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The Gull Press


The Few. The Proud. The Beach.
Monday, January 22, 2018

The Reading War 

This Week’s Birthdays
Selena Conde-Velez, 14 
Dylan Wintner, 10 
Sean Martinez, 13 
Angela Miles, 8 
Luke Akins, 14 
Amerey Novick, 9 
Keelin Mauri, 13 
Abraham Toohey, 7


By, Alexa and Jordyn 

Recently, the 5th 
graders read a book titled ​So 
B It​. But some had very 
mixed opinions on it. We 
compared the popular book, 
“Wonder,” to the newer novel, 
and the results were pretty 
Wonder​ and ​So B it 
are both well-written, 
interesting novels that most 
people at Antrim have read. 
Martin Luther King Jr. Day We took a poll of their 
opinions, with 22 students 
By Gia Gennaro 
participating together during 
Martin Luther King Jr. Day can 
indoor recess on January 12th. 
sometimes be overlooked, but 
So B It​ had a total of 1o votes, 
many people celebrate it. It is a 
while ​Wonder​ overpowered it 
day to celebrate what Martin 
slightly with 12 votes.  
Luther King Jr. Day did for our 
We asked some 
country. Martin Luther King Jr. 
students how they felt about 
helped to stop segregation, and he  each book and why they voted 
created a better community. 
the way they did. Here were 
Blacks and whites were separated  their responses: 
just because of their race. White 
“I voted for So B It 
students couldn’t go to school with  because it teaches you to 
black students, or drink from the  follow your dreams and never 
same water fountain. Just think 
give up.”​ - Erin Frauenheim, 
about it! If it weren’t for Martin 
5th grade 
Luther King Jr. we wouldn’t be able 

Tweet Of The Week 

Math Poem
By: Riley Stewart
Word problem here…
Word problem there....
It haunts me that math is everywhere
Test today, midterm tomorrow
Why do I have so much sorrow
I just wanna sleep
I just wanna eat
But I can’t when math is on repeat
The wrath of math makes me scared
When I am in math I’m in despair.
Stress is everywhere…