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Dignitas HugS
Rank: #8 (Previous rank #23)

Notable Placings
Genesis 5:


Despite being thought of as a harmless old man, HugS is a strong
analytic player with great mental fortitude and a great deal of matchup
knowledge in even the most unlikely situations.
Dignitas had a plan to make sure they had 2 top players in 2018.
First phase of the plan began with HugS demonstrating his alcohol
tolerance by defeating a casual after taking 5 shots. Impressed by
this, Digitas also enlisted Mang0’s famous drinking buddy Lucky to
test out their potent yet effective performance enhancing alcohol.
This year has proven a startling success for their efforts and has
allowed HugS to perform at a level he hasn’t played at since all the
way back in 2007. Given that this drug has only just begun to work its
magic we can expect HugS and Lucky to achieve great feats and
challenge the current top 6 over the next 11 months.