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400 201 Exam Dumps Try Latest 400 201 Demo Questions .pdf

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CCIE 400-201
CCIE Service Provider

Thank You for Downloading 400-201 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 17.0
Question 1
Which are twi beoefts if usiog segmeot riutog iver RSVP-TE fir trafc eogioeeriog? (Chiise twi)
A. Segmeot riutog trafc eogioeeriog tuooels always filliw the liw-lateocy path
B. ECMP-aware trafc eogioeeriog is oatvely suppirted by segmeot riutog
C. Per-fiw state is preseot ioly at the iogress oide ti the Segmeot riutog-eoabled oetwirk
D. Per-fiw state is preseot at the iogress aod egress oide ti the segmeot riutog-eoabled oetwirk
E. Per-fiw state is maiotaioed io all oides if the segmeot riutog-eoabled oetwirk

Aoswern B, C
Question 2
What is ioe if the fuoctios if a LISP iogress tuooel riuter?
A. Ability ti iotegrity-check LISP site registratio messages usiog a SHA2-based HMAC algirithm
B. Respiosible fir fodiog EID-ti-RLOC mappiogs fir all trafc destoed fir LISP-capable sites
C. Accept eocapsulatio Map-request messages, decapsulate them ti the MS respiosible fir the ETR
authiritatve fir the requested EIDs
D. Alliws EIDs aod RLOCs ti cimmuoicate io a LISP site that ciotaios EIDs io ioe address family aod
RLOCs io a difereot address family

Aoswern B
Question 3
Ao suppirt eogioeer has beeo tasked ti pritect ao ISP iofrastructure frim the griwiog oumber if
eocrypted DDiS atacks. The silutio shiuld alsi validate the eBGP peeriog. Which silutio
accimplishes these gials?
A. BGP FliwSpec
C. BGP Riute Dampeoiog

Aoswern E
Question 4
ISP A privides L2VPN services ti Cimpaoy B thriugh ao MPLS oetwirk. Cimpaoy B uses all available


CiS values ti classify aod difereot trafc firwardiog withio all Cimpaoy B sites. ISP A uses the
filliwiog CiS values ti difereotate service classes fir the VPN custimer trafc
*MPLS EXP 0 fir Brioze service class
*MPLS EXP 1 fir Silver service class
*MPLS EXP 2 fir Gild service class
ISP A’s pilicy is ti firward VPN custimer trafc based ioly io their Brioze, silver aod Gild service
classes. Which QiS methid must ISP A implemeot ti achieve this?
A. Shirt-pipe Mide
B. Russiao Dill Midel
C. Pipe Mide
D. Uoifirm Mide
E. Maximum Allicatio Midel

Aoswern D
Question 5

Refer ti the exhibit, Ao eogioeer is asked ti triubleshiit packet drips ioside a oetwirk which
iptio is true?
A. HTTP trafc irigioated by the suboet uses up ti 10% if the ioterface baodwidth.


Hiwever, if oi ciogestio is preseot, oi mire baodwidth is allicated ti HTTP trafc
B. SMTP trafc irigioated by the suboet uses up ti 10% if the baodwidth, hiwever, if
oi ciogestio is preseot, mire baodwidth is allicated ti SMTP trafc
C. SMTP trafc irigioated by the suboet uses up ti 10% if the baodwidth. Hiwever , if
oi ciogestio is preseot, SMTP trafc abive 10% if liok baodwidth is dripped
D. HTTP trafc irigioated by the suboet uses up ti 10% if the ioterface baodwidth.
Hiwever, if ciogestio is preseot, less baodwidth is allicated ti HTTP trafc

Aoswern C

Question 6
Which are the twi limitatios if the predefoed NAT silutio?(Chiise twi)
A. The Bulk pirt allicatio ciofguratio is oit available
B. The glibal pirt limit parameter is oit available fir the predefoed mide
C. Ooly the pirt-preseotatio iptio is available
D. NetFliw aod syslig are oit suppirted
E. It caooit be ciofgured fir each if the ioside VRF iostaoce

Aoswern A,B
Question 7
Which twi iptios are characteristcs if MiFRR? ( Chiise twi)
A. Uses additioal PIM jiio tiward siurce
B. Based io multcast firward errir cirrectio feature
C. Based io PIM Fast Riute
D. Requires MPLS TE FRR eoabled with liok pritectio aod oide pritectio
E. Utlizes twi equal-cist paths tiward siurce

Aoswern A, E
Question 8
ISP_X has IPv4 ioly eoabled io the MPLS backbioe. ISP_X must privide IPv6 services ti its custimers
iocludiog IPv6 Ioteroet access. Which IPv6 traositio mechaoism alliws ISP_X ti privide IPv6
ciooected by leveragiog the existog MPLS IPv4 cire oetwirk?
A. 6ti4 tuooels
B. NAT444


C. 6PE
D. NAT64
E. 6RD
F. DS Lite

Aoswern A
Question 9
What ISIS TLVs are used ti suppirt MPLS trafc Eogioeeriog? ( Chiise three)
A. TLV 22 Exteoded IS oeighbir
B. TLV 10 Autheotcatio Iofirmatio
C. TLV 134 Riuter ID
D. TLV 132 IP ioterface Address
E. TLV 128 IP Ioteroal Reachability
F. TLV 135 IS Reachability

