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Hello! Welcome to the official CAMPx2018 Application Form. This step is the bulk of your application. We’re looking
for you to share who you are, what you’re passionate about and why you want to be a part of CAMPx2018.
Watch out, your application must be completed within 120:00 minutes.

Your Information
First Name:

Registration 1 - Apply Now - CAMPx2018
First Name:
Email Address:
Mobile Phone:

Home Address
Address 2:
Postal Code:

Work Information
Job Title:
Company / Organisation:
Address 2:
Postal Code:

Other Information
Birth Date:
(Birthday - Month Birthday - Year )
Any other names we should know you by?
➢ Your answer
What is your preferred name? This is how we'll address you in emails and name tags etc.
➢ Your answer
Tell us about you! Pitch yourself in one sentence. For example, Annie Wang is a XXX interested in
XXX and working on XXX.
向我们介绍你自己!用一句话总结。例如:Annie Wang 是一个对……感兴趣,致力于……
➢ Your answer
Tell us what you are passionate about (100 words)
告诉我们你对什么充满热情(100 字)
➢ Your answer
Tell us about a project that demonstrates this passion (100 words)
向我们介绍能反映你这种热情的项目(100 字)
➢ Your answer
Please provide details about your qualifications, awards and achievements and employment history
➢ Your answer
Tell us about your Dream Job
➢ Your answer
What are your future goals and how will CAMP help you get there? (100-200 words)
你的未来目标是什么?CAMP 将如何帮助你实现目标?(100-200 字)
➢ Your answer

Please tell us about your existing relationship to Australia and/or China
➢ Your answer
What do you see are the current challenges facing Australia China relations and how will you
make positive changes now or in the future? (300 words)
你认为当前中澳关系面临的挑战是什么?你现在或未来将如何做出积极改变?(300 字)
➢ Your answer

Personality Profile: If you know your Myers Briggs personality type, please note it here.
➢ Your answer

Please provide a 100 words bio for us to use in program material if you are accepted into CAMP
请为我们提供一份 100 字的个人简介。如果你的 2018 年 CAMP 申请被接受,该简历将用作项目
➢ Your answer
Please provide a link to your LinkedIn profile page
➢ Your answer

Please provide your Twitter ID
➢ Your answer

Please provide your WeChat ID
➢ Your answer

Please provide contact details for 2 referees (including one professional and one personal).
➢ Contact details Referee #1:

请提供你的 2 个推荐人(包括一个职业的,一个私人的)联系方式。1 号推荐人联系方
➢ Contact details for Referee #2: 2 号推荐人联系方式:

Please select your first, second and third preference for what ThinkTank you want to be involved
in: | 请选择你第一二三想加入的智库一个你最希望加入的的智库:
Swisse ChAFTA | Swisse 中澳贸易自由协定
Swisse Health & Wellness | Swisse 卫生健康
Entrepreneurship | 创业精神
Ageing Population | 老龄化人口
Agriculture & Agribusiness | 农业和农业产业化企业
Alibaba Cloud Digital Disruption | 数字化颠覆
Alibaba Group Future of e-Commerce
Arts & Culture | 艺术与文化
Belt and Road Initiative | 一带一路
Climate Change | 气候变化
Creative Industries | 创意产业
Digital Payments, Digital Currencies | 电子支付,数字货币
Economic inclusiveness | 经济包容性
Food Security & the future of Food | 食品安全和食品的未来
Future of Communications | 通信行业的未来
Future of Energy | 能源的未来
Future of Tourism | 旅游业的未来
Gender Equality | 性别平等
Global Talent | 全球人才
Infrastructure | 基础设施
Innovation in Education | 教育创新
Innovation Partnerships | 创新合作
Manufacturing & Retail | 制造和零售业
Mental Health | 心理健康
Play and Gamification | 游戏和游戏化
Renewable Energy | 可再生能源
Smart Mining | 智能采矿
Sustainable Resilient Cities | 可持续、可恢复城市
Water Security | 水资源安全
Youth Employment | 青年就业

Mandarin Proficiency | 普通话水平
➢ Your answer

English Proficiency | 英语水平
➢ Your answer

Your availability for CAMP. You will need to accept the following 2 terms in order to continue to
apply. | 你能参加 CAMP 的时间。你需要接受以下两项条款以继续申请。 *

I can commit to an online 3 month incubator, running part time and requiring 7 hours per week
of my time between March - May 2018. - 我承诺参加为期 3 个月(2017 年 3 月至 5 月)、
每周 5 小时、非全日制的网上孵化器。


I am available to attend the 5 day CAMP program in China (April 2-6 2018) and in Sydney
(June 11-15 2018)** I understand that these dates are tentative and could change - 我能参加中
国(2017.04.2-6)和悉尼(2017.06.11-15)各 5 天的 CAMP 项目。

How will you pay the registration fee if you are accepted?
➢ Credit card via Eventbrite | 通过 Eventbrite 信用卡缴费
➢ Bank transfer to CAMP's Westpac Australian account | 银行转账到 CAMP 的西太平洋银行
➢ CAMP crowd-funding | CAMP 众筹
➢ Other | 其它方式
Which country and city will you be living in in April 2018?
2018 年 4 月你将居住在哪个国家、哪个城市?
➢ Your answer
Which country and city will you be living in June 2018?
2018 年 6 月你将居住在哪个国家、哪个城市?
➢ Your answer
How did you hear about CAMP?
你通过什么方式得知 CAMP?
➢ Your answer
Do you have any other information to provide that may not have been covered above?

➢ Your answer
What is your citizenship, as shown on passport?
➢ Your answer
Do you identify as belonging to an ethnic or cultural minority in the country where you reside?
➢ Your answer
ONLY FOR CHINA-BASED APPLICANTS: Would you like to apply for a CAMPx2018 Equity
Scholarship, up to the value of $5000? (this is an additional application process)
你想申请奖学金吗? *
Yes 是
No 不是
Do you wish to apply for a payment plan to pay the program fees in instalments?
你愿意分期对款 CAMP 费用吗? *
Yes 是
No 不是
If you are applying for a Macquarie University Scholarship please enter your student, staff or
Alumni ID number
➢ Your answer
If you are a UTS applicant, please enter your student, staff or Alumni ID number
➢ Your answer

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