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♡ You have the ability to save 9 lives and heal the lives of up to 50 additional people through tissue
♡ The level of medical care you receive in any hospital is not affected by your choice to register as
an organ, eye and tissue donor. The recovery team is only called in after all attempts have been
made to save your life.
♡ All major religions approve of organ, eye, and tissue donation and see it as an unselfish act of
♡ There is no change in the appearance of the body after donation and no interference in funeral
plans, including an open casket.
♡ There is no cost or payment to your family or your estate when you become a donor.
♡ It is illegal to buy or sell organs in the United States.
♡ All patients on the waiting list throughout the country are registered with the United Network for
Organ Sharing (UNOS) computer network. Organs are placed based on blood type, size, weight,
severity of illness, time on the waiting list, and geography. It is illegal to allocate organs based on
fame, wealth, citizenship or political power.
♡ Transplantation is a medically accepted treatment and is not experimental. Organ donation is not
a search for the cure – it is the cure!

Today there are nearly 117,000 patients waiting for this live saving gift; over 1,800 here in Louisiana.
Every day 18 people die waiting for an organ, and every 13 minutes another name is added to the
national waiting list. Choose to be an organ and tissue donor and tell your family about your decision.
For more information visit DonateLifeLA.org.
The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA), also known as The Motor Voter Act, was
signed into effect by President Bill Clinton in 1993. This legislation requires state governments to
allow for registration by qualifying voters whenever they apply for or renew their driver’s license,
thereby consolidating the driver’s application and voter registration processes. Simply make it known
to personnel at the Office of Motor Vehicles that you wish to register to vote when you apply for a
license or a renewal of your driver’s license.
You may also pick up a mail-in voter’s registration form from your local OMV. Please verify the form
for accuracy and sign it in the space provided before it is turned in or mailed.
If you choose to register to vote while at the OMV, your application will be submitted electronically to
the Louisiana Secretary of State. If you do not receive confirmation within two (2) weeks, please
contact your local Voter Registrar’s Office.

For more information concerning your right to vote and the procedures for
becoming a registered voter, contact your nearest Voter Registrar’s Office
or visit the website of the Louisiana Secretary of State at www.sos.la.gov .

Today’s society has become very mobile. The Highway Transportation System (HTS), a vast network
of highways, streets and roads, has been built to accommodate the public and private vehicles that
provide this mobility. The HTS is only about 100 years old. In 1902, only about 2300 cars were on the
road and there was only about 150 miles of paved road. However, there were more than 17 million
horses using the roadways. Now, there are about 230 million registered vehicles with 4 million miles
of paved roads and horse travel has become a leisure activity. The goal of the HTS is to provide safe,
rapid and efficient transportation of persons and goods to a desired destination, in an environmentally
safe and sound fashion. From pedestrians to the largest transport vehicles, this system is shared by
all. A multitude of safety professionals at the local, regional, and national levels are involved in