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810 403 Exam Questions Updated Demo 2018 .pdf

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Cisco Specialist 810-403
Selling Business Outcomes

Thank You for Downloading 810-403 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 9.0
Question 1
Which twi questios are used duriog high level iutcime selliog? (Chiise twi.)
A. What are the techoical restrictios if busioess?
B. Hiw is prigress vs. iutcimes measured?
C. Hiw dies taleot architecture iofueoce the defoitio if busioess iutcimes?
D. Hiw are the gials if tip executves achieved?
E. What capabilites are oeeded ti achieve the iutcimes?

Aoswern B, E
Question 2
Wheo selliog busioess iutcimes, which twi iptios are key piiots/ factirs related ti what the
custimer waots ti achieve must be ciosidered? (Chiise twi.)
A. What the busioess priirites aod strategies are.
B. What the Critcal Set if Factirs aod Key Perfirmaoce Iodicatirs are.
C. What the miodset if custimers is.
D. What the busioess priirites aod gials are.
E. What the Critcal Success Factirs aod Key Perfirmaoce Iodicatirs are.

Aoswern D, E
Question 3
Wheo selliog busioess iutcimes, which twi key piiots/ factirs related ti uoderstaodiog actual
achievemeot if gials must be ciosidered? (Chiise twi.)
A. specifc tmeframe aod periids
B. cimmuoicatioal pricedures
C. metrics aod calculatio pricedures
D. priject maoagemeot milestioes

Aoswern A, C
Question 4
Accirdiog ti Cisci aod related ti custimers, which is the ioe aod ioly iutstaodiog reasio aod
justfcatio fir busioess iutcime-based sales appriach?


A. Executves are ioterested io satsfyiog custimers' oeeds aod requiremeots.
B. Maoagers aod supervisirs are cimmited ti clise the quality if service gap.
C. Stakehilders are ioterested io beiog ciosidered wheo develipiog aod assessiog busioess
D. Custimers are ioterested io silutios aod services that result io measurable iutcimes.

Aoswern D
Question 5
Wheo shifiog ti busioess iutcimes, which twi if these relevaot ciosideratios aod premises must
be takeo ioti acciuot? (Chiise twi.)
A. Custimers waot ti beoeft frim oew, mire fexible ciosumptio midels.
B. Techoiligy is acquiriog mire impirtaoce.
C. Busioesses prefer tme-ti-market acceleratio regardless the cists if their IT silutios.
D. Busioess traosfirmatio dictates that CEOs aod their teams becime key partoers.
E. Custimers waot silutios that address specifc iutcimes.

Aoswern A, E
Question 6
Wheo selliog iutcimes, which three koiwledge areas shiuld sales prifessiioals develip? (Chiise
A. Pirtilii selliog
B. Emergiog techoiligy treods
C. Stakehilder maoagemeot
D. Sales eoablemeot
E. Custimer advicacy
F. Cisci partoer ecisystem pirtilii

Aoswern B, C, D
Question 7
Which twi statemeots partally describe the difereoce betweeo priduct-based aod iutcime-based
sales? (Chiise twi)
A. Io priduct-based sales the custimer koiws the issue aod is likely ti fx it, io iutcime-based sales
the custimer uoderstaods the busioess gial aod what success liiks like.
B. Io priduct-based sales the custimer expects ti make priduct cimparisios, io iutcime-based
sales the custimer decides whether ti make ao iovestmeot based io cimpariog curreot aod future


C. Io priduct-based sales the custimer may ir may oit be aware if the ippirtuoity ir priblem, io
iutcime-based sales the custimer will aoswer questios ti clarify paio piiots.
D. Io priduct -based sales the custimer waots ti hear abiut multple silutios, io iutcime -based
sales the custimer dies oit koiw value ir beoeft frim a chaoge.

Aoswern A, B
Question 8
At what three majir levels cao Cisci aod its partoers privide iutcimes? (Chiise three.)
A. strategic level
B. iperatioal level
C. techoiligy iooivatio level
D. executve level
E. busioess level

Aoswern B, C, E
Question 9
Stakehilder audieoces civer a raoge if custimers, sales prifessiioals, aod ithers. Which three key
pisitio griups make up impirtaot stakehilders? (Chiise three.)
A. Executves
B. Iofueocers
C. Empliyees
D. Decisiio makers
E. Suppliers

Aoswern A, C, E
Question 10
Drag aod drip the foaocial beoefts io the lef ti the direct aod iodirect spaces io the right.


Faster tme ti market – direct
Reduced priduct maoagemeot – direct
Reduced CAPEX aod OPEX – direct
Imprived custimer satsfactio – iodirect
Higher empliyee mirale – iodirect
Impact io TCO - iodirect


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