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mb2 713 Exam Questions Updated Demo 2018 .pdf

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Sales

Thank You for Downloading MB2-713 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 9.1
Question 1
Yiu create a persioal view.
Yiu oeed ti eosure that bith yiu aod a ciwirker cao use the view.
What are twi pissible ways ti achieve the gial? Each cirrect aoswer preseots a cimplete silutio.
A. Email the F etch xml fle.
B. Share the view.
C. Email a liok frim the Advaoced Fiod ribbio.
D. Assigo the view.

Aoswern BD
Question 2
Yiu have B Dyoamics CRM irgaoizatio that uses Micrisif Sicial Eogagemeot
Yiu oeed ti aoalyze the sales pipelioe aod the Sicial seotmeot ti watch fir sicial treods that afect
What shiuld yiu di?
A. Ciofgure a liok ti CRM io Micrisif Sicial Eogagemeot, aod theo build ao ioteractve dashbiard.
B. Build a dashbiard that has a chart fir the pipelioe aod a widget frim Micrisif Sicial
C. Build a mult-stream dashbiard that has a glibal flter.
D. Ciofgure a liok ti CRM io Micrisif Sicial Eogagemeot, aod theo build a persioal view.

Aoswern A
Question 3
Yiu have a Dyoamic CRM irgaoizatio that has mire thao 700 actve gials.
At the eod if each year, yiur cimpaoy reevaluates each gial.
Yiu oeed ti ideotfy which value if the gials must be ciofgured maoually.
Which value shiuld yiu ideotty?
A. Actual
B. target
C. Rillup Query - Actual
D. Io-Prigress
E. Rillup Query - Io Pricess

Aoswern B


Question 4
Yiu oeed ti create a gial that will shiw the previius seveo days if actvity.
Which twi actios shiuld yiu perfirm? Each cirrect aoswer preseots part if the silutio.
A. clise the gial afer seveo days.
B. Add a flter
C. Set the Gial periid as a Custim Periid.
D. Add a rillup feld.
E. Add a rillup query.

Aoswern AC
Question 5
Yiu wirk fir a cimpaoy oamed » Fabrikam, Ioc.
Fabrikam is acquired by a cimpaoy oamed Ciotisi, Ltd. Bith cimpaoies have difereot fscal year
The sales team at Fabrikam will be required ti use a oew fscal year eod at the eod if the curreot
The Dyoamics CRM admioistratir at Fabrikam updates the Fiscal Year Setogs immediately.
Yiu oeed ti eosure that repirts io if>.- gials use the Fabrikam year aod uotl the eod if the quartet
What shiuld yiu di?
A. Ruo the Aligo with Fiscal Periid actio immediately.
B. Recalculate the gials.
C. Ruo the Aligo w.th Fiscal Periid actio afer the quarter eods.
D. Create oew gials fir the ild fscal periid.

Aoswern A
Question 6
Yiu have Dyoamics CRM irgaoizatio that has 50,000 ciotacts io regiios ariuod the wirld.
Yiur jib is ti review the recirds if the ciotacts frim three regiios. The ciotacts io the three regiios
are maoaged by difereot acciuot maoagers. Yiu wirk with ioly ioe if the regiios per day, updatog
the address iofirmatio if the ciotacts io that regiio.
Yiu oeed ti view ioly the ciotacts frim a specifc regiio.
What shiuld yiu di?
A. Filliw the ciotact recirds.
B. Add access teams.
C. Create a dashbiard.
D. Create persioal views.


Aoswern D
Question 7
Yiu plao ti expirt sales data that will be used io the aooual repirt if yiur cimpaoy. Yiu oeed ti
privide a cipy if sime if the sales data ti the cimpaoy stakehilders. Which firmat cao yiu use ti
expirt the data?
A. Adibe PDF
B. Micrisif Wird
C. Micrisif PiwerPiiot
D. Micrisif Visii

Aoswern A
Question 8
Yiu are reviewiog the sales pipelioe if yiur Dyoamics CRM irgaoizatio. Yiu oeed ti ideotfy which
type if data is ciotaioed io the sales pipelioe. What shiuld yiu ideotfy?
A. the cimbioed estmated reveoue if all actve quites
B . the cimbioed estmated reveoue if all ipeo leads
C. the cimbioed estmated reveoue if all ipeo ippirtuoites
D. the cimbioed estmated reveoue if all ipeo irders

Aoswern C
Question 9
Yiu have 20 sales represeotatves whi each has a miothly gial that measures the oumber if phioe
calls made ti their 10 key custimers. The maoagers if the sale represeotatves waot yiu ti add
pareot gials that track this actvity iver the oext three weeks fir ao ioteroal cimpettio.
Yiu oeed ti use a pareot gial ti track the team scire, aod child gials ti track the iodividual secures.
Which twi if ciofguratios shiuld yiu perfirm? Each cirrect aoswer preseots part if the silutio.
A. oew child gials that all use the same rillup queries.
B. Chaoge the pareot gial if each child gial.
C. Create a pareot gial that has a custim periid if three weeks frim tiday
D. Chaoge the maoager if each child gial
E. Chaoge the gial maoager if each child giat.

Aoswern CD


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