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The Psycho Pass Human Zoo
(Subtitle: a record of a solitary autistic child who was
imprisoned in a Psycho Pass animal psychiatric hospital
in a hysterical republic,

Korean style Guantanamo Bay prison
(Subtitle: My prison letters and my prison diary in
bloody hell South Korea)

Title: What they want me to do
(Picture drawn on a stationary in a solitary room at the time of his confinement)
Original article p. 70 Picture> Enlarge copy> Picture frame> Book cover after scanning picture> PDF

Korean descendants of the Bridge on the River Kwai


1. Introduction
2. Police and Prosecutor Interrogation
3. First Prison Record
4. First Trial Record
5. Forensic Investigation Verification Statement
6. Investigator Testimony
7. First Judgment
8. Reason for appeal
9. Second Prison Record
10. Second Trial Records

(The appeal trial is ongoing until December 31, 2017.)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Introduction

I pleaded with the Ministry of Defense that I was molested in the army, but the state treated me as a
madman and used the police investigation as evidence that I was crazy and confined me to a
psychiatric hospital.
When the government of your country does not listen to the unjust appeal of the people but treats
them as a loud voice and rather abuses the appeal, the people no longer trust the state and appeal to
foreign governments.
Before I contact foreign governments or foreign media, I suspect that they might be spies planted by
our government, they do not believe in the e-mail address and the news site they gave me, and that

they are going to trap me because they are with them. I was hesitant to announce.
But in the end, I fear that this kind of fear is a type of fear that Korea 's investigative agency is putting
in place to make everything out of God'
Unlike artificial intelligence, humans are physically constrained by time and space.
Because of these limitations, it is impossible for any investigating agency to collect any evidence that
it is a criminal evidence, to turn over the guilt and to investigate the redemption, and it is impossible
for anyone to explain it in words.
This is the judiciary, which is the public power, which becomes the political power governed by the
A prisoner who fails to acknowledge these physical limitations for life and challenges the physical
limitations of time and space will get sick and tired of the vases, and think that a prisoner who forgets
the future and lives in the future will spend his life short.
Someone can not reveal the truth or fight for me.
It can not be resigned and buried.
I decided to concentrate on the record and the preservation method, one of the things I can do,
because I know that artificial intelligence like the Alpha God will someday reveal the truth.
Too good is a crime.
The red kid drove me to the red sea.

I did not write diaries or letters at all when I was in jail.
The police and the prosecutors' investigation and the trial of the courts calling me every day did not
have the mental capacity to do so.

I took the cranain acetaminophen 300mg, which is an analgesic prescribed in the Seoul Detention
Center of Seoul Detention Center, for 2 to 3 months at the time of detention at the second detention
This drug was a painkiller that warned of severe liver damage in the United States and Korea in 2011,
but the Seoul Detention Center has prescribed it to prisoners like a panacea for lack of cold medicine.
Until I was released as a second jewel, I lived in the Seoul Detention Center with cold and diarrhea,
lived with sap, and went out to Anyangseam Hospital and Hallym University Hospital. Through various
blood tests and CT scans, I had high blood pressure, headache, rhinitis, hyperthyroidism, bronchitis,
Gastrointestinal endoscopy, duodenal ulcer, fatty liver, hepatitis A vaccination, renal dysfunction,
colonoscopy, hyperplasia of the prostate, urine, scurvy and herpes.
Of course, I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and got an adult diaper and a psychiatric
It seemed that people would not believe my story like the novel, and the family collected medical

