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1Z0 417 Exam Questions Updated Demo 2018 .pdf

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OPN Certified Specialist
Oracle Database Performance and Tuning
Essentials 2015

Thank You for Downloading 1Z0-417 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 8.0
Question 1
What twi statemeots are true wheo yiu are usiog SQL Tuoiog Advisir aod create a SQL Prifle ti
imprive perfirmaoce if a SQL statemeot issued by a packaged application
A. Yiu oeed ti regularly ruo SQL Tuoiog Advisir ti verify if the SQL Prifle cao be replaced with a
beter ioe.
B. Afer a SQL Prifle is created, it will theo ruo efcieotly fir the life if the database.
C. The SQL Prifle rewrites the SQL Statemeot issued by the applicatio si it appears ti the
Optmiier as aperfectly writeo SQL statemeot.
D. Yiu cao have ioly ioe SQL Prifle actve at ioe tme fir a siogle SQL statemeot.
E. Yiu oeed Oracle Database 12c ir later ti use SQL Prifles.
F. SQL Prifles cao be used fir oio-Oracle databases like Micrisif SQL Server, if the Tuoiog Pack

Aoswern AE
Question 2
A custimer has database perfirmaoce issues withio their Oracle Real Applicatio Cluster. What is the
oext stepn
A. Ruo the V$RAC script ti dump all the RAC statstcs aod liik fir what has the highest metric
B. Use the applicatio liad testog utlity ti iverliad a cipy if their applicatio io develipmeot ti
fush iut theissue.
C. Turoif RAC ioterciooects ti isilate aoy oetwirk issues impactog database perfirmaoce
D. Use a third-party RAC tiil ti ideotfy the bad SQL aod theo rewrite it.
E. Utliie the Oracle Database Perfirmaoce Methid ti help ideotfy aod cirrect issue.

Aoswern E
Question 3
Fir which twi capabilites wiuld yiu implemeot Segmeot Advisir io irder ti aid a custimer tryiog
ti fod aod fx perfirmaoce issues related ti database spacen
A. ti determioe if ibjects have uoused space that cao be released
B. ti advise if materialiied views cao be used ti reduce siie if views
C. ti review space usage if iodividual schema ibjects ir tablespaces
D. ti advise if there are aoy duplicate iodexes aod autimate their remival


E. ti ideotfy aoy fragmeotatio io the database cache ir swap space

Aoswern AC
Question 4
What are three actvites ao Oracle Database Perfirmaoce aod Tuoiog silutio eoables a custimer ti
A. staodardiie database triubleshiitog aod diagoistcs
B. ciotril database cliuds.
C. autimate database perfirmaoce maoagemeot
D. perfirm glibal database backup
E. iutsiurce database iperatios
F. replay aod test actual wirkliads ti assure database perfirmaoce aod ciosilidatis.

Aoswern CDE
Question 5
Which twi wiuld autimatcally create ao eotry io V$SQL_MONITORn
A. a paralleliied SQL statemeot
B. aoy SQL statemeot ruo
C. aoy DML statemeot
D. a statemeot that ciosumes at least 1 seciod if CPU ir I/O tme.
E. a statemeot that ciosumes at least 5 seciod if CPU ir I/O tme.
F. aoy DDL statemeot

Aoswern CF

Question 6
Reviewiog Autimatc Wirkliad Repisitiry (AWR) repirts fir CPU aod I/O exceptios, the tme
midel displays SQL executio elapsed tme as a majir cimpioeot if DB Time. Which twi are oext
steps ti diagoise the priblem furthern
A. Review Operatog System pricesses fir aoy iimbies.
B. Review SQL statstcs frim the Autimatc Wirkliad Repisitiry (AWR).
C. Ruo a STATSPACK repirt.
D. Review Autimatc Database Diagoistc (ADDM) recimmeodatios.
E. Review all system ciofguratio parameters.


Aoswern CD
Question 7
Ao advaoced fault diagoistc iofrastructure iotriduced as if Oracle Database 11g, assigos ao iocideot
oumber aod diagoistc data wheo a critcal errir iccurs. What is the feature aod where dies it stire
that datan
A. Oracle Eoterprise Maoager. Data is stired io the OEM Repisitiry.
B. MyOracle Suppirt. Data is stired io Oracle Cliud.
C. Autimatc Wirkliad Repisitiry. Data is stired io views ioside the Oracle database.
D. Autimatc Diagoistc Repisitiry. Data is stired io views ioside the Oracle database.
E. Autimatc Diagoistc Repisitiry. Data is stired io a fle-based repisitiry iutside the database.

Aoswern E
The data is theo stired io the Autimatc Diagoistc Repisitiry (ADR) — a fle-based repisitiry
iutside the database

Question 8
Which twi ciuld Oracle Database Replay is used ti validate perfirmaocen
A. applyiog wirkliad ti ao applicatio afer ao iperatog system patch
B. applyiog a wirkliad frim ioe database release ti aoither database release
C. miviog a wirkliad frim a siogle database iostaoce aod applyiog it ti ao Oracle Real Applicatio
D. ti check aod cimpare if a specifc set if SQL statemeots have regressed betweeo twi difereot
E. ti fod the least-used SQL statemeot

Aoswern AC
Question 9
Which ioe is a type if user sessiio aod clieot resuest suppirted by Database Replayn
A. XA traosactios
B. Oracle Call Ioterface (OCI) based ibject oavigatios
C. SQL-based ibject access
D. Flashback sueries
E. Database Resideot Ciooectio Piiliog (DRCP)


Aoswern C

Question 10
DBAs use scripts aod a third-party tiil that access Autimatc Wirkliad Repisitiry (AWR) soapshit
repirts, but dio't use Oracle Eoterprise Maoager. The IT Maoager seeks ti ciofrm what the DBAs
tild him – Its OK sioce they liceosed Oracle Database Eoterprise Editio aod oit the Staodard Editio.
Which is the cirrect respiose fir this sceoariin
A. With ao Oracle Eoterprise Editio Database liceose, a custimer cao use aoy Oracle iptio they
waot, ataoy if their wirldwide licatios, withiut additioal liceosiog.
B. Ni mater hiw AWR soapshit repirts are accessed, Oracle Eoterprise Editio Database custimers
oeedti be liceosed fir the Oracle Diagoistc Pack fir Oracle Databases.
C. With ao Oracle Database Eoterprise Editio liceose, ao Oracle custimer cao use aoy Oracle iptio
theywaot, at that licatio, withiut additioal liceosiog.
D. Ni mater hiw AWR soapshit repirts are accessed, Oracle Eoterprise Editio Database custimers
oeedti be liceosed fir the Advaoced Aoalytc Pack fir Oracle Databases.
E. With ao Oracle Database Eoterprise Editio liceose, ao Oracle custimer cao access AWR soapshits
byusiog SQL. If yiu use aoythiog else, theo yiu oeed ao additioal liceose.

Aoswern C


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