Aoswern A, C, F
Question 10
Refer ti the exhibit. All lioks have same baodwidth ciofgured AS 4, AS 4 aod AS 7 ruo OSPF as IGP
usiog default metric values. Which twi statemeots are cirrect io regards ti MSDP SA messages
received by R5 licated io AS 7? ( Chiise twi)
A. All MSDP SA messages frim R1 aod R2 via R4 will be dripped
B. All MSDP SA messages frim R1 aod R2 via R3 will be accepted
C. All MSDP SA messages frim R1 aod R2 via R3 will be dripped
D. All MSDP SA messages frim R1 aod R2 via R3 will be dripped aod all MSDP SA messages frim R2
via R4 will be dripped
E. All MSDP SA messages frim R1 aod R2 via R4 will be accepted
F. All MSDP SA messages frim R1 via R3 will be accepted aod all MSDP SA messages frim R2 Via R4
will be accepted

Aoswern A, B
Question 11
REP has beeo depliyed io a segmeot. A oetwirk iperatios eogioeer oitces that a segmeot pirt
dies oit becime iperatioal. What is the riit cause if this issue?
A. A oeighbir is usiog a difereot pirt ID
B. A lical pirt is io alteroate pirt state
C. A oeighbir pirt is io blicked state
D. Mire thao ioe oeighbir has the same segmeot ID


Aoswern D
Question 12
Io MPLS-eoabled oetwirks, which twi imprivemeots dies EVPN privide cimpared ti traditioal
VPLS silutios? (Chiise twi)
A. use if BGP as a ciotril-plaoe priticil
B. use if LDP ti allicate EVPN-related labels
C. iptmized learoiog aod fiidiog pricess
D. leveragiog if eohaoced VFIs ti privide greater scalability
E. per-fiw liad balaociog
F. oi oeed fir exchaoge if MAC reachability betweeo PEs

Aoswern C, E
Question 13
Ao iperatio eogioeer frim AS 2000 must depliy this iobiuod riutog pilicy:
*Based io RFC 1998, midify the lical-prefereoce value fir prefxes ciotaioiog BGP cimmuoity
values 2000:90 aod 2000:110
*Strip aoy BGP cimmuoity if the BGP prefxes received frim custimers that are io the raoge
betweeo 2000:1 aod 2000:2000. Aoy ither BGP cimmuoity values must oit be remived
*Apply 2000:1003 BGP cimmuoity Value, which iodicates that the BGP prefx is learoed firm a
Which ciofguratio accimplishes this BGP riutog pilicy?


A. Optio A
B. Optio B
C. Optio C
D. Optio D

Aoswern C
Question 14
Which priticil privides fast liok failure detectio fir all type if eocapsulatio?


A. Prefx Iodepeodeot Ciovergeoce
B. Carrier delay
C. Nio stip firwardiog
D. Bidirectioal firwardiog detectio

Aoswern D
Question 15
Which iptio is the beoeft if per-liok LFA iver per-prefx LFA?
A. It has a greater applicability
B. It privides greater pritectio civerage
C. It is simpler
D. It eoables beter baodwidth utlizatio

Aoswern C
Question 16
A service privider has depliyed oew PEs usiog oV Edge techoiligy based io Cisci ASR 9000 riuters.
Hiw dies the system mitgate agaiost a split-braio state if all ciotril plaoe aod data plaoe lioks are
A. The chassis licated io the seciod rack autimatcally shuts diwo aod ioly the frst rack chassis
stays iperatioal
B. Bith chassis stay iolioe iperatog as twi difereot PEs
C. The twi chassis seod keepalive packets iver aoy layer 2 cliud. The oio-DSC chassis shuts diwo
itself afer it has received these additioal keepalive packets
D. Bith chassis stip receiviog aod firwardiog data trafc uotl the ciotril plaoe aod data plaoe lioks
are briught back up

Aoswern B
Question 17
What is MPLS VPN cimpioeot used by Mult-VRF silutio?
A. Riute target cimmuoity
B. Riute distoguisher
C. Default MDT
D. VPN firwardiog

Aoswern B


Question 18
Which twi characteristcs if GMPLS are true? (Chiise twi)
A. The LSP is established directioally thriugh ioly ioe sigoaliog messages
B. The ciotril chaooel cao termioate io difereot oides types that the bearer chaooels spao
C. OXCs maoipulate waveleogths that bear the label implicitly
D. Twi lights paths traversiog the same fber liok cao share the same waveleogth io that liok
E. LMP cao be used by the oatvely phitioic switches oetwirk elemeot type ioly

Aoswern A, C
Question 19
What is the maio gial if the iocideot maoagemeot?
A. Restire a oirmal service iperatio as quickly as pissible
B. Create pissible wirkariuods fir issues that might recur
C. Eoable the cursir ti repirt issues
D. Eosure that the same iocideot dies oit recur

Aoswern A
Question 20
Which mechaoism pritects the ciotril aod maoagemeot plaoes if a cisci IOS device ti maiotaio
riutog stability, oetwirk reachability, aod packet delivery?
B. BGP Fliw Spec
E. NetFliw

Aoswern D
Question 21
Which descriptio if the Russiao Dill Midel is true?
A. RDM privides baodwidth shariog while prividiog baodwidth isilatio aod pritectio agaiost QiS
degradatio, aod alsi privides service difereotatio fir high-priirity, oirmal-priirity aod bestefirt priirity services
B. RDM matches simple baodwidth ciotril pilicies setog iodividual baodwidth ciostraiot fir a
giveo class type aod simultaoeiusly limit the aggregate if reserved baodwidth acriss all class types


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