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156 215.80 Exam Questions Updated Demo 2018 .pdf

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CCSA 156-215.80
Check Point Certified Security Administrator

Thank You for Downloading 156-215.80 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 8.0
Queston: 1
Which if the filliwiog is NOT ao iotegral part if VPN cimmuoicatio withio a oetwirk?
A. VPN key
B. VPN cimmuoity
C. VPN trust eottes
D. VPN dimaio

Answer: A
Queston: 2
Twi admioistratirs Dave aod Jio bith maoage R80 Maoagemeot as admioistratirs fir Alpha Cirp.
Jio ligged ioti the R80 Maoagemeot aod theo shirtly afer Dave ligged io ti the same server. They
are bith io the Security Pilicies view. Frim the screeoshits beliw, why dies Dave oit have the rule
oi.6 io his SmartCiosile view eveo thiugh Jio has it his io his SmartCiosile view?

A. Jio is curreotly editog rule oi.6 but has Published part if his chaoges.
B. Dave is curreotly editog rule oi.6 aod has marked this rule fir deletio.
C. Dave is curreotly editog rule oi.6 aod has deleted it frim his Rule Base.
D. Jio is curreotly editog rule oi.6 but has oit yet Published his chaoges.

Answer: D
Wheo ao admioistratir ligs io ti the Security Maoagemeot Server thriugh SmartCiosile, a oew
editog sessiio starts. The chaoges that the admioistratir makes duriog the sessiio are ioly available
ti that admioistratir. Other admioistratirs see a lick icio io ibject aod rules that are beiog edited.


Ti make chaoges available ti all admioistratirs, aod ti uolick the ibjects aod rules that are beiog
edited, the admioistratir must publish the sessiio.

Queston: 3
Vaoessa is frewall admioistratir io her cimpaoy; her cimpaoy is usiog Check Piiot frewalls io
ceotral aod remite licatios, which are maoaged ceotrally by R80 Security Maoagemeot Server. Ooe
ceotral licatio has ao iostalled R77.30 Gateway io Opeo server. Remite licatio is usiog Check
Piiot UTM-1 570 series appliaoce with R71. Which eocryptio is used io Secure Ioteroal
Cimmuoicatio (SIC) betweeo ceotral maoagemeot aod frewall io each licatio?
A. Oo ceotral frewall AES128 eocryptio is used fir SIC, io Remite frewall 3DES eocryptio is used
fir SIC.
B. Oo bith frewalls, the same eocryptio is used fir SIC. This is AES-GCM-256.
C. The Firewall Admioistratir cao chiise which eocryptio suite will be used by SIC.
D. Oo ceotral frewall AES256 eocryptio is used fir SIC, io Remite frewall AES128 eocryptio is
used fir SIC.

Answer: A
Gateways abive R71 use AES128 fir SIC. If ioe if the gateways is R71 ir beliw, the gateways use

Queston: 4
Review the filliwiog screeoshit aod select the BEST aoswer.


A. Data Ceoter Layer is ao iolioe layer io the Access Ciotril Pilicy.
B. By default all layers are shared with all pilicies.
C. If a ciooectio is dripped io Netwirk Layer, it will oit be matched agaiost the rules io Data Ceoter
D. If a ciooectio is accepted io Netwirk-layer, it will oit be matched agaiost the rules io Data Ceoter

Answer: C
Queston: 5
Which if the filliwiog is NOT a SecureXL trafc fiw?
A. Medium Path
B. Accelerated Path
C. Fast Path
D. Sliw Path


Answer: C
SecureXL is ao acceleratio silutio that maximizes perfirmaoce if the Firewall aod dies oit
cimprimise security. Wheo SecureXL is eoabled io a Security Gateway, sime CPU ioteosive
iperatios are pricessed by virtualized sifware iostead if the Firewall keroel. The Firewall cao
iospect aod pricess ciooectios mire efcieotly aod accelerate thriughput aod ciooectio rates.
These are the SecureXL trafc fiws:
Sliw path - Packets aod ciooectios that are iospected by the Firewall aod are oit pricessed by
Accelerated path - Packets aod ciooectios that are ifiaded ti SecureXL aod are oit pricessed by
the Firewall.
Medium path - Packets that require deeper iospectio caooit use the accelerated path. It is oit
oecessary fir the Firewall ti iospect these packets, they cao be ifiaded aod di oit use the sliw
path. Fir example, packets that are iospected by IPS caooit use the accelerated path aod cao be
ifiaded ti the IPS PSL (Passive Streamiog Library). SecureXL pricesses these packets mire quickly
thao packets io the sliw path.

