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Game Commands 
/(un)mute [user] 
Mutes/unmutes a user 

Greets everyone with an array of greetings 

/say [message] 
Sends a message in the chat 

/w [user] [message] 
Whispers a user a message 

/ping (all) 
Pings users who have not voted yet, or all users 

/kick [user] 
Kicks a user 

/vote [user] 
Votes for a user 

Votes no one discreetly 

Votes no one 

/shoot [user] 
Shoots a user with a gun 

/highlight [user] 
Highlights all messages from a user, or erases highlighting if no user specified 

/leave, /quit 
Leaves the game 

/join (host) 
Joins any open games in the lobby, if no games open, a game will be hosted 

/host [title] 
Hosts a game, with title if specified 

Displays all open games in the lobby