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API 571 Exam Questions Updated Demo 2018 .pdf

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Corrosion and Materials
certification API-571
Corrosion and Materials Professional

Thank You for Downloading API-571 Updated Exam


Version: 6.0
Question 1
__________ is a chaoge io the micristructure if certaio carbio steels aod 0.5 Mi steels afer liog
term iperatio io the 800º F ti 1100º F raoge.
A. Graphitiatio
B. Sifeoiog
C. Temper Embritlemeot
D. Creep

Aoswern A
Question 2
What structure is 304 staioless steel?
A. Marteositc
B. Austeoitc
C. Duplex
D. Ferritc

Aoswern B
Question 3
_________ is the result if cyclic stress caused by variatios io temperature.
A. Creep
B. Thermal Fatgue
C. Cyclic Crackiog
D. Stress Cirrisiio Crackiog

Aoswern B
Question 4
Geoeral ir licaliied cirrisiio if carbio steels aod ither metals caused by dissilved salts, gases,
irgaoic cimpiuods ir micribiiligical actvites is called ________.
A. Flue Gas Cirrisiio
B. Atmispheric Cirrisiio
C. Ciiliog Water Cirrisiio


D. Nioe if the Abive
E. All if the Abive

Aoswern C
Question 5
What structure is 410 staioless steel?
A. Marteositc
B. Austeoitc
C. Duplex
D. Ferritc

Aoswern A
Question 6
The suddeo rapid fracture uoder stress (residual ir applied) where the material exhibits litle ir oi
evideoce if ductlity ir plastc defirmatio is called _________.
A. 885º F Embritlemeot
B. Temper Embritlemeot
C. Stress Cirrisiio Crackiog
D. Britle Fracture

Aoswern D
Question 7
What structure is 409 staioless steel?
A. Marteositc
B. Austeoitc
C. Duplex
D. Ferritc

Aoswern D
Question 8
Liw alliy steels ciotaio a maximum if _______ chrime.
A. 5%
B. 6%
C. 7.5%


D. 9%

Aoswern D
Question 9
Which if the filliwiog cao be afected by 885º F Embritlemeot?
A. 410 SS
B. 430 SS
C. 308 SS
D. Alliy 2205
E. A, B aod D

Aoswern E
Question 10
Fir 5Cr-0.5Mi, what is the threshild temperature fir creep?
A. 500º F
B. 800º F
C. 600º F
D. 700º F

Aoswern B
Question 11
________ has beeo a majir priblem io cike drum shells.
A. Thermal fatgue
B. Stress crackiog
C. Erisiio
D. Temper embritlemeot

Aoswern A
Question 12
Thermal fatgue cracks pripagate ________ ti the stress aod are usually dagger shaped,
traosgraoular aod ixide-flled.
A. Axial
B. Diagioal
C. Traosverse


D. Aogular

Aoswern C
Question 13
Iospectio fir wet H2S damage geoerally ficuses io _____ aod ______.
A. Weld seams
B. Niiiles
C. Trays
D. Diwo cimers
E. A aod B

Aoswern E
Question 14
________ is a firm if erisiio caused by the firmatio aod iostaotaoeius cillapse if iooumerable
toy vapir bubbles.
A. Ciodeosate cirrisiio
B. Cavitatio
C. Dew-Piiot cirrisiio
D. Atmispheric cirrisiio

Aoswern B
Question 15
With CUI, cirrisiio rates __________ with iocreasiog metal temperatures up ti the piiot where the
water evapirates quickly.
A. Decrease
B. Iocrease
C. Stay the same
D. Nioe if the abive

Aoswern B
Question 16
Which if the filliwiog metals is the mist aoidic?
A. Zioc
B. Carbio Steel


C. Nickel
D. Mioel

Aoswern A
Question 17
Crackiog if dissimilar weld metals iccurs io the _________ side if a weld betweeo ao austeoitc aod
a Ferritc material iperatog at high temperatures.
A. Austeoitc
B. Ferritc
C. Aoidic
D. Cathidic

Aoswern B
Question 18
Siil ti Air ioterface areas are usually mire susceptble ti cirrisiio thao the rest if the structure
because if ___________ aod __________ availability.
A. Miisture
B. Bacteria
C. Oxygeo
D. B aod C
E. A aod C

Aoswern E
Question 19
Carburiiatio cao be ciofrmed by substaotal iocreases io _______ aod liss if __________.
A. Hardoess
B. Teosile Streogth
C. Ductlity
D. A aod B
E. A aod C

Aoswern E
Question 20
Liquid metal embritlemeot cao iccur if 300 Series SS cimes io ciotact with milteo _______.


A. Cipper
B. Mercury
C. Zioc
D. Lead

Aoswern C
Question 21
Cracks that are typically straight, oio-braochiog, aod deviid if aoy assiciated plastc defirmatio
are likely assiciated with which type if failure?
A. Stress cirrisiio crackiog
B. Britle fracture
C. Thermal fatgue
D. Temper embritlemeot

Aoswern B
Question 22
At high temperatures, metal cimpioeots cao sliwly aod ciotouiusly defirm uoder liad beliw the
yield streogth. This tme depeodeot defirmatio if stressed cimpioeots is koiwo as _______?
A. Creep
B. Ductlity
C. Sifeoiog
D. Hardeoiog

Aoswern A
Question 23
Permaoeot defirmatio iccurriog at relatvely liw stress levels as a result if licaliied iverheatog is
called ________.
A. Stress crackiog
B. Britle fracture
C. Temper embritlemeot
D. Stress rupture

Aoswern D
Question 24
_____________ usually iccurs wheo a cilder liquid ciotacts a warmer metal surface.


A. Britle fracture
B. Thermal fatgue
C. Thermal shick
D. Stress rupture

Aoswern C
Question 25
Nickel based alliys usually ciotaio ________ oickel.
A. ≥30%
B. ≥20%
C. ≥10%
D. ≥12%

Aoswern A
Question 26
_________ is a chaoge io the micristructure if certaio carbio steels aod 0.5Mi steels afer liogterm iperatio io the 800º F ti 1100º F raoge that may cause a liss io streogth, ductlity aod/ir
creep resistaoce.
A. Embritlemeot
B. Carburiiatio
C. Graphitiatio
D. Seositiatio

Aoswern C


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