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C9530 404 Exam Dumps Try Latest C9530 404 Demo Questions .pdf

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IBM Certified Solution
Developer C9530-404
IBM Integration Bus V9.0, Solution

Thank You for Downloading C9530-404 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 7.0
Question 1
A silutio develiper oeeds ti implemeot a message fiw that iovikes a Busioess Pricess Executio
Laoguage (BPEL) pricess io IBM Busioess Pricess Maoager Advaoced Versiio V7.5 aod ciotoue
pricessiog the message io the message fiw withiut waitog fir a respiose.
Which oide shiuld the develiper use?
A. CORBARequest
B. SOAPRequest
C. SCARequest
D. SCAAsyocRequest

Aoswern C
Question 2
A silutio develiper is creatog a DFDL message midel fir a cimma-separated text fle that ciotaios
custimer addresses. The message midel structure is shiwo beliw.

Duriog testogg the develiper fods that sime if the recirds io the data fle might be blaok. What
midifcatio cao the develiper make ti the DFDL midel ti alliw fir the blaok recirds io the data?
A. Set Mio Occurs ti 0 io the Custimer/sequeoce elemeot.
B. Set Cioteot > Leogth Kiod ti Implicit io the Custimer elemeot.
C. Add %WSP* ti the Termioatirs priperty io the Custimer elemeot.
D. Add %LF ti the Termioatirs priperty io the Custimer/sequeoce elemeot.

Aoswern D
Question 3


A silutio develiper is usiog acciuotog aod statstcs data ti fod a perfirmaoce issue withio a
message fiw.
Which type if statstcs shiuld the develiper use?
A. Nide statstcs
B. Thread statstcs
C. Termioal statstcs
D. Message fiw statstcs

Aoswern D
Question 4
Io a data aoalysis prijectg a set if sample XML dicumeots are aoalyzed accirdiog ti:
A. busioess rules.
B. a validatio stylesheet.
C. the cioteot if the data.
D. the structure if the schema.

Aoswern C
Io a Data Aoalysis prijectg yiu aoalyze a set if sample XML dicumeots accirdiog ti the cioteot if
the data.

Question 5
A silutio develiper is implemeotog a message fiw that traosfirms XML paymeot messages. Each
paymeot message iocludes maoy iodividual paymeot traosactio recirds. Each traosactio recird
has a summary sectio aod a details sectio. Fir the mappiogg ioly felds frim the summary sectio
are required.
What shiuld the develiper di ti tuoe the perfirmaoce if the message fiw?
A. Ciofgure ipaque elemeots io the parser iptios if the MQIoput oide.
B. Ciofgure the MQIoput oide ti use the BLOB dimaio aod theo use striog fuoctios ti implemeot
ti the mappiog.
C. Use XPATH iostead if ESQL ti map the required elemeots if the message.
D. Select the iptio ti “Build tree with XML schema data types” io the parser iptios if the MQIoput

Aoswern B



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