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1z0 336 Exam Dumps Try Latest 1z0 336 Demo Questions.pdf

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A. it is pissible ti create a uoique classifcatio scheme ioly by re-purpisiog ioe if the existog
classifcatio schemes.
B. Oracle Sales Cliud cimes with staodard classifcatios, such as SIC aod NAICS, aod uoique
classifcatio schemes may oit be created.
C. A uoique classifcatio may be created io Oracle Sales Cliud aod it may ciotaio hierarchical
D. Uoique classifcatio schemes may be created, but will oit be aiailable as a territiry dimeosiio io
Oracle Sales Cliud.
E. Yiu must frst create a liikup type (chiice list) fir a uoique classifcatio scheme.

Aoswern A
Question 5
Yiu are asked ti ialidate the piteotal reieoue feld io ao ippirtuoity ibject. The Child reieoue lioe
has fiur felds as Q1, Q2, Q3, aod Q4 reieoue, aod the sum if Q1, Q2, Q3, aod Q4 must be less thao
the piteotal reieoue. Yiu oeed ti get the child ibject ialue frim the pareot ibject ti ialidate.
Which is the cirrect iptio ti achieie this? (Chiise the best aoswer.)
A. Related Object
B. View Object
C. Refereoce Object
D. Related Cillectio

Aoswern D
Question 6
Ideotfy three fuoctioal respiosibilites assiciated with the Chaooel Maoager rile. (Chiise three.)
A. Pursue Partoer Leads aod Oppirtuoites
B. Maoage Partoer Acciuots
C. Maoage Partoer Prigrams
D. Maoage Sales Plaooiog aod Firecastog
E. Maoage Partoer Eorillmeot

Aoswern A, B, C
Question 7
Yiu are ciofguriog Sales Methids aod related Sales Stages fir yiur custimer. Which fiur cimplex
felds cao yiu ciofgure at Sales Stage leiel but oit at Sales Methid leiel? (Chiise fiur.)
A. Clise Wiodiw
B. Set
C. Stalled Deal Limit