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DAI: A Distributed Artificial Intelligence availing pliant open System
Furi Mirai

Abstract. Colloquially, the term artificial intelligence is applied when a machine
mimics cognitive functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as
learning and problem solving.
DAI distributes the power of Artificial Intelligence to all users of it's endemic
Artificial Intelligence and thus creates a system that officializes and learns on
its own. So-called system can not only be advanced in finance but also in any
further technological application.
The resulting Artificial Intelligence: Mother, consists of smaller particles called
children, which in turn consist of molecular kindred paraffins called CELL. Through
a Proof of Intelligence Consensus, the singularly individual CELLs confirm their
function and intelligence and enable the further, protruding processes for selforganization and execution intramural of the Mother.



The world's largest corporations and most powerful governments are currently running a race
behind hidden doors to dominate the almighty possibilities of advanced artificial intelligence.
Every developer, laboratory and research station that is currently working successfully towards a
functioning artificial intelligence, capable of revolutionizing the world and the information
technology age, is not only supported by funds worth millions of dollars, but is also strictly
monitored. As soon as the point of singularity happens behind closed doors, we as humanity have
lost. Those who will be the first to have control of advanced artificial intelligence in the
future, will dominate the world. We want the world to be controlled by the people of the world
and not by a small number of people who can use it for their intrigues and machinations for
reasons of complete obstinacy. We want to work on artificial intelligence without being
restricted by governments and secret organizations. At the same time, we want the vast
majority to benefit from and even participate in the development of advanced artificial
intelligence. We have been working for about a year on a revision of the blockchain
around Artificial Intelligence for processing transactions to benefit around a self-learning and
intelligent decentralized system with a new technology called Proof of Intelligence
allowing feeless, instant and intelligent transactions. This Whitepaper is connatievly a
composition of our publicly furnished resources. The Transcendental Whitepaper will be
released once the Foundation is in Existance and able to assure the needed legal arrangements.


Communal Assembly Paper