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This siddur is for those who are seeking to connect with the Creator of the Universe
in a Jewish way, but are either still learning to make Hebrew the language of their
heart or simply prefer to seek out HaShem in their English mother tongue. It is not
meant as a replacement to traditional Hebrew prayer, but instead as an
accompanying resource. The best siddur is the one that is regularly used.
Many of the prayers are inspired by the translations of Rabbi Zalman
Schachter-Shalomi, z"l, whose memory lives on as someone who strove to connect
Jews with HaShem in whichever way was most meaningful. There will, however, be
slight changes to his language -- simply based on the curator's preference for a
single gender pronoun in reference to the Creator for the sake of continuity and
clarity. Also, the specific Name, "Yah", will be replaced with "HaShem" (meaning
"The Name" -- which is alluding to the Tetragrammaton) or "Adonai" (My Lord) in
order for the work to be more palatable across Jewish movements. There are also
some areas where language is augmented, such as removal of mentions of the
zodiac, again, for the sake of palatability. Certain sections may contain some
Hebrew, but the main focus of this work is clear and concise Jewish prayer for those
whom best understand English. Biblical names are also changed to their more
original style.
I hope this work serves as a blessing to your connection with your Everlasting
Sustainer, the Holy One of Yisrael.
Ken Lane / Yefet Ben Ezra