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Other Information
Birth Date:
(Birthday - Month Birthday - Year )
Any other names we should know you by?
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What is your preferred name? This is how we'll address you in emails and name tags etc.
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Tell us about you! Pitch yourself in one sentence. For example, Annie Wang is a XXX interested in
XXX and working on XXX.
向我们介绍你自己!用一句话总结。例如:Annie Wang 是一个对……感兴趣,致力于……
➢ Your answer
Tell us what you are passionate about (100 words)
告诉我们你对什么充满热情(100 字)
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Tell us about a project that demonstrates this passion (100 words)
向我们介绍能反映你这种热情的项目(100 字)
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Please provide details about your qualifications, awards and achievements and employment history
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Tell us about your Dream Job
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What are your future goals and how will CAMP help you get there? (100-200 words)
你的未来目标是什么?CAMP 将如何帮助你实现目标?(100-200 字)
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