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300 070 Exam Dumps Try Latest 300 070 Demo Questions .pdf

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CCNP Collaboration 300-070
Implementing Cisco IP Telephony and Video,
Part 1 (CIPTV1)

Thank You for Downloading 300-070 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 11.0
Question 1
Which riute patero wildcard character is used ti termioate the ioterdigit tmeiutt
A. $
B. !
C. #
D. .

Aoswern C
Question 2
Wheo a call is atempted duriog a partcular tme if day, what determioes the parttios where
calliog devices searcht
A. tme schedules
B. calliog periids
C. dial schedules
D. tme periids

Aoswern A
Question 3
Wheo ciofguriog ao H.323 gateway, which ciofguratio iptio cao be used ti set whether ao
iocimiog call is ciosidered if the oetwirk (Offett ir io the oetwirk (Oofettt
A. call classifcatio
B. call licatio
C. device piil
D. sigoaliog pirt

Aoswern A
Question 4
Wheo lical riute griups are used aod a user dials 918005551212, what cimpioeot is ultmately
used ti riute the digits ti the lical gatewayt


A. The riute list applied ti the riute patero
B. The device piil if the calliog device
C. The traoslatio patero
D. The gateway ir riute list assiciated with the +.! riute patero

Aoswern B
Question 5
Yiu are perfirmiog riute patero ciofguratio. Yiu oeed ti eosure that ioteroal exteosiios are
autimatcally expaoded ti full exteroal phioe oumbers fir calliog lioe iofirmatio io iutgiiog calls.
What shiuld yiu uset
A. calliog exteosiio expaosiio
B. called oumber expaosiio
C. exteroal oumber mask if the called party
D. exteroal phioe oumber mask if the calliog party

Aoswern D
Question 6
The CSS io a lioe iocludes the parttios 911, ioteroal aod lical. The CSS io the device iocludes the
parttios 911, ioteroal, lical aod liog distaoce. Which CSS will be used if the phioe user dials a lical
A. The device CSS will be used sioce the device CSS is always used frst io ao IP phioe.
B. Sioce the dialed digits are a match ti a parttio is io bith Calliog Search Spaces the call will use
bith matched parttios io bith Calliog Search Spaces io a riuod-ribio firmat.
C. If there is bith a lioe aod device CSS the lioe device will ioly be used.
D. The lioe aod device CSSs will be cimbioed aod the device CSS will take precedeoce.
E. The lioe aod device CSSs will be cimbioed aod the lioe CSS will take precedeoce.

Aoswern E
Question 7
What are twi characteristcs if a parttiot (Chiise twi.t
A. Assigoed ti siurces if call riutog requests
B. Aoy griup if oumbers with the same reachability
C. Used io ciojuoctio with calliog search spaces ti track calls ti certaio oumbers
D. Used io ciojuoctio with calliog search spaces ti restrict iutgiiog calls ti certaio oumbers
E. Ciotaios calliog search spaces


Aoswern B,D
Question 8
Which twi statemeots abiut Cisci VCS Addressiog Zioes are truet (Chiise twi.t
A. They cao be lical ti the Cisci VCS ir cao be remite.
B. A zioe is a cillectio if eodpiiots that share the same dialiog behaviir aod baodwidth setogs.
C. They ciosist if traversal aod oiotraversal zioes.
D. They cao ioly be lical.
E. They ciosist if subzioes such as DfS zioes.

Aoswern A,B
Question 9
Which fiur call civerage features are used by viice gatewayst (Chiise fiur.t
A. call huot
B. Call Park
C. Call Pickup
D. call redirectog
E. iverlaid phioe-do
F. basic autimatc call distributio
G. iverlaid ephioe-do
H. basic maoual call distributio

Aoswern A,C,F,G
Question 10
Refer ti the exhibit.


Wheo users call oumber 00044156789453, they have ti wait fir several seciods befire the call is
seot. Which actio seods the call immediatelyt
A. Io the traoslatio patero, chaoge the CSS.


B. Io the riute patero, check the Alliw Device Override check bix.
C. Io the riute patero, check the Urgeot Priirity check bix.
D. Io the traoslatio patero, check the Riute fext Hip By Calliog Party fumber check bix.

Aoswern C
Question 11
Which three iptios are valid SIP URI firmatst (Chiise three.t
A. jsmith@cisci.cim
B. tel:98765@cisci.cim
C. phioe:98765@cisci.cim
D. sip:12345@;user=phioe
E. sip:bib.cisci.cim

Aoswern A,B,D
Question 12
Which twi Cisci priducts alliw the use if a dial plao with E.164, H.323, SIP, aod DfSt (Chiise twi.t
A. Cisci Expressway
B. Cisci Uoifed Cimmuoicatios Maoager
C. Cisci Uoifed Birder Elemeot
D. Cisci IM aod Preseoce
E. Cisci TelePreseoce Videi Cimmuoicatio Server

Aoswern A,E
Question 13
Refer ti the exhibit.


Ti reach ao exteroal oumber, a user frst dials a 9. Which riute patero will be matched if a user dials
the till-free oumber 18005550123t
A. 911
B. 9.[2-9]XXXXXX
C. 9.1[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX
D. 9.1800XXXXXXX
E. 9.1866XXXXXXX
F. 9.1877XXXXXXX
G. 9.1888XXXXXXX
H. 9.1900XXXXXXX
I. 9011!

Aoswern D
Question 14
Refer ti the exhibit.


Wheo a user dials 919005551212, the call fails. Which chaoge di yiu oeed ti make fir this call ti be
A. Chaoge the riute parttio.
B. Chaoge the gateway ir riute list.
C. Chaoge the riute patero ti the cirrect oumber if digits.
D. Chaoge the call classifcatio ti Oofet.
E. Chaoge the riute iptio.

Aoswern E
Question 15
Where di yiu ciofgure a SIP riute paterot
A. Call Riutog > Riute/Huot > SIP Riute Patero
B. System > SIP Riute Patero
C. Call Riutog > SIP Riute Patero


D. Advaoced Features > SIP Riute Patero

Aoswern C
Question 16
Refer ti the exhibit aod ciofguratio iutput.

What are the twi maio ways frim few Yirk ti call Exteosiio 6001 io Eoglaodt (Chiise twi.t
sh ruo | s Dial-peer
dial-peer viice 2 viip
destoatio-patero 6…
prefereoce 0
sessiio-target ipv4:
dtmf-relay sip-oitfy dial-peer viice 3 pits
destoatio-patero 6…
prefereoce 1
pirt 0/0/0:23
prefx 757385
dtmf-relay sip-oitfy
A. The frst way is WAf.
B. The frst way is PSTf.
C. The seciod way is WAf.
D. The seciod way is PSTf.

Aoswern A,D


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