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Automatic Bot Commands 
@bot obey me 
Mercenary assigns master 

@bot be free 
Mercenary removes master 

@bot kiss 

@bot love 

@bot grab weapon 
Mercenary grabs a weapon 

@bot mercmd 
Mercenary displays (most) bot commands 

@bot roll over 
Mercenaries don’t roll over! 

@bot beg 
Mercenary refuses to beg. 

@bot bow 
Mercenary bows 

@bot kill [user] 
Mercenary kills user in any way possible 

@bot sui, @bot suicide, @bot die 
Mercenary gets angry. Not a good idea. 

@bot vote [user] 
Mercenary votes user 

@bot shoot [user] 
Mercenary shoots user 

@bot stab [user] 
Mercenary stabs user 

@bot claim 
Mercenary tells role to master