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What do these three places all have in common? What makes them unique in the countries that they
are located?

I am going to focus on the U.S.A. as it has been used in despicable ways for decades. Politicians
both on the so-called right and left have been part of the agenda. Through war, disease, drugs,
money laundering, human trafficking and human misery, the machinations of the elite have
furthered their plan.

What is their plan? Complete and utter control of the brainwashed and enslaved populace.
Through free-trade agreements, the U.N., the World Bank, the IMF, charities such as the Red Cross,
organisations such as the Clinton Foundation, a new one world order is being established. It has
been an all-out war on humanity, fed by power and greed. What do they despise? Human freedom
and sovereignty. Creativity and inventiveness.

Ex-CIA Director George H. Bush is one of the key minions in their scheme. At or near the top are
the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, George Soros, the Windsors, the Pope and others in their pyramid
hierarchy. He was instrumental in the assassination of JFK. Why did JFK need to be taken out? He
wanted to bring an end to the Vietnam War and bring back the Gold standard. Wars bring great
profit to those who invest in it. They are also testing grounds for new chemicals, medicines, drugs,
weapons, psy-ops, to name a few. The gold standard puts the power of currency in the people’s
hands. The private Federal Reserve wanted to maintain its fiat currency. Much easier to just print
money to cause booms and busts. An easy way to manipulate the masses. Mass unemployment and

His son George W. Bush helped further the globalist agenda by bringing us 9/11 and all that
entailed. From the Patriot act to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Remember, wars create suffering
(remember their gods need sacrifices), but also riches. Both countries have oil, gas and mineral
wealth. Afghanistan has also the added benefit of poppy fields. The CIA excel at drug running and
profit making. See the Tom Cruise movie American Made.
Bill Clinton and Obama were placed by the elite in power for similar reasons. If you control the
leaders, you control the public. Unfortunately, the American people have been hoodwinked for so
long they can’t see it.
However, something unexpected happened. The 2016 Presidential election. Hillary Clinton was
their chosen one. She had done well as secretary of state bringing down Libya among other things.
The feminists would vote for her no matter what. Jeb Bush was put in on the Republican side as a
lukewarm candidate. Bernie Sanders did his job a bit too well and the fix had to be made for the
DNC nomination.