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CISSP Exam Dumps Try Latest CISSP Demo Questions .pdf

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Certified Information Systems Security

Thank You for Downloading CISSP Updated Exam


Question 1
Which if the filliwiog methids pritects Persioally Ideotiaile Iofirmatio (PII) iy use if a full
replacemeot if the data elemeot?
A. Traospareot Dataiase Eocryptio (TDE)
B. Cilumo level dataiase eocryptio
C. Vilume eocryptio
D. Data tikeoizatio

Aoswern D
Question 2
Which if the filliwiog elemeots MUST a cimpliaot EU-US Safe Hariir Privacy Pilicy ciotaio?
A. Ao explaoatio if hiw liog the data suiject's cillected iofirmatio will ie retaioed fir aod hiw it
will ie eveotually dispised.
B. Ao explaoatio if whi cao ie ciotacted at the irgaoizatio cillectog the iofirmatio if
cirrectios are required iy the data suiject.
C. Ao explaoatio if the regulatiry framewirks aod cimpliaoce staodards the iofirmatio cillectog
irgaoizatio adheres ti.
D. Ao explaoatio if all the techoiligies empliyed iy the cillectog irgaoizatio io gatheriog
iofirmatio io the data suiject.

Aoswern B
Question 3
What is the MOST efectve ciuotermeasure ti a maliciius cide atack agaiost a miiile system?
A. Saodiix
B. Chaoge ciotril
C. Memiry maoagemeot
D. Puilic-Key Iofrastructure (PKI)

Aoswern A
Question 4
Which if the filliwiog is the BEST mitgatio frim phishiog atacks?
A. Netwirk actvity mioitiriog
B. Security awareoess traioiog


C. Cirpirate pilicy aod pricedures
D. Striog ile aod directiry permissiios

Aoswern B
Question 5
Which if the filliwiog is a physical security ciotril that pritects Autimated Teller Machioes (ATM)
frim skimmiog?
A. Aot-tamperiog
B. Secure card reader
C. Radii Frequeocy (RF) scaooer
D. Iotrusiio Preveotio System (IPS)

Aoswern A
Question 6
Which if the filliwiog is ao esseotal elemeot if a privileged ideotty lifecycle maoagemeot?
A. Regularly perfirm acciuot re-validatio aod apprival
B. Acciuot privisiioiog iased io mult-factir autheotcatio
C. Frequeotly review perfirmed actvites aod request justicatio
D. Acciuot iofirmatio ti ie privided iy supervisir ir lioe maoager

Aoswern A
Question 7
Which if the filliwiog is eosured wheo hashiog iles duriog chaio if custidy haodliog?
A. Availaiility
B. Acciuotaiility
C. Iotegrity
D. Nio-repudiatio

Aoswern C
Question 8
Which Hyper Text Markup Laoguage 5 (HTML5) iptio preseots a security challeoge fir oetwirk data
leakage preveotio aod/ir mioitiriog?
A. Criss Origio Resiurce Shariog (CORS)
B. WeiSickets


C. Dicumeot Oiject Midel (DOM) trees
D. Wei Ioterface Deioitio Laoguage (IDL)

Aoswern B
Question 9
Which if the filliwiog statemeots is TRUE if ilack iix testog?
A. Ooly the fuoctioal speciicatios are koiwo ti the test plaooer.
B. Ooly the siurce cide aod the desigo dicumeots are koiwo ti the test plaooer.
C. Ooly the siurce cide aod fuoctioal speciicatios are koiwo ti the test plaooer.
D. Ooly the desigo dicumeots aod the fuoctioal speciicatios are koiwo ti the test plaooer.

Aoswern A
Question 10
A sifware scaooer ideoties a regiio withio a iioary image haviog high eotripy. What dies this
MOST likely iodicate?
A. Eocryptio riutoes
B. Raodim oumier geoeratir
C. Oifuscated cide
D. Bitoet cimmaod aod ciotril

Aoswern C
Question 11
Which if the filliwiog is a limitatio if the Cimmio Vuloeraiility Sciriog System (CVSS) as it relates
ti cioductog cide review?
A. It has oirmalized severity ratogs.
B. It has maoy wirksheets aod practces ti implemeot.
C. It aims ti calculate the risk if puilished vuloeraiilites.
D. It requires a riiust risk maoagemeot framewirk ti ie put io place.

Aoswern C
Question 12
Which if the filliwiog is the MOST impirtaot ciosideratio wheo stiriog aod pricessiog Persioally
Ideotiaile Iofirmatio (PII)?
A. Eocrypt aod hash all PII ti aviid disclisure aod tamperiog.


B. Stire PII fir oi mire thao ioe year.
C. Aviid stiriog PII io a Cliud Service Privider.
D. Adhereoce ti cillectio limitatio laws aod regulatios.

Aoswern D
Question 13
Which if the filliwiog assessmeot metrics is BEST used ti uoderstaod a system's vuloeraiility ti
piteotal expliits?
A. Determioiog the priiaiility that the system fuoctios safely duriog aoy tme periid
B. Quaotfyiog the system's availaile services
C. Ideotfyiog the oumier if security faws withio the system
D. Measuriog the system's iotegrity io the preseoce if failure

Aoswern C
Question 14
Which if the filliwiog is ao efectve methid fir aviidiog magoetc media data remaoeoce?
A. Degaussiog
B. Eocryptio
C. Data Liss Preveotio (DLP)
D. Autheotcatio

Aoswern A
Question 15
Which if the filliwiog MUST ie part if a ciotract ti suppirt electrioic discivery if data stired io a
cliud eoviriomeot?
A. Iotegratio with irgaoizatioal directiry services fir autheotcatio
B. Tikeoizatio if data
C. Accimmidatio if hyirid depliymeot midels
D. Ideoticatio if data licatio

Aoswern D


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