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Ryan “Sasha” Gallagher’s home, at XXXXXXXXXXX, Aurora, CO, 80013; but we intend to get a
larger place of Worship soon. The Temple is currently a Non-Profit Organization in Colorado and is
operated like a Trust (currently solely for the purpose of breeding THCv strains for Religious Use),
with Rev. Ryan “Sasha” Gallagher as the sole Owner. As is mentioned later, Congress has caused
Religious Institutions such as ours to operate in Secret; Church of the Holy Light of the Queen v.
Mukasey, 615 F. Supp. 2d 1210 (D. Or. 2009).

We request that we be allowed to grow up to 99 plants at a time, not all being Flowered fro product, but
for the purpose of selecting Parent Strains for Breeding. And the plants that are Flowered will be used
to supply the Congregation for Ceremonies, Holidays and Special Services.
Bhang (Marijuana Milk) will be produced in Gallon batches and Charas (Hashish) will be produced in

At a home, until we can acquire Warehouse space, or a large Temple building with various rooms.

Currently, XXXXXXXXXXX, Aurora, CO, 80013; but we plan on relocating to a larger location soon.

Our Religious Practices which require exemption include:
 Growing and Breeding plants for high THCv content, which we would be willing to provide
seeds from to the USDA GRIN program. As well as distributing Clones and Seeds to Temple

 Sadhus (Priests) using Marijuana, Bhang (Marijuana Milk), and Charas (Hashish) as a
Sacrament regularly on Temple Premises. And members using the same on special Occasions
and Holidays, and as a Eucharist in some services.