records outside of the detention center for me.
However, I was threatened with life when I was constantly being subjected to unusual medical
In order to inform the outside of this fact that I want to do this, from August 17, I began to record the
things that were in the detention center by letter to mother.
His body shape suddenly changed and I could not catch the ball pen very well.
When I was released from the gem and then re-jailed and jailed back to the detention center, I
recorded the non-humanitarian situation that I had to do more meticulously in a diary on a small
piece of paper.
The detention center was taken three times a day at 6:30 am, 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.
When I was in solitary, I did not know what time it was, so I checked the location of the sea outside
the barn and the hymns of Christian sainthood prisoners heard at 9 am on Sundays and carefully
recorded the names of the prison guards watching the solitary scene .
But it was not easy in the spiritual suffering of the physical pain of hunger and vision loss and the
threatening fear of the guards.
I tried to record the impression with the officer's blindness as much as possible, but I had to listen to
the voice without seeing their faces before opening the dock visit, and some guards were scared to
expose their identities,
In the process, I once again heard a sadness that I could not forget from my old age because I was
staring at the baroque name on the chest of a high-ranking officer.
No shame was needed.
I did not need all the troubles I had.
It was hard to believe that those who sold people who were living in the ordinary life as a false liar
were living at the same time.
I can understand the treatment of ignorance of the human rights that they have done to me if the
guards personalized me with their personal feelings about me, but if they had put on uniforms and
wielded the power and authority that the state gave them on behalf of the state, none.
When the police and the prosecutors put the scarlet letter through the media, the detention guards
treated me like a serial killer, and I was sentenced to one year and six months in jail for trial in solitary
and psychiatric hospitals. It was so unfortunate that I could not pay for these things without killing
someone coolly.
I am a weak individual, but I can not forgive them.
It is clear that on the Korean Peninsula, which is like a kidney of Asia, human beings have accumulated
tens of thousands of human garbage accumulated in the kidneys for tens of thousands of years in the
course of their migration journey to evolve.
I did not record much in the reality of a society where good and honest people do not sympathize
with bad people and become unhappy with rejection and contempt.

Again, when I got out of the jail at the detention center and read the letter kept by my mother, I was
nervous about my belief in humanity that Korea was such a country.
There is no opportunity for a fair trial in the Republic of Korea.
I understand why many people end up suicide after a long legal battle.
So I decided to digitize my letter and decided to release it without any manipulation of my notes
because I believed that my writings could give a little warning to people who would later be in this
Truth is an absolute proposition that can not be manipulated by the truth itself.
I have pondered for a long time whether I should use the blindness of the names of the characters
appearing here, but since I did not make the actions and remarks that they did not do, I would rather
lie to write a pseudonym.
It is their job to record their actions and remarks during their work as civil servants in their own
It is a fact that I deserve to be grieved if they have made inappropriate actions and utterances, and
that I have defiled their honor because I have not spoken a lie.
I am afraid that they will threaten me with fear that they will bring me back to the judgment seat of
the law again, and if I want to bury my libel, I will have to ask for the guilty of intimidation.
I want them to commit suicide.
Why? They wanted me to commit suicide.
Koreans are too cruel.
Koreans will eventually be ruined by their cruelty.
The Seoul detention center is a supreme legal entity that reigns above the law.

The Seoul detention center ignores the authority of the court and abuses the rule of law.
The Seoul detention center commits whistleblowing activities as needed and abuses the illegal public
I do not want to believe it, but it seemed to me that the Seoul Detention Center was cooperating with
Anyangseam Hospital and forcibly collecting the blood of all prisoners for the purpose of constructing
the DNA database of criminals in the name of health checkup.
Gathering genetic information from lawyers who are guilty of innocence by reigning on criminals
should also be done to prevent the fostering of the next generation of pre-criminals if the
investigation agency of the country collects the genetic information of the prisoners for crime
prevention and investigation .

I only pursued my life.

I came out of science and engineering college and hated it.
If it was inconsistent with logic, he despised it.
I was jealous that my seniors and superiors were inconsistent with words and actions.
I was angry even when my parents lied to me.
They condemned them for the unity of Confucianism.
I was not afraid to confront and confront anyone who met with me.
So I could not accept all the things I have done so far as self-rationalization like everyone else.
I could not understand that friends and colleagues I met while doing social life rationalized their
They had no economic life through their rationalization of their actions and decisions, but I refused to
do so and I had to feel guilty for my remorse and conviction for the rest of my life.
Is that what it is? People in the world feel frightened by themselves and others.
They doubted that they could not lie and that they lied very well to me.
Some people have said that I am a liar, intentionally intelligent lie, mixing truth and falsehood.
I was shocked and hated me the more I said what I said was not a lie.
They wanted to believe that I lied and had to.
In the end, I became an unscrupulous criminal.
Every time I told the truth, people were condemned because they did not repent of their sins.
Whenever the truth was proved, the judges opened the exit for me to lie to me, but I refused.
I was imprisoned.
The criminals rationalized themselves by singing hymns on weekends and receiving remission of their
But I did not believe in God because I knew the research that a liar could say that he swore to God
before beginning to lie.
People pointed at me.
It was sluggish.
I regretted how foolish I was when I lived a true life.
Now that I have lived in September and have been bailed for a while in my appeal, my life has
changed my mind that I need to lie to live like a person and raise the level of my loyalty.
I became a terrible liar.

