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Author: Neha

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Anxiety Disorder Recovery - The Linden Method

Charles Linden
The World's #1 Stress & Anxiety Recovery

Anxiety Disorders Are Not Health or Mental Health Conditions
Anxiety disorders are commonly „pigeonholed‟ as mental health conditions by health care professionals
but they have no place in the mental health arena this white paper explains why.
The human emotion of fear developed during evolution as the body s alarm system not only warning
when danger is present but enabling the mind and body to work together efficiently to deal with a real
threat appropriately but in anxiety disorders this becomes maladjusted.
This mechanism should under normal circumstances prevent us from being harmed by a potential threat
or aggressor and then deactivate but in what are commonly called `anxiety disorders this system fails to
deactivate after a real threat has gone the chemical and electrical circuitry in the brain becomes fixed in a
short circuit in which anxiety disorders develop and are perpetuated.

What`s going on in your brain to cause gad panic disorder, OCD, Pure O &
The core problem is that the system that creates the anxiety response does so as a result of the data fed
back through the senses eyes ears nose mouth skin to the brain s anxiety control center the brain
assumes that this data is accurate and real but in anxiety disorders the data is neither accurate nor based
on reality but on perceived danger.
When you touch something hot for example the brain activates the recoil response so that minimum
damage is caused to your hand by the heat this is real and accurate data producing an appropriate safety
response the exact same analysis is made regardless of the nature of the threat.
In anxiety disorders an initial threat activates the risk analysis and then data is collected by the senses
and feeds back to the anxiety control center in the brain if a real threat is present the anxiety response
activates and the mind tells the body what action to take flight or fight is activated and the risk is dealt

The flaw in human psychological evolution
The Linden Method - There is a genetic and evolutionary flaw in human development the risk
assessment the mind does to evaluate a true risk is fuelled by creativity the minds creative center takes
the data fed back by our senses and asks `what if the man attacks `what if the lion jumps on me the
creativity is designed to ask `what is the worst possible outcome in this situation.
A person with what would be classed as a normal level of creativity would assess the risk respond
appropriately overcome the risk and their body then returns to `normal but we aren't all born equal.
Many people through genetics are now born with what we call `creative intellect in other words a higher
level of creativity this can manifest in life as artistic musical problem solving entrepreneurial or linguistic
abilities for example but people with this intellect also have a disposition to developing high anxiety
It is this interaction between our over developed modern minds which have been fine tuned by social
evolution over the last few generations as we as humans have been exposed to higher quality
environments higher level data and education supported living and improved food and medication for
example that collides with the emotion of fear and the flight or fight response to cause anxiety disorders
when anxiety is activated the mind s risk assessment `what if questions don't stop when the real risk has

been dealt with once the risk has gone `what if questions are applied by default to the symptoms and
thoughts of the high anxiety response itself in other words the anxiety response starts risk assessing
“What if these chest pains are a heart attack?” (health anxiety)
“What if the dizziness is caused by a tumour?” (health anxiety)
“What if i panic die pass out or embarrass myself?” (gad/panic disorder)
“What if i harm myself someone else etc.?” (pure o)
“What if i do this `inappropriate thing to this person?” (pure o)
“What if i don t lock the door wash my hands clean count etc x times?” (ocd)
“What if i leave the house and can't get to a place or person of safety?” (agoraphobia)
“What if i get stuck on the motorway can t get out of the dentists/hairdresser s chair etc?”
Once a risk such as an anxious symptom or thought is detected the anxiety response mechanism
responds with more anxiety.
The new anxiety causes more symptoms and thoughts they are identified as threat and the anxiety
continues a self-perpetuating cycle of anxiety is created.

You're not even aware of what your mind is doing to you
You aren't even consciously aware of this process because it is part of the `autonomic nervous system.
In fact you have no idea what is happening within your subconscious mind.
Your subconscious mind or autonomic nervous system creates this anxiety loop in the same way it
perpetuates respiration circulation digestion hormone control in fact everything in your body and mind that
is active whether you are asleep or awake (which is why night time panic attacks happen often waking the
sufferer from sleep)

So what is the solution?
There's only one solution and that is to force your anxiety control center in your brain to believe that it is
now safe at The Linden Method!
When you do this in a structured way using a simple but multifaceted approach not only do you become
anxiety disorder free but you program your mind never to develop another anxiety disorder in the future
you build an anxiety firewall in your intellect.
This isn‟t theory this is psychological and physiological fact based on simple neuroscience and the
psychology of emotions.
The emotion of fear can only be activated and deactivated by sensory data received from your senses as
a risk assessment of your external and internal environment.

So how do you stop the anxiety loop convince your brain that you are safe and deactivate your anxiety
disorder permanently?

The solution
Our program has been developed over 14 years of helping over 150,000 sufferers through our home
learning residential retreats and workshop programs through the total recoveries we see happen in hours
or days and in some cases weeks but always if you are human and suffer with a high anxiety condition it
can't fail.
The process is so simple that seven year old children do it with ease and it doesn't matter how long
someone has suffered or how severe their symptoms are...
The process involves three steps:1 apply a simple structure to your life routine
2. Apply ten simple rules to that life structure
3. Use our unlimited support reassurance and guidance by our psychological team
You also receive the panic attack eliminator as simple program that stops panic attacks if you suffer from
them you receive journey out of agoraphobia a structured agoraphobia elimination program that you can
do over 5 days and many more programs supportive audio and video resources and tips.
The core of the program disregarding all of the helper materials is a simple to use process that forces the
brain to believe it is safe and switches off your anxiety disorder at its core and the only reason for this
process to fail is for you to never open the box it comes in.

Why does the linden method anxiety elimination program work better than
anything else?
The answer is simple
Because no other resource therapy program or technique available does what the brain is expecting to
happen in order to deactivate the anxiety response.
Because we have the knowledge the structured simple to follow materials the qualified support by
specialists with thousands of hours experience and the data to show you that what we do works in every
case and will work for you we know that we cure high anxiety conditions.
Our money back guarantee means that we take all the risk.
If you buy our home learning programme pack for £117/$177 including express delivery talk to our
specialists for guidance as often as you need and use every resource for as long as you wish up to 1 year
and it doesn't work for you we will happily refund the pack price in full.
The tens of thousands of happy clients we have helped and the thousands of email written video and
medical testimonials we have as evidence are the fruits of our success.
There's only one true solution to high anxiety conditions and either talking therapies or medication play a
part in that solution.

Your recovery is a given you just need to give us the opportunity to prove that to you without risk.
You can call for a no obligation anxiety advice session with our qualified staff on the numbers below they
won t try to sell you anything they‟ll just advise you on any aspect of your anxiety and symptoms they are
qualified psychologists and counselors with years of experience so there s nothing they haven t heard or
don't know the answer to.
Kindest Regards
Charles linden
Linden Anxiety Recovery
UK website thelindenmethod.co.uk/join
US website panic-anxiety.com/join
UK 0844 704 8930
US 1-800-486-0458

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