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The Gull Press


The Few. The Proud. The Beach.
Monday, January 22, 2018

The Reading War 

This Week’s Birthdays
Selena Conde-Velez, 14 
Dylan Wintner, 10 
Sean Martinez, 13 
Angela Miles, 8 
Luke Akins, 14 
Amerey Novick, 9 
Keelin Mauri, 13 
Abraham Toohey, 7


By, Alexa and Jordyn 

Recently, the 5th 
graders read a book titled ​So 
B It​. But some had very 
mixed opinions on it. We 
compared the popular book, 
“Wonder,” to the newer novel, 
and the results were pretty 
Wonder​ and ​So B it 
are both well-written, 
interesting novels that most 
people at Antrim have read. 
Martin Luther King Jr. Day We took a poll of their 
opinions, with 22 students 
By Gia Gennaro 
participating together during 
Martin Luther King Jr. Day can 
indoor recess on January 12th. 
sometimes be overlooked, but 
So B It​ had a total of 1o votes, 
many people celebrate it. It is a 
while ​Wonder​ overpowered it 
day to celebrate what Martin 
slightly with 12 votes.  
Luther King Jr. Day did for our 
We asked some 
country. Martin Luther King Jr. 
students how they felt about 
helped to stop segregation, and he  each book and why they voted 
created a better community. 
the way they did. Here were 
Blacks and whites were separated  their responses: 
just because of their race. White 
“I voted for So B It 
students couldn’t go to school with  because it teaches you to 
black students, or drink from the  follow your dreams and never 
same water fountain. Just think 
give up.”​ - Erin Frauenheim, 
about it! If it weren’t for Martin 
5th grade 
Luther King Jr. we wouldn’t be able 

Tweet Of The Week 

Math Poem
By: Riley Stewart
Word problem here…
Word problem there....
It haunts me that math is everywhere
Test today, midterm tomorrow
Why do I have so much sorrow
I just wanna sleep
I just wanna eat
But I can’t when math is on repeat
The wrath of math makes me scared
When I am in math I’m in despair.
Stress is everywhere…

to have some of our best students 
here at Antrim! Martin Luther King 
Jr. Day is a holiday that is 
celebrated in some places, but 
should be celebrated worldwide. 
Thank you to a hero, Martin Luther 
King Jr. 


“I voted for Wonder 
because teaches respect and 
kindness everybody is not the 
same, so you should be nice to 
everyone even if they have 
differences.”​ - Emily 
Cavanaugh 5th grade 
SO B It​ and ​Wonder 
are both wonderful books, but 
it seemed that more kids 
preferred ​Wonder​. We 
recommend both books if you 
haven’t already read them. 
We’re looking at you, teachers. 
Thanks for reading, and see 
you next week on the Gull 

Bomb Cyclone 
By:Tayden Rock

Homework Poem ​by Tom Nasdeo
Homework is a problem that affects everyone
When school is dismissed, students just want to
have fun
If someone doesn’t do their homework, they are
thought of as a fool
Homework is a reason people dread going to
When you dread going to school, you may fall
And when this happens, you will see, the way back
is hard to find
If you just do your homework, it will be easier to
stay on task
And when this happens, you will see, fewer
questions you will ask
Homework typically tends to be bland and dry
As I have seen first hand, it causes people to
stress and cry
But don’t stress and cry, you could fill up a cup
Just think of happy thoughts, maybe a hamster or
a pup
Yes, hamsters and pups and cats and bunnies
You might think of homework as a joke, but it is not
very funny
As of now, I sincerely and totally hope for this to be
Homework is a problem to everyone, except for

^Ceiling goes missing! 

Recently, a snowstorm hit 
Point Pleasant Beach. While 
people call it a blizzard, 
there is a new unofficial 
scientific name, “Bomb 
Cyclone”. Many People think 
that the storm was not that 
bad, but the people who live 
on the coast think otherwise.

The whole community 
pitched in, helping each 


The Speed Of Better Wifi
By: Tayden Rock

The school's wifi has been
really horrific lately. Many students
and teachers agree that the school
wifi is absolutely terrible! In Mrs.
Elric’s Language Arts class, the only
way to use the wifi is to go to the
side of the classroom. Hallway 3’s
wifi is tremendously horrible as well.
I collected some opinions of the
people in my grade:
“ The wifi is extremely
terrible!” - Cori
“It makes me angry!”-Lily.
Don’t we all agree? Sadly, it’s not
even improving one bit! So, let's
hope that soon we can get online at
the speed of better wifi!

Sports Corner
By Erin Frauenheim and Amelia Kuzloski

other during and after the 
storm. People shoveled the 
sidewalks over and over and 
helped prepare before the 
The school has taken 
some damage because of 
the storm. Mrs. K’s room had 
the ceiling collapsed in, as 
with the rest of hallway three. 
Joylene Rock, the PTO 
president, realized that the 
school had recently gotten a 
new roof. People were not 
very happy about it 
collapsing. The classroom 
and hallway have been 
damaged, along with some 
light fixtures and ceiling tiles. 
Some more 
interesting things are that 
the lake froze over, and 
many people were snowed in. 
Most people’s cars were 
completely buried. Many 
crazy things happened 
throughout this storm.   
In conclusion this 
storm was very intense and 
there was damage done. 
Luckily, nobody was hurt. 
The bomb cyclone of 2018 
was unexpected and very 
intense, and a storm we will 
not soon forget. 

