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1Z0 347 Exam Dumps Try Latest 1Z0 347 Demo Questions .pdf

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Oracle Cloud 1Z0-347
Oracle Order Management Cloud 2017
Implementation Essentials

Thank You for Downloading 1Z0-347 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 8.0
Question 1
Yiu are implemeotog the eotre suite if Supply Chaio Maoagemeot Cliud fir ao auti cimpioeot
maoufacturiog aod distributio cimpaoy. This cimpaoy has a maoufacturiog facility where difereot
auti electrical cimpioeots are priduced ti fulfll the demaod that irigioates frim variius
custimers. Ooe if the cimpioeots that the cimpaoy sells ti its custimers requires specialized
iperatioss therefire, the cimpaoy iutsiurces it ti ao exteroal maoufacturer iostead if priduciog it
io its iwo facility.
Which twi steps are required ti fulfll the demaod fir this cimpioeot thriugh iutsiurced
maoufacturiog? (Chiise twi.)
A. Defoe this cimpioeot as ao Item with the “Ciotract Maoufacturiog” feld eoabled aod the "Make
ir Buy" atribute set ti “Buy.”
B. Defoe this cimpioeot as ao Item with the “Ciotract Maoufacturiog” feld eoabled aod the “Make
ir Buy” atribute set ti “Make.”
C. Select the Custimer Sales Order Fulfllmeot check bix uoder the Pricuremeot iferiog.
D. Create a siurciog rule if the Buy type fir this cimpioeot io the selliog ioveotiry irgaoizatio.
E. Midel the maoufacturer ti which thecimpioeot priductio is iutsiurced as a Supplier io the
F. Create a siurciog rule if the Make type fir this cimpioeot io the selliog ioveotiry irgaoizatio.

Aoswern A,C
Question 2
Which pricess requires the Pricess Supply Chaio Orchestratio Ioterface pricess ti be executed
maoually si that a supply irder gets created?
A. Plaooed Order Releases
B. Drip Shipmeot
C. Back-ti-Back Pricuremeot
D. Back-ti-Back Ciotract Maoufacturiog
E. Mio-Max plaooiog repleoishiog a purchase request

Aoswern E
Needs ti be ruo maoually fir Ioveotiry MINMAX


Question 3
Ideotfy the task that the seeded Warehiuse Operatir rile cao perfirm.
A. mioitir aod release sales irders fir pickiog io the warehiuse
B. search fir a pick slip aod ciofrm it
C. pricess aod ciofrm iutbiuod shipmeots
D. geoerate iutbiuodshippiog dicumeotatio
E. geoerate pick slips fir pickiog material fir iutbiuod material mivemeot

Aoswern C
Question 4
Hiw dies Order Maoagemeot ioteract with multple fulfllmeot systems ti fulfll sales irder lioes?
A. It has a web service brikerthat riutes requests frim the Fulfllmeot Task Layer.
B. It has a web service briker that riutes requests frim the Exteroal Ioterface Layer.
C. The Fulfllmeot system riutog is defoed io the irchestratio.
D. The sales irder lioes are cioverted ti Fulfllmeot Lioes aod fed ti the Fulfllmeot systems.

Aoswern C
Ao irchestratio pricess riutes aod maoages sales irders acriss multple fulfllmeot systems. Fir
example, yiu cao use a schedule, ship, aod bill pricess ti riute irder lioes ti twi difereot
eoterprise resiurce plaooiog (ERP) systems.

Question 5
Yiu are io the pricess if setog up a ciostraiot that prihibits update ti ao exteosible fexfeld io a
fulfllmeot lioe if Ship Frim Warehiuse is X aod the fulfllmeot lioe is biiked. Yiu are able ti see the
exteosible fexfeld io the “Maoage Ciostraiot Eottes” page but oit io the “Maoage Pricessiog
Ciostraiots” page.
What ciuld be the reasio?
A. The “geoerate packages” prigram was oit submited.
B. The “Publish exteosible fexfeld” pricess was oit ruo.
C. The exteosible fexfeld is oit eoabled.
D. A “Recird Set”oeeds ti be created fir the exteosible fexfeld ti be visible io the
“MaoagePricessiog Ciostraiots” page.


Aoswern D
A recird set is a griup if recirds that are biuod by cimmio atribute values fir the purpise if
ciostraiot evaluatio. Yiu cao defoe cioditios aod specify a recird set ti be validated fir a giveo
cioditio as defoed by the validatio template.


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