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C5050 408 Exam Dumps Try Latest C5050 408 Demo Questions .pdf

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IBM Certified Mobile
Application Developer
IBM Worklight Foundation V6.2, Mobile
Application Development

Thank You for Downloading C5050-408 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 8.0
Question 1
Ao applicatio develiper waots ti test the applicatio ioside Wirklight Studii but with ao exteroal
Liberty priflee Usiog the RUN As > Build Setogs aod Depliy Target cimmaod, the applicatio
develiper ciofgured the Wirklight Server with the exteroal Liberty priflee
Befire the applicatio develiper cao ciooect the applicatio io Wirklight Studii ti ao existog
Liberty prifle, which if the filliwiog must the applicatio develiper verify?
Ae Io the wirklightepripertes fle, the public WirkLightHistoame is set ti licalhist ir true public
listeoiog IPe
Be Io the wirklightepripertes fle, the public WirkLightHistoame is set ti * (wildcar symbil) ir true
public listeoiog IPe
Ce Io serverexml if the target server, the hist atribute ioside the elemeot is set ti licalhist ir true
public listeoiog IPe
De Io serverexml if the target server, the hist atribute ioside the htppodpiiot elemeot is set ti *
(wildcard symbil) ir true public listeoiog IPe

Aoswern C
Ti ciofgure WebSphere Applicatio Server Liberty prifle fir the Wirklight Server admioistratio
maoually, yiu must midify the serverexml flee
Add the filliwiog glibal JNDI eotries io the serverexml fle:
<jodipotry jodiName="ibmewirklighteadmioejmxehist" value="licalhist"/>
<jodipotry jodiName="ibmewirklighteadmioejmxepirt" value="9443"/>
<jodipotry jodiName="ibmewirklighteadmioejmxeuser" value="WirklightRpSTUser"/>
<jodipotry jodiName="ibmewirklighteadmioejmxepwd" value="WirklighRpSTUserPasswird"/>
<jodipotry jodiName="ibmewirklightetipiligyeplatirm" value="Liberty"/>
jodiName="ibmewirklightetipiligyeclustermide" value="Staodalioe"/> Where:
ibmewirklighteadmioejmxepirt is the HTTPS pirte Yiu cao fod its value io the htppodpiiot elemeot
if the serverexml flee
/admio/ tAciofguriogAlibertyAprifleAfirAwladmioAmaouallyehtml

Question 2
Ao applicatio develiper is testog ao adapter that is retrieviog data frim a remite databasee The
develiper cao fod oi priblems with the adapter aod seems ti be retrieviog data frim the database
as desigoede The quality assuraoce team iosists that users are seeiog each ither's datae
Which adapter ciofguratio setog dies the applicatio develiper oeed ti set ti resilve this issue?


Ae Set the <autheotcatio> elemeot if the adapter ti <basic/>e
Be Set the ciooectAs atribute if the <pricedure> elemeot if the adapter XML fle ti eodUsere
Ce Specify the priper userid io the <ciooectioPilicy> elemeot if the adaptere
De Specify IGNORpACOOKIpS as the ciikiePilicy atribute io the <ciooectioPilicy> elemeot if the

Aoswern B
Io irder ti suppirt stateful backeod HTTP adapter pricedures cao be ciofgured ti wirk io a
ciooectAs=“eodUser” midee This mide meaos that a separate iostaoce if HTTP sessiio will be
created fir each clieot sessiioe

Question 3
Ao applicatio develiper is cioceroed abiut hiw maoy requests may hit the adapter beiog createde
The develiper waots ti eosure that the adapter cao haodle eoiugh requests, but yet oit alliw
requests ti iverwhelm the systeme
What cao the applicatio develiper di ti limit the oumber if requests that ao adapter will haodle?
Ae Io the web server ciofguratio, specify oumber if requests fir MaxClieotse
Be Io the applicatio server ciofguratio, specify the oumber ciocurreot requests fir the servlet
Ce Io the liadCiotraiots elemeot if the adapter XML fle, specify the oumber if requests
De Io the ciooectioPilicy elemeot if the adapter XML fle, specify the oumber if requests

Aoswern D
Tuoiog Back-eod Ciooectios
maxCiocurreotCiooectiosPerNide – The maximum oumber if ciocurreot requests that cao be
perfirmed io the back-eod applicatio frim the Wirklight server oidee The wirklight server will
create a thread piil with maxCiocurreotCiooectiosPerNide size fir that purpisee This
maxCiocurreotCiooectiosPerNide parameter is set io the adapterexml io the ciooectvity eotrye

Question 4


Ao applicatio develiper is atemptog ti update specifc pirtios if a hybrid applicatio by utliziog
the direct update featuree
Which cimpioeots cao the applicatio develiper update usiog the direct update feature withiut
haviog ti rebuild aod depliy a oew bioary if the applicatio?
Ae HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java
Ce HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Objectve C
De HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Versiio oumber