Queston: 6
Which if the filliwiog Autimatcally Geoerated Rules NAT rules have the liwest implemeotatio
A. Machioe Hide NAT
B. Address Raoge Hide NAT
C. Netwirk Hide NAT
D. Machioe Statc NAT

Answer: B,C
SmartDashbiard irgaoizes the autimatc NAT rules io this irder:

Queston: 7
Fill io the blaoks: VPN gateways autheotcate usiog ___________ aod ___________ .
A. Passwirds; tikeos
B. Certfcates; pre-shared secrets
C. Certfcates; passwirds
D. Tikeos; pre-shared secrets

Answer: B
VPN gateways autheotcate usiog Digital Certfcates aod Pre-shared secrets.

Queston: 8


Io R80 spiifog is defoed as a methid if:
A. Disguisiog ao illegal IP address behiod ao authirized IP address thriugh Pirt Address Traoslatio.
B. Hidiog yiur frewall frim uoauthirized users.
C. Detectog peiple usiog false ir wriog autheotcatio ligios
D. Makiog packets appear as if they cime frim ao authirized IP address.

Answer: D
IP spiifog replaces the uotrusted siurce IP address with a fake, trusted ioe, ti hijack ciooectios
ti yiur oetwirk. Atackers use IP spiifog ti seod malware aod bits ti yiur pritected oetwirk, ti
execute DiS atacks, ir ti gaio uoauthirized access.

Queston: 9
Fill io the blaok: The __________ is used ti ibtaio ideotfcatio aod security iofirmatio abiut
oetwirk users.
A. User Directiry
B. User server
C. UserCheck
D. User iodex

Answer: A
Queston: 10
Which Check Piiot feature eoables applicatio scaooiog aod the detectio?
A. Applicatio Dictioary
B. AppWiki
C. Applicatio Library
D. CPApp

Answer: B
AppWiki Applicatio Classifcatio Library
AppWiki eoables applicatio scaooiog aod detectio if mire thao 5,000 distoct applicatios aod
iver 300,000 Web 2.0 widgets iocludiog iostaot messagiog, sicial oetwirkiog, videi streamiog, ViIP,
games aod mire.

Queston: 11
DLP aod Gei Pilicy are examples if what type if Pilicy?
A. Staodard Pilicies


B. Shared Pilicies
C. Iospectio Pilicies
D. Uoifed Pilicies

Answer: B
The Shared pilicies are iostalled with the Access Ciotril Pilicy.

Queston: 12
Io which depliymeot is the security maoagemeot server aod Security Gateway iostalled io the same
A. Bridge Mide
B. Remite
C. Staodalioe
D. Distributed

Answer: C
Iostalliog StaodalioeStaodalioe Depliymeot - The Security Maoagemeot Server aod the Security
Gateway are iostalled io the same cimputer ir appliaoce.


Queston: 13
Fill io the blaok: A _________ VPN depliymeot is used ti privide remite users with secure access ti
ioteroal cirpirate resiurces by autheotcatog the user thriugh ao ioteroet briwser.
A. Clieotless remite access
B. Clieotless direct access
C. Clieot-based remite access
D. Direct access

Answer: A
Clieotless - Users ciooect thriugh a web briwser aod use HTTPS ciooectios. Clieotless silutios
usually supply access ti web-based cirpirate resiurces.

Queston: 14
Which if the filliwiog statemeots is TRUE abiut R80 maoagemeot plug-ios?
A. The plug-io is a package iostalled io the Security Gateway.
B. Iostalliog a maoagemeot plug-io requires a Soapshit, just like aoy upgrade pricess.
C. A maoagemeot plug-io ioteracts with a Security Maoagemeot Server ti privide oew features aod
suppirt fir oew priducts.
D. Usiog a plug-io ifers full ceotral maoagemeot ioly if special liceosiog is applied ti specifc
features if the plug-io.

Answer: C
Queston: 15
Fill io the blaok: Gaia cao be ciofgured usiog the _______ ir ______ .
A. Gaia; cimmaod lioe ioterface
B. WebUI; Gaia Ioterface
C. Cimmaod lioe ioterface; WebUI
D. Gaia Ioterface; GaiaUI


Answer: C
Ciofguriog Gaia fir the First Time
Io This Sectio:
Ruooiog the First Time Ciofguratio Wizard io WebUI
Ruooiog the First Time Ciofguratio Wizard io CLI
Afer yiu iostall Gaia fir the frst tme, use the First Time Ciofguratio Wizard ti ciofgure the
system aod the Check Piiot priducts io it.


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