Snaps from around 
the school

On January 11, the girls
basketball team defeated Brielle.
The score turned out to be 38-30.
The whole team played very well.
In the beginning of the season

Fifth grade learning their
factors with factor houses!

Thoughts on Indoor Recess 
By Mackenzie Highland 

“Kids are supposed to have a 
fun time at recess!” well that’s what I 
say and others agree. I interviewed 
four people Jordyn, Tommy, P.J., and 
Bella this is what they think.: 
Jordyn Kearney says, “ I think 
indoor recess is stupid because we’re 
not free. If you have uggs on you’re not 
allowed to step on the gym floor.” 
Tommy Daffledecker says, “I 
think indoor recess is just absurd. All 
we do is just watch a movie or sit 
down and look at walls. We can’t really 
do anything a kid our age would like 
(Grade 5). Outside we can use our 
imagination to find stuff to do, but 
indoors we can’t do any of that.”  
P.J. Neithe says, “I think indoor 
recess is the worst thing to experience. 
Also the worst thing in the world 
because we all just sit and watch a 
movie or sit in silence.” 
Bella Brooks, “ Indoor recess 
stinks! Nobody I talked to likes it. If 
you don’t have sneakers on, you cannot 
do anything. We just have to sit there 
and do nothing. WE CAN’T EVEN 
HULU-HOOP! If it is not gym day we 
shouldn’t have to wear sneakers. 
Recess is one period out of our day 
that we are allowed to have have fun, 
talk, and be active, but we can’t do that 
if we make the choice to wear boots.”  
Many people agree. We need recess to 
be fun! 

Indoor Recess
By: Tayden Rock

Brielle has defeated our girls
basketball team. After the game,
we asked three players what they
thought about the game: Grace
Frauenheim, Maggie Cavanaugh,
and Morgan Highland. Grace
said, “We took a bigger defeat
and turned it into a bigger reason
to defeat Brielle.” Maggie said,
“We didn’t give up, and kept
striding to meet our goals.”
Morgan said, “We all did really
good, and tried our hardest to
win.” All of these statements are
true. They were all anxious to
win, but obviously, they can’t do
that without a lot of hard work.

In the winter, we sadly have indoor
recess. We are supposed to go in the
gym and play a game, but for some
reason the middle schoolers have to go
in the auditorium on their computers. I
asked some of my classmates their
“I do not like indoor as much as outside,
but I do like the fact that we can go on
our computers. But I do prefer outdoor
recess.” -Connor, 6th grade

^Warm up to a good book!

“I think it’s fun but could be better.”
“It's bad!” -Cory, 6th grade
“I don't like it like. Say it is 31 degrees
out we can not go out, and on the
computer half the time. The wifi does
not work, so it is really boring and
stupid.” -Matthew, 6th grade

^Phoebe and Emma in 5th
grade are working hard!


“ I hate it! The wifi doesn’t even work,
so we can’t go on the laptops!” We can't
go on our phones, but the adults can. I
think recess is a time to enjoy, not to be
forced to sit in a crowded auditorium
where we can’t get up. I think we should
be in the gym having fun, not on our
laptops. -Cole, 6th grade


^Kindergarten knows about
their friendship!

It has been our pleasure to provide you
with all the events happening around our
school. Thank you for reading! Love,
Bella, Jenna, Alexa, Mackenzie, Gia,
Amelia, Violet, Tayden, Jordan, and

Jan 22-26 - Great Kindness 
Jan 24 - Antrim Curriculum 
Showcase 6:30pm - 8:00pm 
Jan 26 - Class of 2018 Movie Night 
Fundraiser for grades 3-5 in the 
Auditorium 4:00pm - 10:00pm

Far-Out Winter Olympics Words!
By Bella Brooks
A standard move in the Olympic figure skating competition is a lutz. A lutz is when the skater leaps from the back
outer edge of one skate to make a full spin or rotation in the air, and lands on the back outside edge of the other
skate. Even though lutz sounds like clutz, this move is not clumsy!

Though it is often confused with the common word axle, an axel in figure skating refers to a jump performed by a
skater leaping from the front outer edge of one skate into the air, to make one and a half rotations and land on the
back outer edge of their foot. The move became famous in the 1920’s by a Norwegian figure skater named Axel
Paulsen, where it got its name.

A blueliner is a hockey term, and means when two defesemen are in standard allignment. It’s named this
because defensemen usually stay near the blue lines on the ice while in the game, as opposed to on the red line
at the center of the ice.

Hat trick
A hat trick is also referenced in soccer, baseball, and cricket. (Cricket is a sport that is mostly played in Australia
and England.) A hat trick refers to difficult trick by a player during a game. In hockey, it means three goals or
points scored by one player. This was first used to reference hockey in the 1900s, even though it’s been in the
English language since the late 1800s.

Icing, a defense move in hockey, happens when a player shoots the puck from the defense part of the rink over to
the other teams goal, but not into the goal. (In order to keep the puck out of the reach of their opponents.) If the
puck is next touched by an opponent other than the goalkeeper, it is a penalty for the team.

Though a biathlon can refer to athletic tournament with two continuous events, in the Winter Olympics it means a
contest in were cross-country skiers carrying rifles shoot at targets. They are placed in four stops along a
12.5-mile (20 km) course. The sport was demonstrated at the first Winter Olympics in 1924, but it did not qualify
for the official competition until 1960.
Word Search Challenge - Find the words in the word search, then find the meanings of the words that have not
been defined above.

The Winter Olympics of 2018

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