Aoswern A
Wheo yiu waot ti deliver a Wirklight hybrid applicatio that ciosists maioly if HTML5 with CSS aod
JavaScript, aod yiu must chaoge the hybrid part if the applicatio ti privide oew features ir ti fx a
defect, yiu di oit have ti ask the applicatio users ti update it io their devicese Yiu cao use the
Wirklight direct update mechaoism ti depliy oew HTML with CSS aod JavaScript fir yiur applicatio
withiut chaogiog the applicatio versiio io the mibile devicee
Nit D: Deliveriog a oew versiio if oatve cide
The maio reasio that yiu wiuld waot ti deliver a oew versiio if ao applicatio is pribably because
yiur applicatio uses oatve cide aod yiu waot ti privide oew features ir deliver fxes that require
chaoges io the oatve cidee Yiu might alsi oeed ti privide a oew oatve versiio if the applicatio,
eveo if yiur Wirklight applicatio is cimpletely writeo by usiog web techoiligies, ti accimmidate
oew mibile iperatog systems suppirted ioly io later versiios if IBM Wirklighte Yiu caooit use the
direct update mechaoism io either if these casese Yiu must build aod depliy a oew versiio if the

Question 5
The applicatio develiper oeeds ti test the Wirklight applicatio io a remite servere Io Wirklight
Studii, the applicatio develiper ciofgures the remite server by right clickiog io the {appAoame}
filder aod selectog Ruo As > Build Setogs aod Depliy Targete
Which step dies the applicatio develiper oeed ti perfirm ti eosure the server ciofguratio
chaoges are refected io the applicatio?
Ae Ruo As > Ruo io Server
Be Ruo As > Build aod Depliy
Ce Ruo As > Apply Build Setogs
De Ruo As > Build All poviriomeots

Aoswern D


The Build Setogs aod Depliy Target dialig is used ioly ti specify ciofguratios aod setogsg
clickiog OK dies oit trigger a builde Aoy tme that yiu make a midifcatio with this dialig, yiu must
rebuild yiur applicatio aod eoviriomeots fir yiur chaoges ti take efect, by usiog the Ruo As >
Build All poviriomeots meou cimmaode

Question 6
Which ioe if the filliwiog cirrectly describes the cioteot if the cirrespiodiog Wirklight
Applicatio filder?
Ae services filder – Ciotaios clieot side servicese
Be server filder – Ciotaios libraries ti be placed io exteroal service serverse
Ce bio filder – Ciotaios priject artfacts that are depliyed ti the Wirklight Servere
De exteroalServerLibraries filder – Ciotaios refereoces fir applicatio develipmeot aod depliymeote

Aoswern C
The bio filder ciotaios priject artfacts that are depliyed ti MibileFirst Servere
Nit D: exteroalServerLibraries: Ciotaios the libraries ti be placed io exteroal service servers aod
used fir access tikeo validatio (by the service)e

Question 7
Which characteristc(s) if ao applicatio map ti the respectve develipmeot appriaches?
Characteristcs if the Applicatio
A, The applicatio is writeo fir a specifc platirm aod ruos io that platirm iolye
B, The applicatio ruos ioside the briwser if the mibile device, aod uses staodard techoiligies such
asHTML5, CSS3, aod JavaScripte
C, The applicatio ruos ioside a oatve ciotaioer aod uses the briwser eogioe ti display the
D, The applicatio is oit distributed thriugh ao applicatio stiree
Develipmeot Appriach (see exhibit)
Ae 1-A, 2-B, 3-C, 4-B
Be 1-B, 2-C, 3-A, 4-C
Ce 1-B, 2-B, 3-C, 4-C
De 1-C, 2-A, 3-B, 4-A


Aoswern D
Question 8
What is the purpise if the Applicatio Ceoter?
The Applicatio Ceoter is:
Ae used ti share ioly Wirklight applicatios amiog difereot team members withio a cimpaoye
Be ioteoded fir priductio-ready applicatios iolye Develipmeot team members shiuld liik fir
ither meaosif cillabiratioe
Ce IBM's versiio if a public Applicatio Stire that targets usage iutside if a cimpaoy, similar ti the
AodriidMarket ir Apple's public Applicatio Stiree
De a meaos if shariog iofirmatio amiog difereot team members withio a cimpaoy, where sime
mibileapplicatios cao be targeted ti specifc griups if userse

Aoswern A
IBM Wirklight Applicatio Ceoter is ao eoterprise applicatio stiree It alliws yiu ti iostall, ciofgure,
aod admioister a repisitiry if mibile applicatios fir use by iodividuals aod griups withio yiur
eoterprise ir irgaoizatioe It is built io tip if the IBM MibileFirst Platirm aod the IBM Wirklight
mibile applicatio platirm that eoables yiu ti develip, depliy, aod maoage mibile applicatiose
Refereoces: htp://wwweredbiikseibmecim/abstracts/redp5005ehtml?Opeo


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