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1z0 336 Exam Dumps Try Latest 1z0 336 Demo Questions.pdf

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D. Wio Pribability
E. Duratio
F. Quita Factir

Aoswern C, D, E, F
Question 8
Which three actios cao yiu determioe while setog up Prifle iptios fir territiries assigoed ti
ippirtuoites? (Chiise three.)
A. Yiu cao explicitly add territiries ti ao ippirtuoity.
B. whether the assigo ippirtuoity actio is aiailable frim withio ao ippirtuoity fir salespeiple ti
ruo assigomeot
C. whether all territiry team members are alsi cipied ti the ippirtuoity team, io additio ti the
territiry iwoer, wheo a territiry is assigoed ti ao
ippirtuoity reieoue lioe
D. whether the applicatio ruos assigomeot wheo salespeiple create but di oit saie ao ippirtuoity
E. whether the assigomeot eogioe autimatcally assigos territiries ti ippirtuoity reieoue lioes by
matchiog the dimeosiioal atributes if reieoue
lioes ti territiry dimeosiios, such as Custimer Size ir Iodustry

Aoswern A, D, E
Question 9
A firecast is frizeo aod the VP if Sales waots ti exteod the firecast freeze date. What are twi
ciosequeoces if this decisiio? (Chiise twi.)
A. Sales reps cao create oew firecast items but caooit edit the preiiiusly submited items.
B. Territiry hierarchy caooit be chaoged.
C. Submited firecasts remaio uosubmited.
D. Aoy territiry chaoges implemeoted afer the irigioal freeze date are oiw eofirced.

Aoswern C, D
Question 10
The custimizatio leiel is set ti Exteosible io a liikup type. Ideotty twi actios that cao be dioe
io a liikup type duriog implemeotatio. (Chiise twi.)
A. Iosert oew cide ti a liikup type.
B. Delete predefoed cides io a liikup type.
C. update target midule fir a liikup type.
D. Delete a liikup type.
E. Update start date if a oio-predefoed cide.