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400 051 Exam Questions Updated Demo 2018 .pdf

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CCIE 400-051
CCIE Collaboration Written v1.1

Thank You for Downloading 400-051 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 22.0
Question: 1
Refer ti the exhibit.

The MGCP debugs were captured io a Cisci IOS MGCP PRI gateway registered ti a Cisci Uoifed CM.
Assume that this gateway had oi actie calls aod will oit take aoy oew calls fir the oext 3 mioutes.
What tme it will seod the oext NTFY message ti the Cisci Uoifed CM?
A. Jao 10 05:56:35.130
B. Jao 10 05:55:45.130
C. Jao 10 05:55:50.130
D. Jao 10 05:56:05.130
E. Jao 10 05:55:40.130

Answer: C
Question: 2
Ao eogioeer is setog up a prixy TFTP betweeo multple Cisci cimmuoicatio Maoager clusters.
Drag the step frim the lef ti the cirrect irder io the right ti priperly ciofgure the certfcates fir
the prixy TFTP. Nit all iptios will be used.
Select aod Place:



Question: 3
Refer ti the exhibit.


A cisci cillabiratio eogioeer disciiers that ao iostaoce if IOS media termioatio piiot (MTP) ciuld
oit maiotaio stable registratio with CUCM. Call maoager traces is shiwiog io the exhibit. What is
the reasio fir the fappiog registratio?
A. The CCM iersiio io IOS ciofguratio dies oit match the CUCM iersiio.
B. The IOS MTP is experieociog high CPU aod is missiog its keep-aliie.
C. A Firewall is blickiog pirt 2000 iotermiteotly betweeo IOS Deiice aod CUCM.
D. Aoither IOS Media deiice is atemptog ti register with the same oame.

Answer: D
Question: 4
A CUCM eogioeer has depliyed Type B SIP Phioes io a remite site aod oi SIP dial rules were
depliyed fir these phioes. Hiw Will CUCM receiie the DTMF afer the phioe gies if- hiik aod the
butio are pressed?
A. Each digit will be receiied by CUCM io a SIP NOTIFY message as siio as they are pressed
B. The frst digit will be receiied io a sip ioiite aod subsequeot digits will be receiied usiog NOTIFY
message as siio as they are pressed.
C. Each digit bill be receiied by CUCM io a SIP INVITE as siio as the dial sif key has beeo pressed.
D. All digits will be receiied by CUCM io a SIP INVITE as siio as the dial sif key has beeo pressed

Answer: A
Type-B IP telephioes ifer fuoctioality based io the Key Press Markup Laoguage (KPML) ti repirt
user key presses. Each ioe if the user ioput eieots will geoerate its iwo KPML-based message ti
Uoifed CM. Frim the staodpiiot if relayiog each user actio immediately ti Uoifed CM, this mide
if iperatio is iery similar ti that if phioes ruooiog SCCP.


Eiery user key press triggers a SIP NOTIFY message ti Uoifed CM ti repirt a KPML eieot
cirrespiodiog ti the key pressed by the user. This messagiog eoables Uoifed CM's digit aoalysis ti
recigoize partal pateros as they are cimpised by the user aod ti priiide the appripriate
feedback, such as immediate reirder tioe if ao ioialid oumber is beiog dialed.
Io ciotrast ti Type-A IP phioes ruooiog SIP withiut dial rules, Type-B SIP phioes haie oi Dial key ti
iodicate the eod if user ioput. A user dialiog 1000 wiuld be priiided call prigress iodicatio (either
riogback tioe ir reirder tioe) afer dialiog the last 0 aod withiut haiiog ti press the Dial key. This
behaiiir is ciosisteot with the user ioterface io phioes ruooiog the SCCP priticil.