I did my best to live my life to avoid guilt.
I did my best in my school life well, and the company worked diligently and did my best, but there was
no achievement or promotion.
The people around me tried to rationalize me that I was going to be faithful because I had no idea
what to do and I did not want to acknowledge me.
It is naive, but the reason why I quit the company is because I am beginning to see myself doing my
best in my working hours.
I could not stand it.
Someone will.
It is roughly time or sick.
If you say that you are not working because it is full, you can voice like other people.
Why could not I then rationalize my appearance like that? I came out of the company on the grounds
that I was going to quit my job because I was old and had a lot of work and no promotion.
Thanks to him, more and more people were stronger than me, who did not care for me, but I did not
Because of that, I believed that my heart would be revealed even before the judge.
I tried to rationalize myself that it was not bogus.
The judges kept asking why they quit the company.
I was fortunate enough to have suffered from addiction to drugs from head to toe at a detention
center in Seoul and forced to confess.
My body was tattered with various sap injections and came out of the detention center, but I tried to
rationalize myself that God knew my true heart and made it to this extent.
If there is a god, only the god will know.

Our society is a society in which Koreans should not show themselves to Koreans, society in which
Koreans should not criticize Koreans for self - reflection, and Koreans are not allowed to express their
The detention center is the Psychopath Zoo, the guards are the psychopaths, and the prisoners are
the psychopaths.
When the lawyer came to the detention center and asked what time the next trial was, he said he did
not bring his notebook.
I told him why he came to the detention center and he came to check if he was eating.

It's a story, not a comedy.
It is a logical inconsistency whether a lawyer is for defense or prosecution, but it is hard to live if you
are insane without being stupid to live in our country.

Correction is changed into the same meaning as human exclusion.
Less corroding means less humane punishment.
The more I have to overturn sin, the more my taste will be.
No punishment is my taste for a long time.

Judge's ears are donkey ears!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Police and Prosecutor Interrogation

Purpose of disclosure

The employees of the police department of the police investigation department conducted a forced
labor investigation that did not secure the laptop evidence at the time of the execution of the
emergency arrest warrant, and forced investigation that forced only confessions at the time of the
arrest investigation. The cyber evidence analysis room systematically manipulated and destroyed the
confiscated evidence , The court has guilty of perjury, which is a false statement to witnesses present.
It is recognized that the cybercrime staff members of the National Police Agency have committed a
crime that shook the roots of the Republic of Korea's judicial system. Also, if these investigative
practices are not improved and are accepted through the tacit agreement of the legal profession,
there is no possibility that victims of good faith will be further cultivated in our society.
As a result, the public will be aware of the situation through public disclosure.

Bottom incidence
The suspect A and his parents agreed to not disclose to the press the method of civilian inspections by
the NIS and Cybercrime investigators on the Internet that were revealed during the Obama threat

investigation process after receiving 40 million won from the B inspection.

At the time of writing, the omitted statements and wrong contents were recorded.

In some of the same sentences, there are inconsistencies in spelling mistakes and stylistic errors. The
investigator who participated in the investigation was involved in the process of copying and pasting
the question received from the external investigator through the messenger as it is in the letter, and
correcting the notation to prevent confusion if it does not distort the essence.

Sung Ki Young: Internet Installer Articles
Kim OO: Cybercrime investigator wearing black horn glasses

Police record

Q: What is the current status of the suspect? (The investigator wrote that he used a monotonous
body when he wrote it, but he is different from the actual one.)
Answer: There is no place to be particularly sick.

Q: Are there any obstacles to being investigated?
Answer: There is no interference with the investigation.

Q: Has the suspect been sentenced to criminal prosecution or prosecution?
Answer: I once went to the Dongdaemun Police Station and wrote a letter of appreciation.

Q: What will happen to the Dongdaemun Police Station?
A: In the year of 2011, I was going out of Shinnimun Station subway station and passing through India,
and somebody was ahead of me, but I have the fact that the police have just checked me. The reason
for the inspection is that I have lost one camera at the Lee Mun Sung Cultural Center. I was taken to
the Dongdaemun Police Station because I was a suspect, and I received a DNA test there, but I
remember that there was no punishment.

Q: Do you know what the suspect is currently under investigation for?

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