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The Speed Of Better Wifi
By: Tayden Rock

The school's wifi has been
really horrific lately. Many students
and teachers agree that the school
wifi is absolutely terrible! In Mrs.
Elric’s Language Arts class, the only
way to use the wifi is to go to the
side of the classroom. Hallway 3’s
wifi is tremendously horrible as well.
I collected some opinions of the
people in my grade:
“ The wifi is extremely
terrible!” - Cori
“It makes me angry!”-Lily.
Don’t we all agree? Sadly, it’s not
even improving one bit! So, let's
hope that soon we can get online at
the speed of better wifi!

Sports Corner
By Erin Frauenheim and Amelia Kuzloski

other during and after the 
storm. People shoveled the 
sidewalks over and over and 
helped prepare before the 
The school has taken 
some damage because of 
the storm. Mrs. K’s room had 
the ceiling collapsed in, as 
with the rest of hallway three. 
Joylene Rock, the PTO 
president, realized that the 
school had recently gotten a 
new roof. People were not 
very happy about it 
collapsing. The classroom 
and hallway have been 
damaged, along with some 
light fixtures and ceiling tiles. 
Some more 
interesting things are that 
the lake froze over, and 
many people were snowed in. 
Most people’s cars were 
completely buried. Many 
crazy things happened 
throughout this storm.   
In conclusion this 
storm was very intense and 
there was damage done. 
Luckily, nobody was hurt. 
The bomb cyclone of 2018 
was unexpected and very 
intense, and a storm we will 
not soon forget. 

Snaps from around 
the school

On January 11, the girls
basketball team defeated Brielle.
The score turned out to be 38-30.
The whole team played very well.
In the beginning of the season

Fifth grade learning their
factors with factor houses!

Thoughts on Indoor Recess 
By Mackenzie Highland 

“Kids are supposed to have a 
fun time at recess!” well that’s what I 
say and others agree. I interviewed 
four people Jordyn, Tommy, P.J., and 
Bella this is what they think.: 
Jordyn Kearney says, “ I think 
indoor recess is stupid because we’re 
not free. If you have uggs on you’re not 
allowed to step on the gym floor.” 
Tommy Daffledecker says, “I 
think indoor recess is just absurd. All 
we do is just watch a movie or sit 
down and look at walls. We can’t really 
do anything a kid our age would like 
(Grade 5). Outside we can use our 
imagination to find stuff to do, but 
indoors we can’t do any of that.”  
P.J. Neithe says, “I think indoor 
recess is the worst thing to experience. 
Also the worst thing in the world 
because we all just sit and watch a 
movie or sit in silence.” 
Bella Brooks, “ Indoor recess 
stinks! Nobody I talked to likes it. If 
you don’t have sneakers on, you cannot 
do anything. We just have to sit there 
and do nothing. WE CAN’T EVEN 
HULU-HOOP! If it is not gym day we 
shouldn’t have to wear sneakers. 
Recess is one period out of our day 
that we are allowed to have have fun, 
talk, and be active, but we can’t do that 
if we make the choice to wear boots.”  
Many people agree. We need recess to 
be fun! 

Indoor Recess
By: Tayden Rock