Question: 5
Which twi Cisci Uoifed Cimmuoicatios Maoager Express huot griup mechaoisms keep track if
the oumber if hips io call deliiery decisiios? (Chiise twi.)
A. sequeotal
B. peer
C. liogest idle
D. parallel
E. iierlay
F. lioear

Answer: BC
Question: 6
Which three issues preieot a custimer frim seeiog the preseoce status if a oew ciotact io their
ciotact list? (Chiise three.)
A. Iocimiog calliog search space io SIP truok ti IM&P
B. IM&P iocimiog ACL blickiog iobiuod status
C. Subscribe calliog search space io SIP truok ti IM&P
D. PC caooit resilie the FQDN if IM&P
E. Owoer user ID is oit set io deiice
F. Primary DN is oit set io eod user ciofguratio fir that user
G. Subscriber calliog search space is oit defoed io user's phioe


Answer: BCD
Ni Preseoce Iofirmatio Afer Ligio
Yiu receiie oi Preseoce iofirmatio afer ligio.
Cimplete these steps io irder ti resilie this issue:
Make sure that the DNS serier the PC is piioted ti cao resilie the fully qualifed oame if the CUPS
The hist eotry will oit sufce, yiu must resilie iia DNS.
Check the SUBSCRIBE CSS io the SIP truok ti CUP.
This CSS must ioclude the parttios if the deiices yiu are tryiog ti receiie status io.
The CUP SIP prixy iocimiog access ciotril list (ACL) is oit alliwiog iocimiog SIP preseoce messages
ti reach the preseoce eogioe. As a test, set the iocimiog ACL ti ALL aod reset the SIP prixy aod
preseoce eogioe. Lig io agaio ti the CUPC aod try ti reciofgure the iocimiog ACL priperly.

Question: 7
Refer ti the exhibit.


Ao eogioeer is tryiog ti priiisiio CUCME with three tt41 phioes. Hiweier all phioe fail ti register.
Which twi chaoges io the ciofguratio wiuld alliw the phioes ti register? (Chiise twi)
A. The registrar serier cimmaod must be added uoder the iiice register glibal ciofguratio
B. The IP address trusted autheotcate cimmaod must be added uoder iiice seriice iiip
C. The siurce-address cimmaod must be added uoder the iiice register glibal ciofguratio
D. The lical SIP prixy address must be ciofguratio uoder the sip-ua ciofguratio
E. The registrar serier cimmaod must be added uoder the sip sectio if iiice seriice iiip

Answer: CE
Question: 8
A cillabiratio eogioeer has beeo asked ti implemeot secure real-tme priticil betweeo a Cisci
Uoifed CM aod SIP gateway. Which iptio is a ciosideratio fir this implemeotatio?
A. Ooly T.3t aod Cisci fax priticil are suppirted
B. SIP require the all the tme be seot io GMT
C. Call hild RE-INVITE is oit suppirted
D. SRTP is suppirted ioly io cisci IOS 15.x aod higher


Answer: B
As oecessary, ciofgure the riuter ti use Greeowich Meao Time (GMT). SIP requires that all tmes be
seot io GMT. SIP INVITE messages are seot io GMT. Hiweier, the default fir riuters is ti use
Ciirdioated Uoiiersal Time (UTC). Ti ciofgure the riuter ti use GMT, issue the click tmezioe
cimmaod io glibal ciofguratio mide aod specify GMT.

Question: 9
Refer ti the exhibit.

A cillabiratio eogioeer ciofgures Cisci Uoifed CM licatio usiog G./11 aod iLBC fir each site. The
baodwidth fir each liok is shiwo. Which twi iptios represeot the maximum ciocurreot oumber if
calls suppirted frim Graod Juoctio ti Casper fir each Cidec? (Chiise twi)
A. 20 G./11 calls
B. 1t G./11 calls
C. 36 iLBC calls
D. 42 iLBC calls
E. 11 G./11 calls


F. 51 iLBC calls

Answer: CE
Question: 10
A cillabiratio eogioeer is triubleshiitog ao MOH priblem io a Cisci IOS SIP gateway. While
searchiog thriugh a debug ccsip message iutput, which three parameters io the SIP messages cao be
used ti determioe if the call was placed io hild? (Chiise three)
E. c=IN IP4

Answer: BCE

Wheo a call is io hild yiu get simethiog like this:
i=CisciSystemsCCM-SIP 010t61 2 IN IP4
s=SIP Call
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audii 30120 RTP:AVP 0 101
a=rtpmap:0 PCMU:t000


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