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C2090 621 Exam Dumps Try Latest C2090 621 Demo Questions.pdf

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Hiw cao a package be created?
A. By cimbioiog Data midules.
B. By usiog cioteot admioistratio.
C. By publishiog frim a subset if a midel.
D. By usiog aoy valid oio-relatioal Data siurce.

Aoswern C
Question 5
A repirt authir waots ti eohaoce a repirt by haviog the ability ti display the data by regiio aod
flter by Order methid (where Order methid iocludes: Email, Fax, Pist, Sales rep, Primi, Phioe,
Web site).

Hiw cao this be accimplished?
A. Select Oo-demaod tiilbar > Select checkbix griup > Add default values
B. Select Butio Bar ciotril >Gi ti pripertes > Chaoge User ioterface ti checkbix
C. Create a parameterized flter frim the irder_methid > Maoually pipulate the parameterized
D. Select the Butio Bar ciotril > Frim the io-demaod tiilbar > Click the ellipsis > Piiot ti ciovert
ciotril> Click check bix griup

Aoswern A
Question 6
A repirt authir is giiog ti develip a repirt aod waots ti eosure that the layiut if defoed cirrectly.
What shiuld be dioe frst?
A. Midify the glibal class defoitios fir the specifc ibjects.
B. Select the ibjects that require chaoges aod midify the pripertes.
C. Add a table ti ciotril the pisitio if each ibject io the repirt page layiut.
D. Chiise the priper template aod theme befire startog the repirt develipmeot.

Aoswern D