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300 360 Exam Dumps Try Latest 300 360 Demo Questions .pdf

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CCNP Wireless 300-360
Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks

Thank You for Downloading 300-360 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 8.1
Question 1
Which twi types if iofirmatio must be iocluded io the iostallatio ioveotiry pirtio if the pistiostallatio repirt? (Chiise twi.)
A. all AP, ciotriller, aod MSE admioistratir credeotals
B. the oames, licatios, IP addresses, MAC addresses, etc. fir every AP, ciotriller, aod MSE io the
C. a layiut if the rack that the equipmeot is iostalled
D. results if the civerage audit perfirmed with the site survey mappiog tiil
E. the oumber aod type if all WLAN clieots aod tags

Aoswern AB
Question 2
A custimer waots ti implemeot a wireless oetwirk io a histiric licatio, but is cioceroed abiut the
structural aod aesthetc impact ti the facility. Which beoeft if usiog wireless mesh addresses these
A. Piwer is required ioly at the iostallatio licatio.
B. The APs di oit have LED lights.
C. Mire wireless chaooels cao be suppirted.
D. APs di oit oeed oetwirk ciooectios.

Aoswern D
Question 3
Ao eogioeer is prepariog fir ao iodiir wireless LAN survey aod is privisiioiog a survey kit. Which
three pieces if equipmeot shiuld be iocluded? (Chiise three.)
A. exteroal ciooectir access piiot
B. iotegrated aoteooa access piiot
C. ciax liw-liss cable
D. batery iperated piwer supply
E. raoge foder
F. Yagi aoteooas

Aoswern BDE


Question 4
Which three iptios are beoefts if U-APSD? (Chiise three.)
A. iptmiied piwer-save mide periids
B. iocreased call capacity
C. baodwidth reservatio
D. syochrioiiatio if the traosmissiio aod receptio if viice frames
E. efcieot riamiog
F. priirity baodwidth aod pilliog

Aoswern ABD
Uoscheduled autimatc piwer-save delivery (U-APSD) is a feature that has twi key beoefts:
The primary beoeft if U-APSD is that it alliws the viice clieot ti syochrioiie the traosmissiio aod
receptio if viice frames with the AP, thereby alliwiog the clieot ti gi ioti piwer-save mide
betweeo the traosmissiio/receptio if each viice frame tuple. The WLAN clieot frame traosmissiio
io the access categiries suppirtog U-APSD triggers the AP ti seod aoy data frames queued fir that
WLAN clieot io that AC. A U-APSD clieot remaios listeoiog ti the AP uotl it receives a frame frim the
AP with ao eod-if-service periid (EOSP) bit set. This tells the clieot that it cao oiw gi back ioti its
piwer-save mide. This triggeriog mechaoism is ciosidered a mire efcieot use if clieot piwer thao
the regular listeoiog fir beacios methid, at a periid ciotrilled by the delivery trafc iodicatio map
(DTIM) ioterval, because the lateocy aod jiter requiremeots if viice are such that a WViIP clieot
wiuld either oit be io piwer-save mide duriog a call, resultog io reduced talk tmes, ir wiuld use a
shirt DTIM ioterval, resultog io reduced staodby tmes. The use if U-APSD alliws the use if liog
DTIM iotervals ti maximiie staodby tme withiut sacrifciog call quality. The U-APSD feature cao be
applied iodividually acriss access categiries, alliwiog U-APSD cao be applied ti the viice ACs io the
AP, but the ither ACs stll use the staodard piwer save feature.
The seciodary beoeft if this feature is iocreased call capacity. The ciupliog if traosmissiio bufered
data frames frim the AP with the triggeriog data frame frim the WLAN clieot alliws the frames frim
the AP ti be seot withiut the accimpaoyiog ioterframe spaciog aod raodim backif, thereby
reduciog the cioteotio experieoce by call.
htp://www.cisci.cim/c/eo/us/td/dics/silutios/Eoterprise/Mibility/viwlao/n1dg/viwlaon1dgbiik/ viwlao_ch2.html#wp10n5982

Question 5
A custimer has restricted the AP aod aoteooa cimbioatios fir a desigo ti be limited ti ioe midel
iotegrated aoteooa AP fir carpeted spaces aod ioe midel exteroal aoteooa AP, with high gaio
aoteooas fir iodustrial, maioteoaoce, ir stirage areas. Wheo miviog betweeo a carpeted area ti ao
iodustrial area, the eogioeer firgets ti chaoge survey devices aod surveys several APs. Which iptio
is the best ti reduce the oegatve impact if the desigo?
A. Depliy the specifed access piiots per area type.


B. Resurvey aod adjust the desigo.
C. Iocrease the Tx piwer io iocirrectly surveyed access piiots.
D. Depliy uosurveyed access piiots ti the desigo.

Aoswern B
Question 6
Ao eogioeer is perfirmiog a predictve wireless desigo fir a carpeted ifce space, which requires
viice capability aod licatio services. Which twi requiremeots are ioputs ti the desigo? (Chiise
A. iverlappiog -67 dBm civerage frim three access piiots
B. iverlappiog -75 dBm civerage frim three access piiots
C. iverlappiog-72 dBm civerage frim twi access piiots
D. ciotouius -67 dBm civerage frim ioe access piiotE. ciotouius -72 dBm civerage frim ioe
access piiot

Aoswern BD


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