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The Tinfoil Times

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As the party wound down, and things were being packed up,
a box that belonged to Frank was misplaced. The box contained some personal items, including expensive chocolates,
salt and pepper shakers, and some other items. The most
important item in this box is the hat that Frank wore at the
party. He wore this hat when he was flying to the islands for
Eastern Airlines. It has a huge sentimental value to him.
There was a lot of commotion after the party, and a lot of
boxes were going out the door. If this hat somehow wound
up with your stuff, please bring it to the next meeting. It
would mean a lot to Frank.

AUCTION - The Board of Directors has decided to auction off to the membership all Metal Detecting Library books at the January Meeting. It will be a silent auction starting bids at $.50.
This is your chance to LEARN EVERYTHING FROM THE EXPERTS AND own those classics!
Check out the book titles on our website:

Find This Capsule, Win a Prize!
Somewhere in a local park, this capsule has been hidden. Each month, a clue will be
given as to its whereabouts. Our mission is to find it. The hunt will continue until the
capsule is found.
Whoever finds the capsule will be rewarded.
The last hint is: Besides seeing ducks, you might have to join the flockā€¦ by

ducking a stray golf ball.