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System Commands 
Displays help 

Clears chat, logs, or images 

/whois [user] 
Displays information about a user 

Gets all of the site emotes and lobby emotes 

/role [role] 
Gets the information on a role, if left blank, gets information on current role 

Displays a bunch of commands 

/icons [classic|default|muskratte|ben] 
Changes icon set, if left blank, reverts to original icons 

Toggles Jeeves, who will prevent you from vegging, etc. 

/aw, /autowill 
Toggles autowill, where your name and role will be written by default 

/ak, /autokick 
Toggles autokick, where you will automatically kick when the timer is up 

/ag, /autogreet 
Toggles autogreet, where you will automatically greet users when they enter and leave 

Toggles marking messages in orange by clicking on them and purple by using Shift+click 

/fmt [on|off|noimg] 
Toggles text formatting to display text formatting with or without images 

Toggles graphical mode on the side 

Toggles logging of debug data