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What Does Your Future Hold?
Deciding what you want to do after high school is a big deal. Whatever your goals are, your
future plans will likely involve some sort of education or additional training beyond the high
school level, and it’s important to plan and prepare properly.
That’s why this guide was put together by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance
Authority (KHEAA), an agency that makes college more accessible to Kentuckians like you.
It will help you figure out:
zz Your options for continuing your education after high school
zz How to navigate the college admission process
zz The financial aid resources available to help pay for your education
Take the time to read through this guide as you start planning for your future after high
school. It will help you get where you want to go.
Words in italics are defined in the glossary starting on page 30.

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Be on the lookout for the College Info Road Show!
KHEAA has a mobile outreach service center, the College Info
Road Show, that could be coming to your school or community.
Outreach staff are on board and can help you access from the mobile classroom’s laptop computers.
Staff can also provide career information, identify colleges or
universities that meet your educational goals, help find sources
of financial aid, answer questions and much more!