jeremiah nine verse twenty three to twentyfour.
Psalms nine verse seven says that the Lord sits enthroned forever; he has established his
throne for judgment. He judges the world with righteousness, he executes judgment on the
peoples with fairness. The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you because you have not abandoned those who
seek you Lord.(NOTE: Not in the sweet by and by).

Do you want to hear what Jesus has to say? “...There was a judge in one town who didn't fear
God or respect man. And a widow in that town kept coming to him, saying ‘give me justice against
my adversary. For a while he was unwilling but later he said to himself ,’Even though I don't fear God
or respect man, yet, because this widow keeps pestering me, I will give her justice, so she doesn't
wear me out by her persistent coming. Listen to what the unjust judge says. Will not God grant justice to his elect who cry out to him day and night? Will he delay to help them? I tell you he will
swiftly grant them justice. Nevertheless, when the son of man comes will he find that faith on
earth?” Luke eighteen verse one to eight.

Learn to read your Bible, ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see the beautiful things in
the Word of God. The time of oppression is over. God is waiting and longing to see you in his
court room. When will you appeal to him? He wants to show himself strong on your behalf.
Be still and know that he is God! Amen. However, whoever goes to God for equity must go
with clean hands!
All quotations used are from Holman Christian Standard Bible Version.





Born 19 march 1813 Blantyre,
Died 1 may 1873 (aged 60) atchief chitambo’s village in what
is today called Zambia
Resting place: Westminster Abbey
Profession: Missionary and


Spouse: Mary (1845-27 April to
1862 her death):


6 children


● Is an ambassador for

● He tells the greatest

story ever told.
● Offer the most valuable

treasure a person can
ever own.
● Share the greatest gift

ever offered to a man.
● Help others to find the

only relationship that
will always be fulfilling,
satisfying and completely dependable.

“Go into the world and preach the gospel to
the whole creation. Whoever believes and is
baptized will be saved, but whoever does not
believe will be condemned”. Those are the
very words of Jesus to you (Mark 16:15-16).
Anywhere you are, you can spread the gospel
by always practicing the act of thankfulness.
Words like” thank you Jesus” or “hallelujah” is
enough message! So enroll now if you have
not and start today to give thanks to God


When you live this way the spirit of thankfulness will spread across anyone who comes
close to you because praise is contagious.
Some will want to know the reason you’re
thankful always, While others will start seeking your God in order to have your kind of


Also when you are always thankful, God will
always hang out with you and all your
prayers will always be answered.

Cultivate the habit of thanking Jesus for your
own good, and consciously do it because you
were created to live a thankful life.



Page 7



ow do people get healed? Are pastors just
doing a show? Is what they are doing real?
Were these people really sick? You might want to
know if healing and miracles are real or acted out.
You might be desirous to be used by the Lord. Well,
this page is a good stop for you.



Before you proceed to learn how to do miracles, you must read Matthew 28:18-20. It contains instructions that everyone who wants to
perform miracles must follow.
Now, if you want to perform miracles you must first have the right
to sonship– I mean you must be a child of God. To be a child of God
you must:

Believe that God is in existence.


Believe that God raised Jesus Christ of Nazareth from the dead


Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior


Believe in the name of Jesus


Be filled with the Holy Spirit

When these requirements are met you will automatically have the
right to come into the presence of God in the name of Jesus and to
have fellowship with Him through the study of His word, praise,
worship, prayer and confession. You must also maintain communion with him after fellowship by thanking him and making melody
in your heart to Him always.
Telling others about Jesus and what he has done for all is a requirement you must fulfill. As you evangelize the Lord Jesus will be
there with you to perform the miracles and confirm his words. All
you need to do is to invoke Jesus by calling his name”... in the
name of Jesus devil go!” And miracles will be happening everywhere! Mark 16:14-18.


Today you will know what
the miracle pastor know and
also manifest what they do?
When you seek and find you
will not doubt again. We are
here to give you a glimpse of
how it works but if you want
to learn more visit theTIMEofLIFE Radio 1. It is a website
for people who are hungry
and want to be used by the
Lord. It is also a website for
those who want to know if
miracles still happen today.
Feel free to stop by at anytime. You will meet teachers
like Pastor Benny Hinn, Evangelist E. W Kenyon,
Archbishop Idahosa etc. Here
is the link—https://



Stand up Jerusalem you who have drunk the cup
of his fury from the hand of the Lord, you who
have drunk the goblet to the dregs, the cup that
causes people to stagger. There is no one to guide
her among all the children she has raised, there is
no one to take hold of her hand among all the offspring she has brought forth.
These two things have happened to you:
Devastation and destruction, famine and sword.
Who will grieve for you? How can I comfort you?
Your children have fainted: they lie at the head of
every street, like an antelope in a net. They are
full of the Lord’s fury, the rebuke of your God.
Isaiah 51:17-20
Now, looking at the case above, Jerusalem was
under the judgment of the Lord. It was the Lord
who was punishing her for going after idols.
Their case was so pathetic and beyond hope.
She will never rise again! It is over with Jerusalem! Case closed! Jerusalem has fallen! So it
was in the eyes of men.

Yes, their condition was beyond repair before
man but not before God for in verse twentyone, He said:
“So listen to this, afflicted and drunken one
but not with wine. This is what the Lord your
Lord says-Yahweh, even your God who defends his people –” Look I have removed the
cup of staggering from your hand; the goblet,
the cup of my fury. You will never drink it
again. I will put it into the hands of your tormentors who said to you lie down, so we can
walk over you.”


Here is the message,
If your condition or your situation is beyond
man —-just take a break and listen to God to
hear what he has to say. When you listen to
your Bible you are listening to God.
When Jeremiah thought that it was over with
Israel. Babylonians were around to execute
the will of the Lord to capture the land and do
to it according to the word of the Lord. He was
weeping and in hopelessness but the word of
the Lord came to him saying :

is what the Lord the God of Israel says to
this city which you said: it has been handed
over to Babylonian’s king through sword, famine, and plague. I am about to gather them
from all the lands where I have banished them
in my wrath, rage ,and great fury, and I will
return them to this place and make them live
in safety”.
Whether it is God that is punishing you or
not, find out what He is saying about your
case, by all means He will show mercy. Stop
being distracted, it is time to listen to God!
Bible study Jeremiah 32. Isaiah 51

Michael Onyedikachi Okey is the Executive
director of Michael’s Concept and Copies
Owerri Nigeria. He is a concept creator and it
stands for the beautification and function of
the society at large.
He is an experts in sculpture, art painting,
house painting, craft works, and concept furniture.
He was educated at Alvan Ikoku College of
Education, Owerri, Nigeria. He obtained
N.C.E in political science and social studies.
To see Michael's work visit Michael at facebook-www.facebook.com/mike okey

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