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Author: Miera Scarlet

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1. Contents ....................................... 1
2. What Is Soulmate? ....................... 2
3. Soulmate Mythology ................... 4
4. How To Win A Man's Heart? ........ 6
5. How To Win A Woman's Heart? ... 14
6. Love Conquers All ........................ 21
7. Afterword .................................... 25

Scarlet, M.


What Is Soulmate?

A soulmate is your best friend but it's a lot more than that.
It's the one person in the whole world that knows you better
than anyone else. It's somebody who inspires you to be a
much better person. A soulmate is somebody who you carry
with you forever. It's the one person who is aware of you and
accepted you just the way you are. He or she would believe
you before anyone else did or when nobody else would. And
regardless of what happens, you will continually love one
Not simply anyone will fulfill you the way your soulmate
will. There’s a whole difference between your soulmate, your
heart’s other half and a life partner - someone who lacks the
elements to mold completely with you. Your soulmate makes
you feel entirely whole, healed and intact, like no piece is
missing from the puzzle. A life partner, on the other hand, is a
good supporter and long-time companion but restricted in his
or her capability to complement your spirit.

Scarlet, M.


Most people stay in life-partner relationships as a result of
we have a tendency to “settle,” for a multiple of reasons.
Firstly, we might have a true subconscious worry of being
alone. In addition, since we’re biologically designed to fall
in love, it’s solely natural that we have a tendency to pair
up in this world. However, we typically prolong what are
meant to be temporary relationships and mistakenly settle
into them permanently. 
There are relationships that should last for a particular
amount of time to shut out a karmic chapter of life. The
relationships within which we are meant to have kids with
our partner but not necessarily stay with them and
relationships that are simply plain confusing as a result of a
melting pot of emotions that doesn’t permit us to envision
our certain path. These relationships are nothing compare to
having a relationship with your soulmate.

"Every girl has a special guy that she won't stop
loving, and every guy has a special girl that he
won't stop fighting for."

Scarlet, M.


Soulmate Mythology

According To Greek mythology, the primary humans were
referred to as androgynous. They originally had four arms, four
legs, and one head made of two faces. The androgynous have
both male and female genital organs. These monstrosities were
very fast, moving by the manner of cartwheels and they were
quite powerful. So powerful, that in fact, the gods were
intimidated for their dominion. It is mentioned that humans at
that time had threatened to overthrow the gods. The gods were
then faced with the prospect of destroying the humans with
lightning as they had done before with the Titans but then they
would lose the tributes given to the gods by humans. The
greatest of all the gods, Zeus, developed an ingenious solution
by dividing each of them, creating one pair of legs, one pair of
arms and one face on each body, leaving them to spend the
remainder of their lives looking for their other half, their

Scarlet, M.


These split humans were in utter misery to the point where
they would not eat and eventually die. Therefore, Apollo
had sewn them up and reconstituted their bodies with the
navel being the sole remnant harkening back to their
original form. Each human would then solely have one set
of genital organ and would forever long for his or her
partner - the opposite half of his or her soul. It is said that
once the two found one another, there would be an
unspoken understanding between them that they would
feel unified and made love to each other in unity. They
would recognize no greater joy than that.
Theosophy teaches that maybe God originally created
humans who were each, both male and female. However,
while on earth left to their own devices, aside from God,
they eventually separated into two. Thus making the male
and female bodies. Throughout several rebirths, each half is
left looking for the other half that was lost.

Scarlet, M.


Man's One Secret Obsession that holds
the key to winning a man's love,
attention, and total devotion for LIFE...


How To Win A Man's

Every woman desires to have an ideal guy all to herself,
spending the rest of her life building a beautiful family with a
perfect guy who adores her in every possible way. The question
is, does this perfect guy really exist? Most women see man as
someone who is terrified of commitments due to her previous
experience or the experience of the people close to her.
However, in 2013, a study was conducted and found that 95%
of men openly admit to seeing marriage as one of their
ultimate life goals. It all comes down to how a man views

Scarlet, M.


To a guy, it's like cracking a combination lock. If the
numbers do not line up, he'll be showing emotional distant
and seem untouchable, instead of giving his everything. In
other words, when he says, "I'm just not ready for a
relationship right now," what he really implies is, "I'm just
not ready for a relationship with you." When he finally
comes across that one woman who creates the correct
sequence of "numbers" to unlock his commitment
combination, he'll feel compelled to hold onto her. He'll
commit because he does not wish to risk losing her.
So, now we all know commitment is not some kind of
man's allergy. What you've got to try and do is find out
how to crack his commitment code. Easier said than done!
Of course, considering the average man is not great at
expressing his emotional desires. Therefore, here are some
tips to winning a man's heart:
1) He wants you to want him
One of the keys to learning the way to make your man
happy is basic, animalistic desire. Within the pit of his
stomach, he needs to want you, long for you, yearn for
you. He needs to miss you when you are not around and he
needs to feel a pang of lust when he hasn't seen you for
some time. This desire is made through the play of
opposites. He'll crave you and so he catches you; he'll miss
you and then falls into you; he'll lust for you and so you
will surrender to him. It is the creating and also the release
of tension over and over again. 

Scarlet, M.


The method you create this tension is through your
sexuality - tease him then admit defeat, playfully run from
him then allow him to capture you, add levity and
spontaneousness to his life, give him lustful stares then
leave the room, send him sexy notes throughout the day,
grab him and kiss him unexpectedly. In summation, use
your powerful feminine qualities to contrast his serious and
calculated masculine nature.
2) He wants your respect
Respect is a cardinal virtue. It's the muse of any relationship
that endures and stands the test of time. Respect will help
re-ignite a relationship long after the flame of affection and
lust has sputtered. Many men marry the woman who
respects him, even over the woman who loves him. Men
may make love, talk to, and care about the woman they
love (and lust). However, usually love solely is not all that
they want. Tons of this has to do with the term "I love you."
To a man and a woman, this term can have completely
different meanings. A man might interpret it as "don't hurt
me" or perhaps "you're cornered." Men see the love from a
woman as more of a commodity than something novel. Of
course, the words make him feel happy once he hears them,
but they do not sing to his soul. Men have crippling
inadequacies that they silently battle throughout their
entire lives.
"Most good relationships are built on mutual
Trust and Respect."
~Mona Sutphen~

Scarlet, M.


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