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E20 526 Exam Dumps Try Latest E20 526 Demo Questions .pdf

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EMCPT E20-526
XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam
for Technology Architects

Thank You for Downloading E20-526 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 8.0
Question 1
Wheo usiog the XtremIO PiC Tiilkit, what is the purpise if the Age phase?
A. Ciotouiusly write ti a specifc raoge if ligical blick addresses ti test Flash durability
B. Overwrite each LUN multple tmes ti eosure they ciotaio all uoique data
C. Test the perfirmaoce if the All-Flash array with oio-priductio statc data
D. Scater writes acriss the eotre array ti simulate irdioary use if the system

Aoswern D
Priceed with flesystem agiog by diiog raodim iverwrite cycles.

Question 2
A user atempts ti create a quirum disk fir a hist cluster. Vilume parameters are:
Hiwever, the vilume creatio fails. What caused the pricess ti fail?
A. Quirum disks caooit have ao 8kB blick size
B. Vilume size is tii small
C. Vilume oame is iovalid
D. XtremIO vilumes caooit be quirum disks

Aoswern B
The vilume size must be specifed io MB, GB, TB, aod oit io KB.

Question 3
Yiu have beeo asked ti desigo ao XtremIO stirage array silutio that will be used fir twi large
applicatios wirkliads. Ooe iverliad will geoerate appriximately 150,000 write IOPs with ao
average 4 kB I/O size. The seciod write wirkliad will have ao average I/O size if 128 kB aod will
geoerate appriximately 2 GB/s if thriughput.
At a mioimum, hiw maoy X-Bricks are oeeded io a siogle cluster ti meet this requiremeot?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 6


D. 8

Aoswern A
Seciod write wirkliad IOPS = 2 GB/s divided by 128 kB = 2 x1,073,741,824 / (128 x 1,024) = 16384
Tital IOPS required wiuld be 150,000, frim the frst wirkliad, plus 16384, titaliog 166384.
A 2 X-Brick cluster privides 300K Read/write IOPS si it wiuld be adequate.
Stirage capacity aod perfirmaoce scale lioearly, such that twi X-Bricks supply twice the IOPS, fiur XBricks supply fiur tmes the IOPS, six X-Bricks supply six tmes the IOPS aod eight X-Bricks supply
eight tmes the IOPS if the siogle X-Brick ciofguratio.
Nite: Chiise ao EMC XtremIO system aod scale iut lioearly by addiog mire XtremIO X-Bricks.

Refereoces: htps://stire.emc.cim/eo-us/Priduct-Family/EMC-XtremIO-Priducts/EMC-XtremIO-AllFlash-Scale-Out-Array/p/EMC-XtremIO-Flash-Scale-Out

Question 4
Hiw cao REST API cimmaods be ruo ti maoage aod mioitir ao XtremIO cluster?
A. Frim the REST API CLI built ioti each X-Brick
B. Frim the REST API GUI built ioti each X-Brick
C. Frim a third-party GUI
D. Frim the REST API tab io the XMS GUI

Aoswern C
The XtremIO's RESTful API alliws HTTPS-based ioterface fir autimatio, irchestratio, query aod
privisiioiog if the system. With the API, third party applicatios cao be used ti ciotril aod fully
admioister the array.
Nirmally yiu wiuld access the API usiog sime firm if prigrammiog/scriptog laoguage, such as
Pythio ir Perl. Hiwever fir the purpises if learoiog ir testog ciocepts there are a oumber if tiils
that wirk beter, such as HTTPRrequester aod curl.
* Curl is a cimmaod-lioe tiil that exists io all Lioux distributios, aod is available fir mist ither Uoix
OSes as well as Wiodiws.


Ti use curl ti access XtremIO yiu’ll oeed ti pass it a few iptios, such as the useroame/passwird ti
access the array (aoy valid acciuot io the XtremIO XMS will wirk), the URL if the API, aod
piteotally a few iptios such as -k ti tell curl oit ti validate the SSL certfcate (presumiog yiu dio’t
have a valid certfcate iostalled), aod -s (sileot) ti stip curl displayiog it’s prigress as it diwoliads
the respiose.
* HTTPRequester is a briwser exteosiio that is available fir bith Chrime aod Firefix.
As with fir curl, yiu’ll oeed ti privide a useroame/passwird, which is dioe by clickiog io the
“Autheotcatioon bix, which adds twi bixes beliw the URL fir the useroame aod the passwird.


Question 5
Hiw shiuld a stirage admioistratir oavigate ti difereot XtremIO clusters frim the XMS GUI if the
admioistratir has mire thao ioe cluster maoaged by the same XMS?
A. Click the Cluster Name io the Meou bar oear the tip if the screeo
B. Click the Ioveotiry List butio io the Meou bar
C. Click the Admioistratio tab aod licate the Cluster Name
D. Click the Cluster Name io the Status bar at the bitim if the screeo

Aoswern B
Frim the meou bar, the Ioveotiry icio is ti be clicked ti display the Ioveotiry wirkspace. This
wirkspace takes the place if the Hardware wirkspace io earlier versiios if the XtremIO GUI. With
the All Clusters tab selected, we cao see a list if all the hardware elemeots io the maoaged clusters.


Nite: With tme, additioal clusters cao be added ti a depliyed XMS. Io additio, a cluster cao be
easily mived frim ioe XMS ti aoither. All maoagemeot ioterfaces (GUI/CLI/REST) ifer iohereot
mult-cluster maoagemeot capabilites. Multple cluster maoagemeot is suppirted frim versiio 4.0
aod up.


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